A/N: I thought I would try my hand at writing a case fiction. This is a crossover between NCIS and Bones. It is slightly AU as Tony/Ziva are married and Booth/Brennan are married.

From Russia with Love – Chapter 1 - Unexpected Connection

Tony's cell phone rang as he and Ziva were picking up early morning coffee for the team, Tony was balancing the to go tray of coffees so Ziva dug his phone out of his jacket pocket and answered,

"Agent David"

"Ziva, I need you and DiNozzo here now, we got a lead on the Armand case." replied Gibbs in place of a greeting. Ziva wasn't surprised that Gibbs was all business; he was usually less than social until he had about three cups of coffee in him.

The Armand kidnapping case had been especially stressful for the MCRT team. Not only did it involve two young children, but Gibbs was having a difficult time emotionally as the female child was eight years old. She was the same age as Kelly when she died. He was trying his best to hide it, but the team could see his façade crumbling as each day passed with no leads on the whereabouts of the children of Petty Officer Melania Armand.

"We will be there in 10 minutes, maybe sooner" answered Ziva

"Good, meet us in the conference room – and bring three extra coffees" and with that Gibbs hung up.

"So what's up?" questioned Tony as Ziva slipped his phone back into his pocket.

"We have a lead on the Armand case; we are to meet Gibbs in the conference room as soon as we arrive. We will need three extra coffees."

Tony and Ziva arrived in the bullpen a few minutes later; they dropped their gear at their desks and proceeded to the conference room. The door to the room was closed so Ziva opened the door and stepped back to allow Tony to walk through with the trays of coffees.

Standing just inside the room was Director Vance, Gibbs, McGee and FBI agent Fornell, there was also another man that Tony didn't recognize. Ziva entered the room right behind him and he noticed she immediately locked eyes with the unknown man. Tony saw the man's eyes widen and darken with recognition and something that looked like lust or desire.

The man was looking intently at Ziva and asked in a surprised voice "Sonja?"

Tony turned to look at his wife who was suddenly pale; she answered "Dmitri?'

Tony was not liking this, although he didn't know what this was.

"You two know each other?" questioned Gibbs with raised eyebrows

The unknown man continued to stare at Ziva and it was starting to tick Tony off, who was this man and who was this Sonja that he seemed to be mistaking Ziva for.

"I believe that we met two years ago" Ziva answered softly

"So it is you" replied the unknown man stepping towards Ziva.

Tony stepped between them quickly blocking the man's access to Ziva. "Whoa up there buddy, how do you know my wife? What's going on here?" Tony was looking between Gibbs and Fornell, but they both seemed just as lost to the situation.

Director Vance interjected," let's all sit down and then we can figure this thing out."

"Agent David, how do you know FBI Agent Booth?" questioned Vance

So, that is his name thought Ziva, while answering "I am sorry Director, I cannot answer your question as it concerns Mossad. As you know as a condition of my separation from Mossad, I am not allowed to discuss Mossad business or relay information that may be considered privileged to Mossad unless given explicit permission from Director David"

Vance, ever the politian, turned to the man "Agent Booth, how do you know Agent David?"

Tony sat up straighter and glared at the man. Booth seemed unfazed by Tony's penetrating gaze.

Booth answered "Two years ago I was assigned an undercover mission impersonating Dmitri Volynski. Volynski was a low level gun runner for the Russian mob under Boris Kotko. My assignment was to get close to Kotko and get as much information as possible on the rumors that he was supplying weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan. I meet Agent David, whom I knew as Sonja Zykov. She was part of Volynski's crew. I had no idea that she was Mossad or anyone other than who she said she was."

Gibbs glanced at Ziva who sat with an impassive look on her face-giving nothing away, he turned back to Booth "I thought the FBI had no jurisdiction outside of the country, what were you doing in Russia?"

"Fact finding only. I was recruited as part of a joint op between the FBI and the CIA, I was chosen because of my fluent Russian and the fact that physically I could pass as Volynski."

"What was the outcome of the mission?" questioned Vance

"I was unable to connect Kotko to the Taliban and I was pulled out after three months when Kotko and his body guard were murdered in his private quarters by a person or persons unknown."

All eyes in the room turned to Ziva, who smiled a wicked little smile and shrugged her shoulders.

Tony felt McGee shiver beside him. They sometimes forgot that Ziva could be deadly. Tony remembered when Ziva had left for several months on the secret Mossad mission a couple of years ago. This in itself was not unusual, whilst she was assigned to NCIS as a liaison; whenever she was needed by Mossad she would take a leave of absence and then return as if it were just another day at the office. Tony wondered what she did on those long ago missions - hmmm better not to know he thought. He turned to look to look at his wife of six months and he gave her a questioning look, she gave him a small smile which he took as we will talk later.

Vance looked between Ziva and Agent Booth "Is there anything that happened in Russia that would preclude you from working together on this case?"

Ziva and Agent Booth looked at each other and answered Vance simultaneously "No, sir"

Vance glanced at Gibbs, who said "Now that we have that out of way, let's get back to the Armand kidnapping. NCIS and the FBI will be working on the case jointly as interstate kidnapping falls under the jurisdiction of the FBI; the case will remain under the purview of NCIS as the maternal parent of the children is active duty Navy. NCIS will take the lead. Fornell, what do have on the kids?"

Fornell answered "We had a hit on the Amber alert that was issued on the children. A witness says she saw both of the children in the company of a man at a convenience store in Maryland. I had the agent who interviewed the store owner send over the security footage. I believe that Special Agent McGee has the DVD."

All eyes turned to McGee who picked up the remote and turned on the plasma. "This was taken at a twenty four convenience store in Annapolis. We have a positive ID on the children. The boy is in fact Mikel Armand and the girl is Anya Armand. Neither child looks to be sick, injured or under duress. No ID on the man they are with, we have Abby running facial recognition right now, but it may take days. They were seen getting into a silver car, no information on the make, model or plates or the direction that they went."

Ziva looked closely at the man in the film and she felt the hair rise on the back of her neck, she turned to look at Booth who was already staring at her. Tony felt the man's eyes on his wife and he turned to see them staring at each other, Tony felt himself start to get angry with all the staring when he heard Ziva say "I believe that we know who has the children"

She continued to look at Booth who said "Andre Kotko, the brother of Boris Kotko."

Gibbs looked angry "How in the hell did the brother of a dead Russian mob boss end up with the Armand children?"