Summary: He gave her choices but she had to choose the right one. She couldn't deny him. She held a dark secret, a secret so dark that it shocked everyone. They knew her as the timid, shy girl who lacks confidence, but what they didn't know is a secret no one was ready for…

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Chapter Five: Darkness Rises


"I'm the darkness in side your tunnel."


She could feel the chakra flowing through her body. The burning sensation pained her. Every day exactly at midnight, she'd awake screaming, alerting everyone in the Hyuuga household. Her father tried to help her. Hanabi grew worried and confused by her sister's pain. And Neji, who also grew concerned, pleaded for her to tell him what's happening to her. Alas, she wouldn't speak. No one knew what was going on with Hiashi Hyuuga's daughter.

But he knew everything.

He knew her secret.

His crimson eyes penetrated her body as she walked ahead of him. Ryoichi knew that the darkness within her heart is steadily rising. Any moment now she's bound to snap. When that happens it would be rather amusing. His eyes gleamed with a deviously. "Hyuuga, where are you going?" He asked.

Hinata barely looked over her shoulder, afraid someone would assume she has gone mad for talking to herself. "I'm going to meet with Naruto-kun."

Ryoichi scoffed his voice gruff and baritone. "Why waste your time with that human? He is weak and useless, not to mention annoying." Unfortunately his words were ignored by the Hyuuga.

The village seemed just as busy like any other day. The children were running and playing amongst each other. While the venders selling their best products to the civilians. Ryoichi even caught a few men flirting with women.

'Whatdisgustingcreatures.' Ryoichi thought in contempt.

"Hey, Hinata! Over here!" Naruto's loud voice pulled Ryoichi out of his daze. The blond wasn't wearing his normal orange and black clad jumpsuit, instead, a simple black t-shirt and blue jeans. His azure irises shined brightly at Hinata. "I didn't think you would come." Naruto chuckled.

Hinata blushed. "S-Sorry, I was busy earlier." Her eyes trailed over to Ryoichi. His intensive training methods were none too gentle earlier, thanks to him. But she has seen improvement in her strength.

"You don't have to apologize. You're here now, aren't you?" He grinned.

She nodded, ignoring Ryoichi groan of annoyance. "What did you want to talk with me about Naruto-kun?"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head. In truth, he has been wondering about the chakra within Hinata. Bringing it up could be rather problematic. She tends to avoid the question whenever he asks. "I was thinking maybe you'll want to come eat ramen with me!"

"S-Sure, I'd like that."

Ryoichi observed the two teens walking in front of him. The blond's façade appears to be a mask. Knowing Hinata for nearly three years now, Ryoichi knew that she wouldn't be able to see through his facade. This boy is just like his teacher. He could sense his presence, which made things all the more interesting.

The walk hadn't been a silent one all thanks to a certain blond—who didn't know when to shut his lips. His red eyes shifted to Hinata. She didn't seem at all bothered by his constant yapping.

Once arriving at Ichiraku's, Ryoichi sat on the opposite sat of Hinata, his chin rested in the palm of his hand, eyeing the blond sitting on the other side of the Hyuuga. Naruto's eyes weren't on Hinata, but on him. At least that's what it appeared like to him.

SothiskidknowsthatI'mhere.Howamusing. Ryoichi's lip curled up pleasingly. He wanted to press his limitations. Make his curiosity spike up a few meters. However, before he could raise his chakra, Hinata gripped his leg tightly. She surprised him by her bold actions.

Leaning forward he whispered in her ear. "I don't think I like it when your misbehaving, Hyuuga. If you want, I could always raise the intensity level of your training. I'm sure you'll love that, right?" Her hand immediately released him. "That's much better, Hyuuga." Though he wouldn't admit it out loud, but her bold move made his stomach feel slightly…queasy. No doubt she only did it to stop him from what he was attempting to do.

She's a clever girl.

"Is there any reason in part-particular that you wanted to come here, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked.

"I just wanted to hang out, you know. We go on missions a lot together, but we rarely ever get to just…spend time with each other. So we can get to know each other better." His tan features reddened slightly. Despite his flustered moment, Naruto couldn't help but notice that same chakra he has been sensing. His eyes narrowed. Whoever this mystery person is, they are making sure to stay hidden. When he mentioned to Kakashi and Sakura what he saw weeks ago, they had been astonished to find out the news. It's something he'd never forget. She had practically been fighting with a ghost if he had a say in what he witnessed.

Returning his focus back on the Hyuuga, "Don't you agree?" He asked.

Hinata nodded shyly. "Yes, I do."

Ryoichi scoffed and rolled his eyes. This display of obvious flirting is sickening to watch. Leaning back in his seat, he relaxed his eyes. The nice summer breeze felt good against his skin. Memories of his life in the Underworld came to mind. A world that was humid for centuries and smelled of sulfur, rotting meat and dead bodies. He grew accustom to his life. But once he made his first appearance in the world of the living, he loved it. Going back to his world now isn't an option.

He'll fight tooth and nail to remain in the living world.

Naruto's boisterous laughter brought him out of his stupor. A scowl formed on his lips. Eyes narrowed dangerously at the blond, who was currently slamming the palm of his hand on the table. Hinata seemed taken by surprise from his actions, but also let out a soft laugh.

"We should do this more often, don't you think?" Naruto grinned, scratching the back of his neck nervously. The more he observed Hinata, the more he realized how beautiful she truly is. However, a small part of him still has feelings for Sakura.

Hinata nodded. "Yes, I'd love that." Her lavender eyes shifted behind the blond noticing Kakashi sitting on the other side. "Oh, hello Kakashi-sensei," she greeted politely.

Naruto turned around, surprised to see Kakashi sitting beside him. He hadn't even known he had made an appearance. As of lately, Naruto has taken notice of the amount of time Hinata has been spending with Kakashi. In the beginning, he didn't think much about it. He figured that it was only for training purposes, to figure out what sort of training Hinata has been receiving based from her chakra pattern. But after a while he started taking notice the look in Kakashi's eye whenever he was near her. He wouldn't call it love. No. It wasn't that. But to some extent, Naruto could tell that his silver haired teacher cared for Hinata in more ways than one.

"I noticed that you two were here and I thought I'll stop by." He smiled, a gleam shining his one visible eye.

Ryoichi frowned. Kakashi was the last person he wanted to see today. "Hurry up with your little get together. We have training that we must attend to." Ryoichi hissed to the Hyuuga.

Hinata winced. He was beginning to lose his patience. And the last thing she wanted to do is to upset the demon. That would only serve for a severe training session. Standing to her feet, Hinata smiled brightly at both males. "I should get going. I have some training that I must attend to."

Naruto scowled. There is no way he was going to allow her to train with some unknown ghost, who abuses her. Grabbing onto her arm, he pulled her back down. "I think you should stay here."

"Naruto is right. You train too much. Have some time to yourself so you can relax." Kakashi said.

Ryoichi glared darkly at both student and teacher. He wasn't stupid. He knew exactly what they were trying to do. And Ryoichi didn't like it one bit. His chakra flared in anger. Kakashi and Naruto froze at the intense feel of the immense chakra. There was no way he would allow those two to take away his student.

Hinata's eyes widened at the intense power of the chakra. She knew that it would end badly if she did not interfere. However, before she had a chance to say anything, Naruto grabbed her hand and took off leaving Kakashi and the unknown Ryoichi alone.

The dark haired male turned his attention to Kakashi. "Stay out of my affairs from the Hyuuga."

The warning came out in a harsh whisper. Kakashi froze in his spot as a harsh wind blew. He knew that he was not hearing things. He clearly heard an angry male's voice. It sent a shiver up his spine. Looking around, there was no one in sight could have spoken those words to him. However, Kakashi had a feeling who the voice belonged to and it only made him worry even more for Hinata.


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