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Carole sat on the living room couch staring into space with a melancholy expression. "Carole?" Burt asked as he slowly and worriedly approached the couch. "Carole? Are you alright?" She couldn't hear him. She was lost in her own thoughts. "Carole, baby, tell me what's wrong." Burt sat close to her and wrapped his arms around her. She snapped out of her trance and looked at him. That was when he realized that she had been crying a little bit. "Carole!" Burt gripped her tighter. He didn't really know exactly what he should do next. He had no idea what Carole was crying over. Burt noticed that Carole was holding a picture of her and a little girl in her hands. The picture was old and wrinkled. "Who is this?" Burt asked softly.

"Th-this is my d-daughter, Lauren." Carole said slowly.

"Wait," Burt said both confused and shocked. "You had a daughter named Lauren. Where is she? Did you give her up for adoption or something?"

"No, she died when she was five a couple years ago. Back when Finn was only three years old. He doesn't even remember her and I decided to keep it a secret from Finn. I didn't want to make him worry or wonder about her and-I-I don't know I guess I just…I don't know." Carole broke into sobs.

"Shh. There's nothing you can do about it now. The past is the past. We have to put it behind us and besides it's not like it's your fault she died."

"Burt. It was my fault. I was with Finn all the time. I wasn't paying enough attention to her. One day Finn was crying like mad and I was trying everything I could to calm him down, but he just wouldn't stop crying. Lauren came into the room at the absolute worst time. She asked what was wrong and if there was something she could do to help. That was when I snapped at her. I'll never forget her face. Lauren liked to ride her bike when she was emotional. So she hopped on her bike and rode off. I didn't see or hear of her for 3 days. I got a call from the cops and they told me they found her, but she was dead. They said for me to meet them at McClintock Lake. What happened was Lauren was riding her bike and slipped down the hill, fell into the lake and drowned. I didn't believe a single word of it…until I saw her body. It was true and it was all my fault! Oh Burt! If I hadn't yelled at her like I did I could have a beautiful 17 year old daughter!" Carole started balling into Burt's shoulder.

Oh shit, Burt thought, this is all my fault. Why did I saw that it wasn't her fault! God dammit, comfort her, Burt! "Shh," Burt said not knowing what else to say. He's never dealt with girl drama in a while considering his previous wife died a long time ago and Kurt was a boy. He had no idea what he was doing! "Uh…what can I do to make you feel better?"

Carole waited a few seconds before replying, "Am I crazy for wanting a girl?"

"What. No! Never. It's perfectly normal for you to want a girl…but I don't think we can. I'm a little old to be chasing a little girl around. Plus you work all day and I can't keep an eye on a little girl while being under a car. We'd have to hire a baby sitter and the baby sitter might end up spending more time with her than we would!"

"Well we don't have to get a baby girl, I suppose. We could, if we dare, adopt…a teenager."

Burt just stared at her in shock. He didn't know what to say. Carole wanted to adopt a teenage girl! A teenage girl! Burt never really knew a lot of teenage girls, especially because Kurt is gay, but he did know that they came with a ton of drama and hormones. Now he was definitely speechless. He knew that raising a teenage girl would most likely be the toughest thing he's ever done. And Carole was a wreck. This whole Lauren deal was really bothering her…maybe if she could raise another girl right… No it wasn't going to happen. How could they possibly raise a teenage girl! Neither of them had ever really met not to mention live with a teenage girl before. Besides the time that Finn's ex-girlfriend, Quinn, lived with them temporarily when she was pregnant because her parents kicked her out. "Do you want to adopt a teenage girl?" Burt asked. Dammit! Burt thought. Why the hell did I ask that! Burt! You idiot, you!

"Only if you are okay with it." Carole asked with secretly hopeful eyes.

"Anything to make you happy, Carole." He said with a smile. But behind the smile was pure panic. Holy shit! Why did I say that! We can't adopt a teenage girl! Shit, Burt, do something! But he could only hug Carole. That was it. Carole was just too happy and excited that he said yes. She was completely oblivious to the facts. It wasn't like they were getting a new toy and if they didn't like it they could return it. He couldn't break it to Carole, well not now at least. He couldn't do anything about it now.

They were adopting a teenager.

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