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Chapter 15.

~*~Rose's point of view~*~

The next morning, I woke bright and early, though I have no idea why, I was not a morning person, yet here I was, at the crack of dawn, unable to get back to sleep. I looked down at the crib beside me, to see Tommy still fast asleep, so I decided to have a shower while I could.

I stood under the warm spray of water, letting it relax my muscles. After I had lathered my skin with strawberry shower gel, and shaved everywhere, I stepped out of the shower, wrapping one towel around my body, and the other one around my hair. I crept into the bedroom to get my hair dryer and my straighteners out of my drawer. I couldnt exactly use them in here and hope for Tommy to stay asleep, so I closed the door behind me and went to the living room.

I stood in front of the mirror, by the door, and began to get ready for the day ahead of me. As I was getting ready. I was suddenly sucked into Lissa's head. She was sitting in her own living room, feeling anxious.

"I'm just telling you both to be careful."Adrian said. Lissa glanced to the other couch in the room, and I saw Dimitri. He still took my breathaway. He was still so beautiful, and I was feeling confused about everything. He was everything to me, there's no denying that, but could it be so simple. Should I let go of all of the pain and see where we go from here, and that's if he even wants to... yeah, i'm confused alright.

"Are you sure, Lord Ivashkov?" Dimitri inquired. Adrian had a solemn look on his face, but he knew what he'd heard.

"I'm positive, Guardian Belikov" he replied. "I know its hard to believe, but I know what I heard, and her aura, its crazy. There's definately something suspicious going on with her." Dimitri nodded his head, clearly frustrated.

"I cant believe Tasha would do something like that to me. She was supposed to be my friend. She is Lord Ozera's family. Why would she do something like that to us?"

"Isnt it obvious?" Adrain said. "Its Rose, its all about Rose. Who better to betray her than her best friend and the man she loves, Rose would flip- which she did- and I'm willing to bet that Tasha knew she'd leave. You both hurt her and she couldn't deal with that, but now that Rose is back-"

Both heads shot in his direction.

"Rose is back" they yelled in unison.

"Shit" Adrian cursed. "I'm guessing you didnt know about that then. They stayed quiet looking at him. I felt happiness, hopefulness and a little fear coming through the bond. She was so happy that I was back, and hoped that she'd be able to put things right between us. She was also scared in case I wouldn't let her put things right between us. I could do that... right? Couldn't I?

It wasnt entirely their fault. I'm not saying that things could go back to how they were, but I could at least give them a chance to explain.

"Yeah" Adrian continued. "They Guardians got back in yesterday" he told them. "And now, well... I fear for Rose. If Tasha has gone crazy enough to pull a stunt like that, then who knows what she might do once she finds out that Rose is back" More fear flooded the bond, fear for me, because she was scared for me. Dimitri cursed in Russian. "Fuck" Ha, Jack had taught me a few words, especially curse words. He pulled on his hair, and from the look of his dishevelled state, I could see that all this was getting to him. I actually felt sorry for him, I made a promise that I would go and see them later on.

I popped back into my own head, realising that I had finished doing my hair, and my body was now completely dry. I went to my room and dressed in a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a white tank top, and a cropped black leather jacket with elbow length sleeves, it was a leaving gift from Viktoria, and I absolutely loved it.

I woke Tommy up, changed his nappy and got him dressed. He was smiling and cooing all the way through. I needed to visit the play centre today, to see if they could provide him with a place, while I worked. I couldn't exactly strap him to my back, while training to beat strigoi, as much as I would love to. I also had a meeting with the queen today, and the other Guardians, while we go over details of the file.

We left my room, with him sitting comfortable on my lap, and we walked across court to the playcentre. I was told that there was no opening for him today, because they hadnt known about him, so they didnt have enough staff, but he would be welcome to start tomorrow, I guessed that would have to do. I would simply have to take him to the meeting with me. I could have Adrian come with me to watch him while I was busy. I knew that Adrian was still with Lissa and Dimitri, but as soon as he recieved the text I sent him, he made his excuses and left. He was a good one. Dimitri also left soon afterwards, because I saw him walking in the direction of the gym, where the meeting was due to take place.

We met the queen at her headquarters.

"I'm sorry your majesty, but they had no room for Tommy at the playcentre today, but he can start tomorrow" I told her. "Thats why I asked Adrian along, he said he'd take care of him if you needed me for anything. We can go over the details today, and any strategy we may come up with. Then we can begin fighting techniques tomorrow" She simply nodded and smiled.

"Thats fine Rose" She told me. "It sounds like a good plan."

Silence fell upon us as we entered the gym. All the guardians bowed respectively to their queen. My eyes immediately sought out Dimitri's, who was staring at me to, his gaze flicking down to Tommy and then back up at me. I offered him a small smile, and his return smile was almost blinding. God! How could I stay angry with him when he was just so beautiful.

I turned back to Tatiana, in time to see her lowering her hands, indicating for everyone to sit.

Then she addressed the room.

"It has come to our notice that there is going to be a strigoi attack of epic propotion. On the royal court, 's, and St. Basils." She said. That held their attention, you could of heard a pin drop. "This attack is due to occur on the same date, at the same time. Strigoi are hoping to lower the amount of guardians here at court, knowing that we would have to share out the guardians equally between the three, if we are to ensure our survival. They have been killing moroi and turning dhampirs, to strengthen their side. We have three weeks until this happens. We have to prepare, and we have to fight. This war could be the end of both our races if not dealt with properly.

Luckily, Guardian Hathaway and her team discovered the file during the raid mission, and that gives us an edge, we know when, and we know where. Now what we need to know is how to defeat them." She stepped back slightly, signalling that she was finished speaking for now. I tried to talk, but suddenly everyone in the whole room had the same idea. I stood up on a bench and whistled so loud that I'm surprised the windows stayed in tact. Silence fell immediately, and I whispered a `sorry` to the queen as I saw her uncovering her ears.

"I know this is scary, Jesus, I'm scared too. Yeah, thats right... Rose Hathaway is afraid of something. We need to put our heads together and come up with some real ideas, and not just yell over each other. So one at a time, please." I said. The queen gave me a nod, which encouraged me on.

"Waht are your thoughts Guardian Hathaway?" Tatiana asked. I sighed and looked at her.

"Ive had so many ideas. Most of them wouldn't work, You know... the real crazy Hathaway stuff" I said. "But I have been wondering if it would be easier to evacuate the academies. If they go after the young novices and moroi and suceed, that would be the next generation gone. We cant allow that to happen." I looked up and met Dimitri's eyes. They shone. He was proud of me, he gave me a smile and a nod and that was all I needed.

"We should evacuate, definately."

"And were would they go?" Tatiana inquired, she wasnt being a bitch, in fact... I think she knew where I was heading with this.

"They should all be brought here" I told her. "It would put everybody in one place, and it would also give us a hell of alot more number of guardians" She nodded in approval.

"Very good" She said, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

"How about the moroi fighting along side the dhampir's?" Dimitri asked. I looked at him and smiled, then I looked back to the queen.

"Explain, Guardian Belikov" She said.

"I dont mean all Moroi, obviously. "Just those who want to fight. Fire users are the best fighters, but I'm sure that moroi with other elements would come in handy. I have seen first hand what can happen if we put aside our beliefs and allow us to work together. I witnessed Guardian Hathaway and Lord Ozera work together, and it was amazing. During the attack on the academy, fifty eight strigoi breached the wards, and only ten left. Half of the dead were as a result of Lord Ozera lighting them up, leaving Guardian Hathaway to stake them" he said proudly, as he thought back to the battle that changed everything.

I do hink that is a good Idea, Guardian Belikov. But I will have to put it to a vote at the emergency council meeting that I have planned later for today. Guardian Belikov and Hathaway, your presence at this meeting will be required, along with Lord Ozera." she said. We finished off the meeting feeling slightly more hopeful than we had an hour ago.

Adrian took Tommy off my hands for the rest of the day, he knew that Dimitri and I had to go and find Christian and head down to the courtroom for the meeting. Luckily, we still had a spare couple of hours until we needed to be there, so I headed down to the cafe- I was famished.

Dimtri trailed behind me, and I couldnt help the small smile that graced my face. I stopped walking and turn towards him.

"Do you fancy getting something to eat comrade?" I asked. He nodded, with a smile.

"I would love too Roza" he said.

We sat in a comfortable silence, he couldnt keep the grin of his face, as we talked about the raids, and about Tommy. He had been as sickened about the plan for him as the rest of us had.

"It suits you" He said sadly.

"What does?" I asked, completely losing him.

"Having a child, the way your face lights up when you speak of him"

"I know, its unbelievable how much he's come to mean to me. It's going to be so hard having to give him up" I told him. I really did dread the day that his real family turned up to take him away.

After an hour of mindless chatter, I excused myself so that I could go and get freshened up. I told him that I would meet him down at the meeting. I walked into my room and had a quick wash, splashing cool water onto my face. My mind kept on drifting to the lunch that I'd shared with Dimitri. It had been nice, better than nice actually. I dressed in my guardian attire since I was attending a meeting. I was almost finished when a knock came at the door. I hurried over to it and threw it open, wondering who was there.

Dimitri stood before me, wearing his own guardian clothes. He was freshly shaved and had a new smell of his cologne.

"Hi" he said.

"Hey" I whispered as I stepped aside to let him enter.

"Whats wrong Dimitri" I asked. He just stood there, staring at me. After a moment he cleared his throat and walked over to me.

"I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am Roza, about everything" He said. I didnt say anything, because I didnt really know what to say. "I have always loved you. I lied when I told you that I didnt. I lied to protect you from me. I didnt feel as if I deserved you, so I pushed you away instead. It was a mistake. I made a mistake Roza" he whispered in a voice thick with emotion. "Please tell me that you can forgive me. Please, because I am nothing without you." A tear fell down his cheek and I hastily wiped it away. I couldnt handle seeing him that way. His pain was my pain, and it always would be.

"I cant tell you that right now," I said truthfully. "I want to be able to forgive you, I do, but I dont know if I can right now-" he went to interupt but I silenced him by placing my hand over his mouth.

"I'm not talking about that kiss between you and Lissa. I know about that, I know it couldn't be helped," I told him. "What I'm talking about is how much you both pushed me away when I needed you the most. Christ Dimitri, I'm not crazy, I knew how much you were hurting, how much your guilt consumed you, but I wanted to help you with that, I wanted to be there for you, as I'm sure you'd have been there for me" I told him getting more and more emotional by the second.

He took the last step toward me and cupped my cheek with one of his large hands. "Ive wronged you in so many ways Roza" he said. "I will make it up to you even if it's tha last thing that I do" he pressed his lips to my forehead, inhailing slightly as he did so. "Please just allow me that chance"

"I... I'll try, but thats all I can promise you" I told him.

He smiled. "Thats all I can ask for" he said, before his lips met mine, for a gentle kiss. Our mouths opened naturally, and his tongue met mine. We kissed for several more minutes, and I relished in the feelings that he was bringing out of me. He had a mega-watt smile when he pulled away.

"Wow" he sighed, breathlessly.

"Wow indeed" I agreed. He pulled me in for a quick hug, and rested my head on his shoulder.

"You are my whole world Roza. I will make you love me again" he kissed my forehead once more before pulling away. He grabbed my hand, and hurried over to the door to go to the meeting, and all I could think was that he didnt need to try hard, I loved him unconditionally already.

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