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Finn and Kurt rushed home and luckily managed to make it there before Lizzi and David arrived home. They were supposed to be coming home any minute.

Finn helped Kurt out of the passenger's seat. Luckily Kurt hadn't puked the entire ride. He was probably trying his hardest not to ruin his car.

"Alright we're home. We made it! Let's get inside before they come."

Kurt nodded weakly. "Remind me to never see a thriller movie again, ever."

"Oh shit!" Finn spotted a car coming down the street. He hustled Kurt into the house. "Go up to your room."

Kurt threw the popcorn bowl away as he passed the trash can in the kitchen.

Finn groaned as he watched Karofsky walk Lizzi up to the door. He began to worry when Karofsky paused and leaned toward Lizzi's face.

Finn ran toward the light switch and started flipping the porch lights on and off.

Lizzi and David were obviously frustrated. Lizzi saw Finn through the window and yelled,

"Finn! I'm gonna kill you! What, you don't want me to kiss David? I don't care what you think."

Lizzi pounced toward David and sloppily kissed him hard…and with tongue. That's what threw Finn over the edge.

Finn pulled Lizzi off David and pushed her inside the house. He then charged at David.

"Stay away from my family, dammit!" Finn screamed and knocked David down on the ground.

"Finn! Stop it!" Lizzi yelled.

It wasn't long until Burt showed up to break the fight.

"What the hell is going on here?" He asked. He pulled Finn and David up from the ground.

"He just attacked me!" David said as he raised his hands innocently.

"He and Lizzi were like making-out! They were using tongue and everything just to piss me off!" Finn complained.

"Alright. Finn, Lizzi, get in the house. I'll talk to you two later. And David…I'll figure out what I'm doing with you later. Remember, I know where you live."

David doubted that Burt actually knew where he lived, but he wasn't going to talk back now. To be honest, Burt kind of scared him. Burt already hated him for what he did to Kurt.

David drove away in his truck.

"Finn. Lizzi. Kitchen; now." Burt commanded.

Lizzi noticed that there was a popcorn bowl from the movies in the trash.

"What is a popcorn bowl from the movies doing in the trash?" She wondered.

"Oh shit." Finn thought.

"I haven't gone to the movies in months. And that is not the topic of discussion right now. Sit." Burt pointed to the chair next to Finn.

"Did you go to the movies sometime, Finn?" Lizzi questioned.

Finn, unfortunately, was a terrible liar. "No…"

Lizzi gasped. "Oh my God, you did spy on us!"

"We're screwed." Thought Finn.

"David thought he heard the man behind us say 'Kurt'! How could you? What do you not-"

"Whoa, whoa. Let me catch up for a second here." Burt interrupted. "Lizzi, you were on a date with David Karofsky? And Finn, you were spying on them…with Kurt? Where's Kurt?"

"Kurt's sick…the movie grossed him out and he threw up at the movie theater." Finn began to defend himself by saying, "It wasn't my idea. I couldn't let Kurt go by himself! And we were only trying to protect Lizzi. I mean you know all the horrible things Karofsky's done to our family! You were really pissed at me when I didn't do anything about Kurt being bullied. I didn't wanna make that mistake again with Lizzi. Especially because she's young and she's never seen the bad side of David!"

"I can protect myself, Finn!" Lizzi spat at him. "David is a nice guy!"

"No, he's not! He put out family through a lot of shit and none of us wanna go through it again!"

"I'm going to go get Carole to go check on Kurt." Burt stated as he ran upstairs to get Kurt.

After what seemed like minutes of silence Lizzi spoke up,

"So…it was Kurt's idea to spy on us?"


"He's does care about me, doesn't he?"

Finn raised his hands. "Sworn to secrecy."

"Why is he so mean to me if he likes me?"

"Pff. If I knew I'd tell you but I have no idea."

"Okay." Burt entered the kitchen and sat down in front of Lizzi and Finn. "So, Lizzi, when did you decide to go on a date with Karofsky?"

"Last week?" She replied.

"Did you tell anyone about it?"


"Well that's where you went wrong. You should have told at least someone especially your mother or me. And Finn. You were spying on them on their date?"

"…Yeah, but it wasn't my idea. Kurt-"

"I know, and I understand and respect the fact that you were just looking out for your sister, but you should have told your mother or me about it."

"You weren't at the house…"

"Next time. If this or anything related to this in the slightest bit, I want you both to tell us about it."

Finn and Lizzi both agreed to Burt's terms.

"Great. You two head to bed. I'm going to check on Kurt and Carole." Burt left for Kurt's bedroom. "Finn you may have to sleep on the couch tonight because you might not want to be in the same room as Kurt…"

Finn sighed. "Kay."

"How is he?" Burt worriedly asked Carole.

"He's going to be okay. He told me that he vomited a lot at the movies. I don't think he has anything left in him. I think he should get a good night's sleep tonight and if he feels worse tomorrow we can take him to the doctors'." She stated and turned to Kurt. "Get some sleep, Kurt."

Kurt nodded as he rolled away from Carole and Burt.

Carole gestured toward the door. They shut-off the lights.

"Come get me if you need me, Kurt." Burt whispered.

When he got no reply, he closed the door as silently as possible.

"Finn, you're going to have to sleep on the couch tonight." Carole said while passing a couple pillows and blankets from her room to him.

"Thanks, mom." Finn said. He started spreading the pillows and blankets out on the couch. "And yeah, I kinda figured… He didn't look so good at the movies. I guess movies with zombies eating people's brains isn't his thing."

Carole giggled. "No. I still can't believe he went to see that."

"He only went to see it because Lizzi and David did."

"Oh…really? I didn't think Lizzi would be into…zombies."

"Me neither, but I guess we were wrong."

"Wait…David Karofsky? The boy who bullied Kurt?"

Finn's jaw clenched. "Yes. Him. She didn't tell anybody about it. Which is why Kurt and I followed them to the movies to make sure he didn't do anything to her. I didn't watch them the entire time 'cause Kurt got sick. But from what I saw he wasn't up to anything…yet. I don't trust that-"



"So are they…dating?"

"I don't know, but I'm praying to Cheesus this was just a misunderstanding and they don't wanna see each other again."

Carole sighed. "What else can you do?"

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