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This is my new story. I am still writing my others aswell, but this one keeps popping up in my head, so I decided to write it.

Takes place during Spirit bound. Rose has finally had enough of Lissa and Dimitri pushing her away. Hans presents to her and the queen the idea about sending a group of guardians out to hunt the strigoi hideouts in the U.S and Russia, like she said while Hans questioned Dimitri, after he got turned back.

She is no longer interested in being Lissa's guardian, She cuts her self off from them completely, and leaves court to hunt the strigoi with with a team of guardians, but when somebody she cares about is kidnapped by strigoi, what will she do? Will she see the people that she used to love, and can she forget everything that happened.

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Chapter 1

I was exhausted, physically and emotionally. Alot had happened in the last few days, especially with Lissa and Dimitri, ignoring me like I had the plague. I had done absolutely nothing wrong. I simply wanted to be there for Dimitri, to comfort him. But he'd rather be comforted by Lissa- or so it seems. Everytime I try to talk to them, I get brushed aside, and it hurts- alot. These two people where the two people that I loved beyond all else. My best friend/sister, and my soul mate. At least thats what I had thought. It suddenly came to me that they dont care about me, anywhere near as much as I care about them. So what was the point of trying anymore. I sighed to myself, admitting defeat. I gave up. I would stay away from them from now on, and wait for them to come to me. I could only hope that, that would be soon. I missed them.

To top off my perfect day... Adrian and I had broken up. He had actually surprised me and taken it pretty well, making me feel even more guilty than I already did.


I stormed across court after Dimitri and Lissa had sent me away, after he had been questioned by Hans.

"Hey... Little dhampir" Adrian said, falling into step with me. "Whoa. Who's pissed you off?" I didnt answer him, Im sure that he needed no explaination.

"What did they do this time" he asked. I sighed and stopped walking, sitting down on the bench that we had stopped next to.

"I only wanted to see him" I admitted, in a small voice. "I just wanted to see how he was doing. I know it kills him, remembering all the torture he inflicted upon others. I just want to help him" Adrian didnt say anything for a moment, he simply pulled me against his chest and hugged me, as I began to cry. I had never felt so useless and abandoned.

"Thanks Adrian" I said, after I had gained my composure. "Im sorry. I didnt mean for you to see that. It wasnt fair to you." "Its okay, Rose" he said, completely serious. I knew that he was being serious because he called me `Rose,` insted of `little dhampir.` "You cant help the way you feel. I know that you still love him" he said. "Adrian, I... I..." "Shh" he sushed me. "Im okay with it, I always knew that it would happen, once he became a dhampir again. Im not angry about it" I hugged him close. "I never did deserve you" I sobbed. "I do love you, very, very much. I just wish-" he cut me off. "You wish it was enough?" he inquired. I nodded my head. "I love you too, little dhampir. Your one of my best friends. I'll always be around if you need me." I kissed his cheek then I left him there, sitting on the bench. My heart slightly tore again.


I was about to get undressed when the phone in my room started to ring.

"Yep" I answered, popping the `p`.

"Hathaway" the voice barked. "It's Hans. I need to see you, straight away in my office."

"Okay Hans." I sighed, "Im on my way." I hung up, feeling slightly annoyed for the interuption. I grabbed my stake and put it in place. Then I set off.

Five minutes later I knocked on his door. "Come in" he bellowed.

"Ah. Hathaway" he greeted. Im sure your wondering what it is that I want" I nodded. "Ive been thinking about the interview today... with Belikov." He sat in his seat behind his desk, and indicated for me to sit in the seat opposite.

"About what he said about knowing the locations of some strigoi." he informed me. Now I understand. I nodded my head, urging him forward.

"Well... Ive been thinking about putting together a group of guardians to hunt them. I was wondering how you feel about that?" I sat up, a little straighter. "Im Listening" I said, slightly excited.

"Well we can spare approximately fifteen guardians. I made some calls and St Basils in russia said they would send fifteen guardians over to help us, as well as St Mathew's in England. So thats a team of fourty five guardians, going on the raids. I was also wondering how you feel about being the team leader?" he asked. I blinked a few times. I was shocked.

"Wow..." I breathed, "It's an honour to be asked" I admitted. I thought about what that meant though. It would mean giving up on my dreams of becoming Lissa's guardian. Was that really such a bad thing though? Could I stay here, day after agonising day, watching her mother Dimitri.? What would happen when he reclaimed his guardian title and he became Lissa's other guardian. I knew for a fact that there was no way that I would be able to just forget everything that had happened between us, and move on, like he had. I looked back towards Hans.

"Yes" I told him. "I'll do it. I'm quite looking forward to the challenge." I admitted, with a true smile on my face. At last, I had something to smile about- Direct action.

"Brilliant" he said. "We'll need to work with Belikov over the next few weeks, find out everything that he knows. Locations... The number of them, etc... Plus we'll also need to de-brief the queen. Though I do think that she will be all in favour of this." he said. I nodded again. I would have to see her anyway, to hand her my notice of resignation- from being Lissa's guardian.

"Okay" I told him. "Very well, Hathaway. Can you meet me outside the queens office tomorrow. Say... Twelve-ish?" "Yep. Sure thing" I told him, standing up, I nodded to him as I walked out. "I'll see ya tomorrow then" I said, before the door closed behind me.

I liked this plan. I dont think groups of guardians had ever been sent out on raids before. It really was exciting, but also... a little scary. Not knowing what we should expect. I hoped Dimitri's knowledge was still valid.

I finally stood naked in the shower, sighing in relief, as the hot water washed away my anxieties. Soothing my knotted muscles. Once I was finished and the water began to cool, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped one towel around my body, and one around my hair. I walked to my bed, and sat down on the edge. I unravelled the towel from my hair and patted it dry. Then I picked up my hairbrush and began to work through the tangles.

Lissa's emotions suddenly spiked and I was sucked into her head. She was getting hot and heavy with Christian, and was feeling breathless. I was about to drag myself out of her head when they broke apart. They were gasping for breath as he lent his forehead against hers.

When she finally gazed up at him, I was shocked and in denial. `Please... Please god no` I chanted in my head. It was not the icy blue eyes of Christian Ozera staring back at me. It was the beautiful, bottomless, brown eyes that could look into my soul. It was Dimitri's eyes.

And the part of my heart that was still whole... finally shattered.

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