AN: Ok so this is my first fick. It's not amazing and is DEFINATLY not my style. I am a SMUT writer and always will be. I wrote this to be a smut but decided to end it this way instead.

XXhope you like it. Xxx

"Finn?" I ask. I haven't seen him for years but that looks like him. Maybe I'm just hopeful.

"Rachel?" he says smiling and looking down at me "what's it been 4, 5 years?"

"Yeah," I smile.

"I was looking at the paper, Funny Girl?" he says.

"Yes, I was always destined to be a star when you left me I shaped up and found an agent." I know I'm hurting him but I honestly don't give a damn.

"I called you." He whispers "over and over again, Rach why didn't you pick up?"

"Maybe you should come over?" I suggest.

"Won't I upset your," he coughs a little "Boyfriend."

"I don't have one. Not...Not after us." I smile simply.

"I loved you" I say. We have been talking for hours in my house "I mean like I seriously did and then Santana the bitch – I had to leave that school I...I couldn't."

"Rach... I'm sorry." He starts.

"Well yeah... these things help us move on... they helped me." He looks at me a little confused "if you hadn't broken up with me I wouldn't have had the courage to audition, to get an agent and get out of that cow town. How's Kurt?"

"Fine. Don't change the subject." He says glaring at me "this sucks Rachel I freaking love you and you just moved on."

"Do you really think I moved on?" I shout standing and looking down at him "I am on Broadway and I shop and live 3 hours away from my job just encase I run in to you, just encase I run into anyone that I know because I want see how you are doing. I am a 20 year old and the last time I kissed someone that wasn't written on script I was 16. And you think I moved on? I am anything but moved on and I wish I was. Do you think that it's not in all the magazines that I am not seeing anyone?"

"Rach do you wanna give us another try?" he asks.

"Oh god yeah." I breathe and kiss him.

AN: I hope you didn't completely HATE