Chapter Nineteen - Unexpected Surprise

After Dean and the kids left to start their day, Lindsey took a long hot shower, changed, then spent the rest of the day looking around, what she quickly realized was her and Dean's house. It was a nice little brick house, it was homey, comfortable and lived in. Something she had always imagined living in before she started hunting, back when she was a normal girl, with a normal life and sure, she was engaged to a hunter, but they were going to get married and have a normal life, Mason had promised her that, until a demon took him and her father away from her.

Now she felt like she was getting a second chance at a normal life and the best part was she was getting to have that life with Dean.

After losing Mason, she never thought she would fall in love again and she definitely never thought about marriage or kids, but yet here she was in a picture perfect world and she was loving every minute of it. She had always thought Djinn were bad and needed to be stopped, but if this is what they did, give people a perfect life, she was beginning to have second thoughts about them. Maybe they weren't so bad after all.

With that thought in mind, she continued to walk around the house, taking in everything at once. She started by walking out of hers and Dean's bedroom and walked out into a small hallway. She smiled as she looked at all the pictures on the wall, there were different family portraits of her, Dean and the twins, from the time they were born to the age they were now, there were also a few pictures of the twins on their own and even a few of her and Dean on their wedding day and of when they were dating. It was like the wall of pictures told a story of their whole life together.

Next, she walked past a bathroom and continued down the hall to peek into the bedrooms across from each other. One looked like it could be an office, with a computer desk and filing cabinets against one wall, the other bedroom had to be the twins bedroom. It was a very girly bedroom, done all in pink and whites, with Disney princesses hanging on the walls. There were two beds, one against one wall and the other across from it against another wall and above the two beds were the girls names, Nina and Jane. She smiled as she realized that was her mother's first and middle name.

After looking around in the twins bedroom, she made her way into the kitchen, then finally into the living room. She walked around the homey room, looking at more pictures on the wall, then made her way toward the dark brown sectional couch. She flopped down on the couch and turned on the tv. Then she placed her feet on the coffee table in front of her as she glanced around the room with a smile on her face, she could definitely get used to this life.

When she saw a stack of bills sitting on the table, she leaned forward and grabbed one to read the label. According to the address, she and Dean were living in Lawrence, Kansas. Which she knew was where Dean and Sam were from.

Once she was done looking at the bills, she sat them back down on the coffee table, then picked up a small address book and began to flip through it, she stopped flipping when she saw Jo's name, number and address wrote down in the book, she too was living in Lawrence, Kansas.

As she stood up from the couch, she ripped the piece of paper from the book, then tossed it on to the table as she picked up the white cordless phone. She wondered if she should try to call the number, according to Dean, she and Jo had a falling out years ago and she wondered what it could be about. What could have been so bad for her not to talk to her best friend anymore. Should she call to find out or keep living a perfect life with Dean and their kids?

Before she could make up her mind, she heard the doorbell ring throughout the quiet house. She placed the piece of paper in the back pocket of her blue jeans, sat down the phone, then walked over to the front door. On instinct she glanced out the peephole and saw an unfamiliar blonde woman standing on the other side. She cautiously opened the door and flashed the woman a friendly smile.

"Hey honey, how are you feeling?" The woman asked, as she stepped forward the hug Lindsey before walking into the house, like she had been there numerous of times.

"I-I'm ok." Lindsey answered, wondering who this older woman was. She felt like she should know her, but couldn't figure out who she was.

The woman sat down on the couch then looked up at Lindsey, like she was waiting for her to sit down with her. When Lindsey didn't move from her place in the middle of the room, the woman pat the couch then asked,"you're not going to come sit with your favorite mother-in-law and tell her all about your day?"

'Mother-in-law?' Lindsey thought to herself, then it hit her, this woman was Mary, Dean's mother, her mother-in-law. Lindsey gave her a genuine smile as she walked toward the couch to sit down as she said,"of course, Mary."

"Mary?" She said confused, as she watched Lindsey sit down. Lindsey froze in her seat, wondering if maybe she was wrong, maybe this wasn't Mary, maybe it was someone else or maybe that wasn't her name, but she could have sworn Dean's mother's name was Mary.

Mary continued to look at Lindsey with a confused expression on her face, then she began to laugh and said,"you never call me Mary, you have always called me mom. Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine Mar- I mean, Mom." Lindsey said smiling.

"Dean told me you were acting a little funny this morning, now I see what he means." Mary said, feeling concern for her daughter-in-law.

"No really I'm fine. I just had a bad dream I guess and when I first woke up, I was a little confused on things, but I'm ok now, I promise." Lindsey lied, hoping to ease Mary's fears.

"What did you dream?" Mary asked her.

"Just that I was living a different life." Lindsey said sadly, then added,"but I can honestly say, I like this one better."

Mary smiled as she laid a hand on top of Lindsey's hand, giving it a squeeze, then said,"that's great to hear. I know I have told you before, but I am so glad Dean met you. You make him so happy."

"He makes me happy too." Lindsey said, smiling back.

"And I have a feeling you will be making him even happier tonight after you tell him the news." Mary said, as she laid her other hand on Lindsey's stomach.

Lindsey looked down at her stomach in confusion, until she felt a tiny fluttering in her stomach, then she looked up at Mary with wide eyes, as she asked softly,"I'm pregnant?"

Mary removed her hand and laughed as she said,"yes, and you wanted to wait until tonight to tell Dean the news."

Lindsey couldn't keep from smiling, as she placed both of her hands on her stomach and looked down. She couldn't remember being pregnant the first time in this world, but this time she would get to.

"John and I are both so happy you two are having another baby." Mary said happily, then added,"we had always wanted a lot of grand babies, now if only Sam and Jessica would hurry up and have a few."

Lindsey looked up to smile at Mary, who was smiling back at her, before they both turned their heads to look at the tv screen. For the next few minutes, they walked tv quietly together, it was something so simple, but Lindsey was enjoying it. She had lost her mother when she was young, so sitting with Mary, who was like a mother figure, was nice.

When the news came on, talking about a man, a few states away, that had murdered his wife, Mary sighed sadly then said,"I can't believe another man killed his wife."

"Another one?" Lindsey asked her.

"Yeah, this one makes it ten now that have murdered their wives. It's all been in the same town in the same state, the men all come home one night and murder their wives." Mary answered, then added,"it so terrible."

Lindsey looked back at the tv screen as pictures of the victims began to flash on the screen, she gasped in surprise when she actually recognized some of the woman. It was a case she, Jo, Dean and Sam had worked on together, but that couldn't have been right cause they had stopped the person who really done it, it was Kandy the siren who had done it, she would never forget how she had to work in that nasty strip club.

"You ok?" Mary asked, as she looked at Lindsey, hearing her gasp.

"Yeah, it's just so sad this is happening." Lindsey answered, as she continued to watch the news.

Mary, not wanting her to get too upset by the news, turned off the tv then stood up from the couch, as she said,"I think that we have watched enough of that, besides I need to go pick up the girls. Dean said you two are going out tonight while I watch them."

"Right." Lindsey said, as she too stood up from the couch.

Mary gave her a hug, then said,"I'll see you when I get back."

"Ok." Lindsey said, as she hugged her back.

After Mary left, Lindsey went into the office and got on the computer. She looked up every case she and Jo had solved together or with Dean and Sam, she was horrified to discover that the evil that was causing the killings were never stopped. Since she, Jo, Dean and Sam never hunted, every monster they had killed, were still alive and murdering innocent people.

She quickly pulled out the piece of paper with Jo's address on it, then looked up the directions to her house, she didn't care what they had fought about before, cause now she needed to find Jo and maybe together they could stop things before more innocent people lost their lives.

- {o0o} -

Many minutes later, Lindsey parked the car in front of Jo's house and quickly exited the car. She raced to the front door and continued to press the doorbell as she knocked on the front door, calling out Jo's name.

As the door began to open, Lindsey took a quick step back then gasped in surprise when she saw a familiar man standing in front of her, a man that she never thought she would lay eyes on again.

"Lindsey? What's wrong? Is everything ok?" He asked her with a concern look on his face.

"M-Mason?" Lindsey asked, then added,"you're alive?"

- {o0o} -

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