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Summary: He gave her choices but she had to choose the right one. She couldn't deny him. She held a dark secret, a secret so dark that it shocked everyone. They knew her as the timid, shy girl who lacks confidence, but what they didn't know is a secret no one was ready for…


Chapter One: In the beginning


The darkness in my life overtakes the light shining from the sun. My world is a permanent eclipse.


Five hundred years ago~

Running, running, that's all he could do at this moment, run for his life. He was going to be captured and punished for his crimes; they were going to send him back. He wasn't ready to go back, he like it here. Here, he had the pleasure of torturing the pitiful and vile humans. He was lucky enough to even be here, in the human world, luckily for him some ninja who summoned him onto this world. The human who summoned him used him and in the end he killed him.

He, Ryoichi, will not be used by any human. He despised all humans; they were nothing to him but annoying useless creatures. To a demon like himself, humans weren't worth his time. During his time here in the human world, he has killed ninety-nine hundred humans. Because of this, he became highly known throughout the world as the infamous demon killer.

The black haired male gladly wore this title without a care; he was getting ready to kill his one thousandth victim until he was caught by ten black op ninja's. Ryoichi continued running, he knew that it was possible just to kill these ninja who were currently chasing him but he felt it was a hassle to do so, so he opted to the choice of running.

Leaping from tree branch to tree branch, he hadn't skipped a beat, even when a weapon was thrown his way, he easily dodged it.

"Ryoichi, you are to be taken in by the authority for your murderous ways. Please, refrain from running and come with us peacefully." The male wearing a fox mask, shouted out at the demon.

Looking over his shoulder, his crimson eyes bored over the people chasing him, "You think I'm honestly going to stop and surrender myself to you pathetic humans?" He let out a sarcastic snort, "Don't even count on it." Ryoichi shouted over his shoulder, looking back ahead of him, he noticed a large black hole. "Shit." He snarled to himself, before he could even stop just in time, he was pulled into the black hole.

All the black ops that were chasing him immediately stopped in their tracks, the male with the fox mask turned around facing his fellow comrades, and spoke "Ryoichi the demon has been caught. Let's report back to base where everyone should be holding that traitorous demon."

"Yes, sir!"

They all suddenly disappeared with a blink of an eye, heading to the destination where Ryoichi was being held.


His dark eyes gazed up menacingly at the people of the village known as, Konoha. Once they had gotten a hold of him, they tied him up and placed him in a paralyzing jutsu, not allowing him to move a single inch of his body from the neck down.

"This man has killed ninety-nine hundred people in our village. Our mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandmothers, grandfathers and aunts and uncles; he is a murderer who doesn't care about the lives of others." A member from the Konoha Council stated, pointing to the demon.

"Well I am a demon, what more can you expect. Do you honestly think I'm going to be nice to you people? I kill, this is my way, and I am the darkness after all. And you can't get rid of the darkness." The dark smirk that was growing on his face caused most of the villagers to yell that they should kill Ryoichi.

"He'll kill again if we let him loose, just kill him!" A lady in the background of the crowd shouted out loudly, "He killed my daughter; she was only ten years old. That just shows that he is cold blooded with no heart whatsoever!"

Ryoichi titled his head to the side, gazing darkly at the woman, "I have no heart, woman. I am a demon, demons care for no one but themselves." He explained to her, ignoring how people started throwing random objects at him.

"Shut up demon, you will be punished for all your wrong doings, as Lord Hokage wishes. You will be sentenced to spend an eternity in the Forgotten Forest; you will be sealed there without any contact from anyone." The member from the council then turned to the female standing near him, wearing a black op dog mask, "Akina, I congratulate you for capturing Ryoichi with your black hole technique."

The woman nodded her head, saluting the older male, "Yes, of course sir. I'm glad that I could be of some assistance."

Nodding his head he turned back over to Ryoichi; who looked held that same expression he always wears, very grim. Motioning with his head, he told the black ops to take the male to the Forgotten Forest.


He was being yanked around for the past ten-minutes within walking towards this so called 'forest'. His dark eyes instantly told them to stop, if looks could kill, these black ops would be dead this very moment. Once they came to a stop, he looked up at the tall trees, "So this is the forest, huh?" He asked to no one in particular.

"Beyond this point there will be nothing but darkness and no one will ever let you out. You may be a demon who views us as annoying peasants but we view you as nothing but trash. Trash that needs to be disposed of," The female spat out, pushing the demon beyond the trees, "This is your new home, get use to the loneliness, bastard."

The other members of the black ops began laughing out mockingly at the male; Ryoichi found their laughter to be highly nauseating but said nothing but grimace at them. Suddenly his body was able to move again, this made him happy, free to do whatever he wanted before they could seal him away.

But before he had a chance to accomplish anything, the woman quickly did a hand sign and he wasn't able to get past the trees. "No luck getting past, eh? With the seal I just put up doesn't allow you to leave this forest, you're trapped here forever. This will be your hell from now on, Ryoichi."

Sneering, he clearly didn't like this. After all the time he had spent roaming around, he was now captured and forced to be alone without any contact of anyone. Meaning no killing, this really got to him. His face twisted up into a very ugly menacing glare, which scared the ninja.

"Come on let's get out of here. I don't like the way he is staring at us." One of the men stated.

"Yeah, he's right let's go." She replied in a shaky tone.

Once they left, Ryoichi growled darkly to himself. He couldn't believe he was to spend an eternity in this forest. "Damn humans, I'll get out and when I do I'll kill again." He muttered to himself, gazing up and the darkening sky.


Five hundred years later~

The black haired Uchiha peered through the one hole from his mask at the Forgotten Forest, behind his mask there was a hidden smirk and behind his eyes held anxiousness. "So this is where the legendary Ryoichi is sealed. I wonder if he is still here or not." He wondered out loud. Walking towards it he noticed that there was a barrier surrounding the darkened place. Luckily for him he knew all about this sort of jutsu, performing some quick hand signs he released the seal.

Deep within the forest, red eyes opened, a sinister look appeared within his eyes. Within a flash he left his spot that he was standing in, appearing from spot to spot while his eyes roamed his surroundings. "Someone released the barrier, who could have done such a thing?" He thought to himself, coming to a full stop, looking up ahead he noticed a male standing in front of him wearing a mask that was covering his entire face.

"I'm guessing you're the infamous demon killer, Ryoichi. It's surprising to me that you have not escaped this place." His voice held amusement which didn't sit too well with the jet black haired male.

"Just who are you?"

"Hopefully I can be your savior. That is if you allow me to be."

Narrowing his eyes at the strange male, he stared at him in question. "What is it that you want from me, human?"

Madara stood still in his spot, he didn't want to frighten or even piss off this demon. He knew of his strength and clearly remembers him from the time he was first banished into this forest, back five hundred years ago. Due to his immortality he has been around for many years, just waiting for the right moment to release this apathetic male. And the time has finally come, "My name is Uchiha Madara, I am willing to release you from this forest on one condition. That condition is that you help me with my ultimate goal."

Ryoichi stared at him blankly, "Ah, Uchiha Madara. I remember seeing you in the past. Seeing how I've been here for years I cannot seem to recall how long ago that was. You held resentment for the first Hokage. What is this one condition?" He asked in a flat tone.

"I'm pretty sure you remember the ten-tailed beast back in our time, do you not?" Watching as Ryoichi nodded his head in acknowledgment, Madara continued, "Well the ten-tailed beast proved to be too much for villagers to handle, all of his tails have been abstracted from him, now each tail has been sealed inside various ninja around the world. I need your help to capture all tailed beast and merge all nine tails back into the ten-tails. I will become its host to cast the reflection of my Sharingan on the moon, casting a Genjutsu known as the Infinite Tsukuyomi; which will put the entire world under my control." He explained to the demon.

He seemed highly impressed by Madara's goal, closing his eyes briefly he folding his arms across his chest. "And if I don't help?"

"If you don't help, I will leave this place and leave you here for eternity like you were originally supposed to be. So what is it going to be Ryoichi? Stay here forever or have an opportunity to leave this place and possibly be able to kill once more. Times have changed since you have been out, you may find something interesting out there." Madara stated, referring to outside of the forest.

Ryoichi thought over his deal, opening his eyes, his black eyes with red pupils stared at the Uchiha standing a few feet away from him, "I will accept your offer. But because of previous happenings, I'm going to stay under the radar for awhile. I don't want to be seen by humans until I'm ready."

"That is fine with me. You're now a free man Ryoichi."

The demon would smile if he could but instead he opted for a glint in his eye that revealed he was pleased with the situation. Although it had taken him five hundred years, he is now back and this time he won't ever be coming back to this place.


Six months has passed since that fateful day, but no one knew of Ryoichi in this time period. He was nothing but a myth to most of the villagers of Konoha, while others believed he actually did exist. But for a certain female Hyuga, she knew nothing of Ryoichi, and most likely wouldn't believe that such a demon ever existed in the first place. Just recently she lost in a fight with her cousin Neji, at the preliminaries. Since that has happened, many things have happened in Konoha.

Naruto won in his fight against Neji, at the chunin exams. Then there was an attack on the village during Sasuke and Gaara's fight. Months later Sasuke became rouge ninja, leaving behind a saddened Sakura, a blonde who vowed to bring him back and a teacher; who although he wouldn't admit it out loud, he missed the Uchiha as well.

During this time period, Hyuga Hinata has been losing herself in the darkness of her own will. She has been prone to giving up a lot more than what she normally does, she cries a lot more, depression has slowly began to overtake her. Training with her teammates she always seems so distracted, like she isn't really there.

Kiba and Shino have been worried greatly about her but she assures them each time that she is fine, but she knows she isn't and they know it as well. Becoming stronger is something she really wants, she wants Naruto to acknowledge her one day but so far he doesn't seem to be paying her much attention whenever she is around him.

Sighing softly to herself she gazed up at the night sky, she has been out for most of the day trying her hardest to train. The more she trained the more depressed she felt, she was basically forcing herself to do something she didn't want to. The dark blue haired female knew that her father wasn't worried about her, that's why she chose this night to stay out and just gaze up at the stars in the sky.

She felt like Shikamaru at the moment, just too lazy to want to do anything but stare up at the sky. Unknown to her she was being watched, it wasn't until she felt a presence behind her that made he jump up, pulling out a kunai pointing it at the strange male.

"W-Who are you?" She demanded to know; although her voice was shaky she still wanted to show this male that she wouldn't run away from him.

The dark figure came closer into the moon light, wearing a long sleeved black fitted shirt, with black pants and shoes; he stared at the female with emotions devoid from his facial features. "I've been watching you for awhile now. I despise how weak you are. You are by far the weakest ninja that I have ever seen in this village."

Hinata's eyes widened, clearly hurt by the words from this stranger. He looked no older than nineteen, but he could be older for all she knew, he had the most unique eye she has ever seen, black with red pupils. "He probably comes from a very strong clan. Although I do not know of any clan here in Konoha with eyes like those," She thought to herself. Her lavender-grey eyes narrowed at him, "Please a-answer me." She demanded as harsh as she could but with that one stutter it completely butchered her attempt at being punitive with the male.

"I am Ryoichi, judging from your eyes I'd say that you are a Hyuga. Hyuga's are known for being quite strong; it is such a shame to see such a weak Hyuga such as yourself," His eyes glaring into her widened Hyuga eyes. Ryoichi wasn't one to go soft on anyone, he was brutally honest with every situation, not caring how it affects the other person; after all they're nothing but pathetic humans to him.

"What do you w-want from me?" Her voice was shaking, this male held such a tremendous chakra that was very dark. It sent a chill up her spine; she was rendered unable to move, even when she noticed him taking closer steps towards her. Trying her hardest, she finally mustered up enough strength to hold out her kunai towards him. Giving him a silent warning that if he took one step closer she wouldn't hold back.

The demon on the other hand ignored this attempt, "You think you can actually defend yourself against me?" His eyes held amusement, but he didn't smile or smirk; his face remained blank while his eyes were the only thing that displayed emotion, "You would never have a chance against me, girl. You're weak, a coward, nothing but encumbrance to your teammates. You lack self-confidence, your own father disowned you and favors his youngest daughter over you; stating how she would make a better heir than you"

Tears were brimming on her eyelids, how was it that this male knew so much about her when she didn't know anything about him; except for his name, which he told her himself. She didn't want to break down in front of him but each word he stated was like a stab to the heart, because it was true. She was shaking, shaking from fear, anger and sadness. Words could not describe the pain she felt, she wanted to say something to him, anything but no words would come out.

"Tch, pathetic, I stand here telling you the harsh reality of yourself and you have yet to defend yourself. Are you truly that stupid and vain?" He stood directly only a foot away from the female, staring down at her. Noticing the tears that were in her eyes finally leaked down her cheeks, "So pathetic and weak, this is why I hate humans" He thought to himself in annoyance.

"I-…I don't appreciate that you talk down on me as if you know me personally. You know nothing about me!" She retorted, lifting her head up; determination flashed through her eyes. This man was very frightening to say the least, but she wasn't going to allow herself to be walked on by someone she didn't know. It was time to prove to this Ryoichi, just who she is.

Raising her kunai up she pointed it out at his neck, "Byakugan," She whispered, her bloodline limit suddenly made its appearance. Veins were seen budged out her skin around her eyes, her lavender-grey eyes piercing his crimson eyes. Ryoichi was taken back by how she responded and couldn't help but to hold back his smirk.

"You are quite the feisty one I see." He paused raising his hand up slowly, "But as I stated before, you would never have a chance against me" A bright red ball of chakra was seen forming in the palm of his hand, the red suddenly turned black in a matter of seconds getting bigger.

Before Hinata had time to even react, Ryoichi placed the palm of his hand on Hinata's chest. Once the attack made contact with the female's body she was sent flying back hundreds of yards away from the male. The jet black haired male stood still, watching as many trees were knocked down from her body flying through them. His arm was still held up as if he still had the chakra in his hand, lowering his arm back down to his side he began walking forward towards Hinata.

Hinata; who was currently lying against a tree; with her Byakugan deactivated, gasping in pain as blood splattered out of her mouth. "What kind of attack was that? He didn't even use any hand signs when performing it." Grabbing onto her side, she struggled to stand up, her eyes narrowed off looking out into the distance she noticed Ryoichi was making his way towards her. She couldn't give up, no matter how badly injured she was; she slowly got into her Hyuga stance, just waiting for Ryoichi to make his way towards her.

He was taking his time walking towards her; Ryoichi could see the determination that was still lurking within her eyes. So many ninjas from the past have always had that same look, but it didn't matter because if they were up against him, they held no chance. Just like Hyuga Hinata, she held no chance against the likes of him.

Finally coming to a stop, he stood staring at her in her stance, his eyes roamed her body taking in the stance itself, "You're quite beaten up wouldn't you say? You have blood seeping from out of your mouth, and if I'm not mistaken you hurt your arm from my attack." Ryoichi took a step closer only to stop again when he noticed she took a step closer as well.

"Heh, it seems you're gaining more confidence," He lifted his head up, looking up at the darkened sky for a brief moment before looking back down at her, "I would have never guessed that after all these years I would have been free of that prison they sealed me away in back five hundred years ago"

Hinata's eyes widened, "F-Five hundred years? Just who are you exactly" She asked curiously, not once releasing herself from her stance just in case he was to make a surprise attack.

"I already told you my name, it is Ryoichi. I feel there is no need for a human as you to know anything besides that." He raised his hand, extending his index finger out to her, "You on the other hand are a very weak human, and I hate the weak." He spat out in a venomous tone, causing the Hyuga to jump from his tone.

While listening to him talk she couldn't help but to notice how he referred to her as 'human', it made her even more curious. But she refrained herself from asking, fearing that she would upset him even more. Sensing how powerful he is, she knew that if this guy wanted to kill her, he would do it and most likely wouldn't care one inch about it.

"I am willing to offer my assistance to you, I can make you stronger than what you are," He stated honestly. Noticing her confused expression he continued to elaborate more on what he was offering, "I despise humans from the very bottom of the depths of my heart. You people sicken me to the core; you are nothing but weak insignificant beings in my eyes. Watching you in particular, I've never felt sicker in my life. I've seen children much younger stronger than you." He continued to belittle the young girl.

His words cut her sharp; he was so harsh with everything he says. Was he always like this to everyone, or is it just her that ticked him off. She parted her lips to speak, her eyebrows ceasing to form a frown, "Why do you j-judge me so harshly? For one, who doesn't know a thing about me have the audacity to-"

"You will not speak while I'm talking."

Within a flash he was behind her, his left arm wrapped securely around her neck, while his right hand; which held his index finger and middle finger along with his thumb, was pointed directly near the corner of her eye. "With one motion of my right hand I can easily remove your eyes." He whispered darkly into her ear. He could feel her tense in his arms, making him feel pleased with the reaction.

"Now, as I was saying. I'm willing to train you; with someone like me with years of experience I can help you." He leaned his head down next to hers, staring at her from the corner of his eye, "So what do you say, do you want to become stronger?"

She didn't know if she could trust this male, he talked so badly of her, then attacked her; using an attack that could have killed her, then he belittled her once again. He seemed to be very mysterious, but also very strong, someone like him could help her along the way. The only thing that kept flashing though her mind was; could she trust him. She swallowed, parting her lips only to find that it was much harder at responding than what she thought it would be.

"I don't have all night to be waiting for an answer; either tell me now or never." He said impatiently.

"I-I…I will allow you to train me." She finally answered, letting out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding.

Ryoichi let go of the female, "That was a wise choice, human. I must warn you, I won't go easy on you, not now or ever. I am a demon not of your world, so I do not hold back from anything. My emotions aren't like yours; I neither care nor love anyone. This is who I am, do not try to change me" He explained to the female.

"A demon, but…how can that be? I've never been so confused before…" She stared into his eyes, she still needed to know more about him, and she felt so in the dark about this mysterious guy.

"Also another thing, from this day forward you have now entered the darkness with me. There is no going back, I will follow you everywhere but I will not allow myself to be seen by no one but you. Is that understood?" He watched as she nodded her head slowly. It was clear to see that she was confused about a lot of things; he didn't want to explain them to her all at once because eventually he knew she would come to understand everything.

His only reason for offering to train her was merely because he was bored. For awhile now he has been working for Madara but neither male had yet to capture any tailed beast, he needed something to cure his boredom. So while he was in Konoha, he noticed Hyuga Hinata, he never been interested in any humans before but this one sparked his interest. She was so pitiful and weak; he told himself that she would cure his bored-ness, he was quite certain she would.

"Welcome to my darkness, Hyuga."


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