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A few minuets later Kid Flash ran through the door. He looked sad but when he saw Jinx he smiled. Jinx looked at him for a split second before…

"Ow hey Jinx, what was that for?" Kid Flash said hoding his arm in obvious pain. Jinx had successfully managed to snap her fingers and hit him with her trade mark pink waves and the hit him in the arm.

"Why were you kissing that …Slut!" Jinx screamed at him her eyes turning a serious shade of pink that scared him. Fasted kid alive maybe but he wasn't faster than the speed of light …not yet.

"it wasn't like that Jinx!" Wally pleaded eyeing her carefully. Her hands were not glowing yet but they were getting close.

"What? She made a move? She kissed you?" Jinx said venomously her glare darkening. Her hands turning a dangerous shade of pink. Wally nodded sheepishly and Jinx smiled a sickly smile and whispered in his ear. "Than why didn't you push her off? Tell her that you had a girl friend? Tell me Wally how long did you kiss her before I caught you?" Jinx stopped talking and waited for his answer.

Wally took a deep breath and began speaking. "Jinx she took me by surprise, and I was to much of a gentleman to let push her off" He said desperately "I was going to set her straight after she was done"

Jinx rolled his eyes unimpressed with his logic and turned to go.

"Jinx, I'm sorry!" Kid Flash yelled grabbing her arm. Jinx stopped for a moment contemplating, before deciding.

"I'm listening" She barked.

Wally's eyes widened at being given this chance. Though every word was true he honestly expected her to just leave him again. He nodded and led her to the couch and sat her down.

"I'm really sorry Jinx, I'm being serious and honest when I say she kissed me I was not kissing her back she took me by surprise" Wally said honestly. "I love you too much to cheat on you" Wally said. Jinx eyes widened at his use of the word love. He never said that to her before and she new that despite his player boys tendencies he never said unless he was being honest.

Still trying to be angry though she wasn't about to give him the satisfaction of seeing him win. She was to proud and still angry.

"I forgive you" She said not looking at him. Kid Flash looked up in surprise and smiled and leaned in to kiss her.

Jinx leaned away. "I said I forgive you but you will not be kissing me for a while" Jinx said smiling. She broke out laughing at the look of horror on Kid Flashes face. Slowly she got up and left to her own home.

Before she left though she snapped her fingers and everything in Kid Flashes room turned pink before the whole room exploded behind her. She took out the DVD that was in her pocket and tossed it at Kid Flash who caught it.

"Bye" she laughed. Leaving Kid Flash staring wide eyed at his apartment in amazement.

Because all in all she was Jinx and despite loving the jerk, she always got the last word… Always.

The End

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