A/N: I decided to do a little Bloom heartbreak. This was hard to write due to Sky being an entirely different person in my mind, but whatever. Bloom's POV.

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I was in Sky's arms, but it was out of courtesy, not out of love. Saving my life was what he did nowadays. It was never out of choice, it was just his duty. It was something he wasn't just suddenly going to stop doing. He held me with one hand while managing to levitate in the air on a hoverboard he stood upon, my weak body tucked to his strong chest.

Things were over between us. We were done. It was through. The last kiss had been exactly that: the last. Sky and I were over, through, and done. It wasn't going to happen again.

He saved me out of courtesy, not because he was truly compelled to keep me in this world instead of letting me pass into the next.

"Drop me."

His sapphire blue eyes found me with that silent shock of hearing my voice. I hadn't even been sure that I was capable of words until they actually came from me. "Bloom-"

"Drop me, Sky," I said, trying to put a little bit more of a command into my voice. I wanted my way and I would get things my way. "Let me go."

"You'll fall," he said blatantly as if I didn't already know that. "Bloom, you're in no condition to fly right now."

"Sky, drop me." My eyes were hard and cold. I would've thrown daggers in a glare at him had I not been so tired. "Let me go. You don't have to save me anymore."

Sky's ocean colored gaze tore from me to face the open air in front of us that he was flying into, guiding us over trees and hazards with his feet planted firmly on the hoverboard. He said no words because none were needed. He knew this was really it and that he wasn't going to get me back ever again.

"This is over," I told him, preparing to fall into the open air. "I don't want to be with you anymore. This didn't work in the first place and it's not going to work again. Let me go." I tried to keep my body from going totally limp in his arms. I stared up into his beautiful face. "Just drop me, Sky. I want this to be over. For real."

It was like part of him had shattered. But that didn't keep him from not listening to me. His arm moved out so that I was hanging out past the edge of the board. Then his hand disappeared from under me.

The air surged around my body, and I whipped my arms up just as my wings were forming. The air tugged at my clothes, pulling me into a wind that carried me out of harm's way. Falling was no longer a problem after my wings caught the blowing breeze around me.

Then my eyes found the sky again and the blonde boy I had once loved zipping through it. He was headed in the direction of Red Fountain, going back to meet all the guys. And I heard back towards Alfea, ready to get back to the real world where I didn't have to be saved by a guy who didn't even care about me. He had dropped me. Sky and I were done.

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