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Chapter 13

The Musing's of a Confused Forest Born

Ani and her brothers and sister arrived back home two days later. Ani unpacked her pack and lay on her bed. Her Ma was going to yell at her for lying around, but she had to think.

Tusken had not said goodbye to her. Did that mean he did not care about her? Of course, why would he? They had been friends for years, he cared about her, but…not in the way that Ani felt about him.

Of course thinking that implies that I know how I feel, thought Ani. What is this? He is my friend, but I know this should not bother me this much. And Leno's kiss…if he was so able to hide his feelings, how many other boys have? Or is he the only one? But then, what man, forest born or city bred, would want me, little Ani of the forest. Ani the fire speaker, Ani the people speaker, Ani the forest born. Not many forest borns ever leave great impacts to the world, or Bayern for that matter. My mother did, and my father as well as Uncle Razo and Miss Rinn and all their friends. But…that couldn't happen to me…could it?

Just as she expected, her Ma yelled at her to help them unload.

Ani stood and brushed the wrinkles out of her dark red dress, then walked to the front of the house.

Such thoughts did not return until that night when she was lying on her bed, listening to Rilla's snoring.

Many boys have liked me, but it was my people speaking, wasn't it? Or was it that I'm just beautiful, she wondered.

She purged such thoughts from her brain.

If I think such things, I will become vain like Selia and Sileph. I promised myself I would never hurt anyone like that.

With that she rolled over and fell asleep.

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