I wake up to the sound of my phone blaring out Lady Gaga's Poker Face, which means it must be Rose. This is our song! The one that always gets us on the dance floor. Normally it makes me smile, but today it irritates me because it woke me from an amazing dream. One where Edward Cullen is worshipping my body, kissing every inch of my skin and holding me closer than I ever thought possible.

I am filled with such love I feel like I might burst from happiness, I do not want to wake up, because that will mean it isn't real and Edward isn't real. Then I wake up a little more and recognise the strong arms wrapped around me. Edward is here. We made love last night, after he showed Tanya in no uncertain terms that it is me he wants. Hooray, I could have leapt up and done a happy dance about yesterday's events.

Instead I reach my hand out blindly towards the floor trying to find where I threw my purse last night so I can get rid of the noise.

The body behind me grumbles and shifts. Edward has woken up. And as he moves behind me I realise that one part of him is particularly awake. His hard cock brushes against my lower back and I instinctively press back against it, wanting to feel him closer. It is hard and hot, and I want him inside me, even if I am still half asleep. It is crazy how much I want this man, he is like an addiction I will never get over.

I think I spent so long trying to convince myself that if anything were to happen between us it wouldn't be that great, that I nearly did.

Now I realise I was wrong. Being with him is the most amazing thing I have ever done. I thought I was happy, with an amazing career and great friends. But now I realise something was missing. Pining after Edward was hard, but now I have him I can't imagine life without him and his caring touches and words. He truly is an incredible person, one who I would be lucky to spend the rest of my life with.

It is scary how far my feelings have come so quickly. Although I was already 99 per cent in love with him before he showed up at my door with the flowers, now he has just confirmed my feelings.

I finally grab the phone and hit answer instinctively.

"Hello," I say, surprised by how croaky my own voice sounds. I realise then I am feeling the effects of last night's alcohol intake. I really shouldn't drink, it does not agree with me at all.

"Oh my god, Bella. Emmett is amazing, I cannot believe this guy, he is perfect for me. We talked for hours last night, and when I say that I don't mean it as a metaphor for sex, we actually talked. I swear to god I love him. I know I've said that about guys in the past, but this is it for me, I'm in love and I know he could love me too. We're great together. He does the cutest thing when he smiles too, like his eyes kind of crinkle up at the sides, he's just the most amazing guy I have ever met. And his family is so great. Alice is an amazing girl. I didn't get a chance to speak to Edward much, but he seems great. Don't think I haven't forgotten about our little chat last night, you still owe me and I intend…"

"Rosalie!" I yell down the phone to interrupt her, finally tiring of her endless stream of consciousness.

"I've just woken up," I say in a softer voice, not wanting to burst her bubble of love. "I'm so glad you had a great time, but can I call you back when I am fully conscious?"

"Okay but you owe me a good few hours of girl talk," Rose says in her most commanding voice.

"Sure, no problem. I'll call you later," I promise.

"You'd better hun. Hope Eddie is keeping you warm," she purrs suggestively.

"Bye Rosalie," I say firmly, before hanging up.

During this time, Edward's hold on me has tightened and he has shifted even closer to me. His lips find my shoulder blade and pepper kisses there, causing goose bumps to rise all over my skin.

"Hi," I sigh.

"Hi," he replies, sounding completely blissed out.

The happiness in his voice makes my heart leap up into my throat. It makes me hope he feels just how very special this thing between us is too.

He has given me every reason to assume he is crazy about me. The flowers, his declarations of wanting to see me every chance we get and that kiss in the club in front of everyone last night.

But something, probably my own lack of self confidence, makes me not quite believe it all. Something seems too good to be true, it probably is. The billionaire, sex god, beautiful inside and out perfect guy wants me.

I just keep waiting for it to go wrong. Like he will turn around and say "sorry Bella, you're just too ordinary for me. I need to be with someone who can shine as brightly as I do."

I know this is a very negative view on myself, but this is Edward Cullen. He isn't an ordinary guy. He may not have actual super powers in the classic sense of the comic books, but he is an extraordinary man.

Plus he has the ability to turn me on and get me wetter than Niagara Falls with just a whisper of my name or a quick kiss to my heated skin.

Already I can feel myself swelling and growing damp as his kisses continue to cover my back.

My hips roll instinctively as my pussy aches for attention from his talented fingers that I already feel like I cannot live without.

No man has ever made me feel the way he does. The orgasms he has brought me too are mind-blowing, and made all the more intense by the fact this is Edward, the man I love, doing it to me. He might not know the full extent of my feelings yet, but I have come to terms with them and I know how strongly I feel for him.

His big, warm hand covers my stomach and rubs the skin there lightly as his lips move higher to cover my neck. He brings out the big guns then, using his teeth to nip along the skin there and my jaw line.

I moan out load and push my hips back against his erection. The feel of it nestled between my ass cheeks makes me even wetter. No man has ever been to that area, but with Edward I realise I am willing to do anything.

I never considered myself into sex, I always thought there must be something wrong with me as I could take it or leave it with all my boyfriends. However with Edward I can't get enough and I am ready to do the dirtiest things with him imaginable.

I would love for him to fuck me over his desk, like he alluded to on Friday night when he was confessing about his dreams. It is a dream I have also had, and one I would to try out in real life. Just the thought of his hard cock pounding into me from behind while he uses those talented fingers to run my clit firmly has me moaning again and turning over to face him.

Our eyes lock, and my heart stutters at the sight of his beautiful green eyes gazing at me with total adoration. I love that look, it makes me feel cherished.

"Bella," he whispers before leaning in and kissing me gently on the lips.

I sigh into his mouth and lean closer to him, wrapping one leg around his hips and throwing an arm around his waist to pull him against me fully.

We kiss for a long time, revelling in the feel of our tongues duelling wetly together. We occasionally pull back and nibble on each others lips, drawing a moan, before diving back in to the full kiss, tongues and all.

I run my hand up to his hair and rub the silky strands between my fingers, pulling his mouth harder against mine at the same time. The kiss grows in intensity and we are soon rubbing our hips against each other hard in a bid to create friction.

He pushes my shoulder back onto the bed and positions his hips between my thighs.

His cock is at my entrance then, I'm sure he can feel how dripping wet and ready I am.

Our eyes meet as he pushes his cock slowly inside me. I try to hold his gaze and pour into it all that I am feeling, how much I love him, even though I cannot yet say it out loud for fear of his reaction.

When he is all the way inside his forehead drops to rest on mine.

"Fuck I love being inside of you," he says with an intensity that makes my heart pound.

"You feel amazing," I mumble, feeling so drunk on these feelings for him that I am amazed I can get anything out right now.

He starts to move slowly then, although his thrusts are hard and firm. Each time his cock pushes back inside me it drags over that sensitive spot inside me that only he has ever been able to find.

I whimper, I moan, I writhe around on the bed. I must seem wanton and sex-crazed, but he doesn't seem to mind, as his moans are even louder than mine.

Sweat is covering both of us, but I don't care and he certainly doesn't seem to.

He captures my lips in a hot, searing kiss that makes my toes curl against his back. I can feel my release building inside me and I know it will be a good one.

I rake my nails down his back and he breaks the kiss, his spine arching against my touch and a loud moan leaving his lips.

"Fuck, Bella."

Oh he likes that. I do it again. And again. His hips start to pump harder and faster. I continue to use my nails, but never so hard that they break the skin.

He changes angle suddenly so his pelvis is grinding into my clit on every thrust and I lose it then, I dig my nails into his back on the spot where I have just reach at his lower back and scream his name. The sensation overwhelms me. He continues to pump in and out of me hard and fast and my orgasm continues, making me tingle from head to toe.

He move my hands again as I start to come back down to earth, scrapping my nails lightly up his back to his scalp, where I lavish similar attention. He bellows my name then as he shoots his come inside me. I revel in the noises he makes, gasping and moaning he sounds incredible. I wish I could record those sounds and carry them around on my iPod. They would be a serious distraction, but it would mean being able to keep this part of him with me always.

We lie in each other's arms completely spent. This is what I want to do every Sunday for the rest of our lives.

"I'm crazy about you, you know? I can't get enough of you and I can't believe you're mine," he says. The sweetest words you could ever hope to hear.

I can't respond because there is a lump in my throat, so I just lean up and kiss him tenderly, hoping he understands that I feel exactly the same way. With an I love you thrown in on top.

"Did Rose have a good night," he asks, sounding worn out.

"Yes, she is crazy about Emmett. I should have thought they would make the perfect couple. It makes sense, those two."

"Yeah he couldn't stop talking about her after they met this week. I think she could be the person to keep him in line," he jokes.

"She needs someone to keep her in line too," I say. "But she also deserves to be happy. I think he can do that for her, he seems like a good guy from what I know of him."

"He is. I'm hoping you will get to know him even better outside of work, and the rest of my family too." He takes a deep breath then, as if he is bracing himself for something. "Would you come with me to see them this afternoon? We try to meet for lunch on a Sunday as often as we can. You could meet my mom and dad. I understand if its too soon, but I just wanted you to know I would love it if you could be there."

"Of course," I respond without hesitation. "I would love to meet them."

Wow meeting the parents. How am I going to handle this one. What if they don't like me? I mean, I know how to be polite and most people seem to react well to me, but these are parents and this is they little boy. Sure he's all grown up and a successful businessman, but he will always be their special boy. They will want the best for him, so what if they don't think I'm it? I'm sure he wouldn't want a rift with his mom and dad, this is like a make or break situation.

"You don't need to be nervous Bella," he says stroking my hair reassuringly. "They will love you."

"How did you know what I was thinking," I ask.

"You were biting your lip. A sure sign something is on your mind. I've learned now that sometimes its sex, but in this case I think you're worried about meeting my parents. If you're not ready I do understand."

God he is amazing, is there anything about him that isn't perfect.

"I want to come with you," I say firmly and kiss him to seal my resolve.

Edward calls his mom and tells her he will be bringing along a guest to their Sunday lunch date. Their conversation is short so I can't really gauge her reaction to the news I will be there.

I agonise over what to wear, which amuses Edward, although his smile fades when I parade around the bedroom in my underwear while flinging clothes around the room. We are a little later than intended after that.

I settle on a flower print dress. It is knee length, so respectable yet smart.

We leave the apartment holding hands and it makes me feel confident.

We meet Edward's family at a cute little Italian bistro. As we enter the building butterflies fill my stomach and my mouth goes dry. I have to make a good impression, I can't lose Edward.

"Hello darling," I hear a feminine voice say. It is soft and affectionate, kind.

"Hi mom," Edward replies as we approach a table.

The woman who spoke rises from her chair. She is stunning, a little like Edward with his striking green eyes.

Also at the table is a tall man with blond hair and bright blue eyes. They are an attractive couple. It explains a lot where Edward is concerned.

Edward embraces his mother then leans over to shake hands with his father.

"Mom, dad, this is Isabella Swan. My girlfriend. Bella, these are my parents Esme and Carlisle Cullen."

I am a little shocked he came right out and called me his girlfriend, but I am also thrilled that he feels so strongly about me.

"Lovely to meet you Isabella," Esme says, holding out a hand to shake. I take it, noticing how soft, delicate and perfect it is. This is definitely Edward's family.

"Hello Isabella," Carlisle says, rising to greet me as well. We shake hands and I look around the table to see Alice, Jasper and Emmett.

"Hi Bella," says Alice in her bright voice. "I'm so glad you could come."

The way she says it, I know she means it and I smile in return, saying I am glad to see her again.

We sit down and I take a breath to calm my nerves. It is going fine so far, his family are lovely.

Throughout lunch the conversation is pleasant. His parents ask no questions about how me and Edward got together and I am glad. I'm not sure they would approve. They are very respectable, sweet people. I'm sure they wouldn't think much of a subordinate with a major crush on her boss who dropped her panties for him as soon as he showed an interest. Not that they would get to know that much detail, I'm just worried how it might look to them.

After we finish eating, I excuse myself to go to the ladies room. Luckily the doorway is close to our table so I don't feel self conscious walking the full length of the restaurant.

As I return to the table I hear heated voices, including Edward's. I hang back at the doorway, straining to hear the conversation.

"I just don't know how you could hurt Tanya like that Edward. You know how close our families are. She isn't a toy you can just pick up and then discard," Esme says, disappointment ringing in her voice.

"Your mother's right, Edward. We raised you better than this. Now you've picked up with someone else without hardly taking a breath since you finished seeing Tanya, and you've rubbed the poor girl's face in it. She was in tears last night Edward, so was your mother. It breaks our hearts to see her like that. You know she is like a daughter to us." Carlisle's authoritative voice is commanding and makes sense. Perhaps they don't know the full story but what they say is understandable. Of course it looks cruel. The girl is in love with him, and she's the daughter of his parents' best friends.

I feel sick. I want to go back out there and stop what they are saying but I am frozen in place.

"Dad, me and Tanya were never anything serious," Edward says firmly.

"Edward, that girl is part of this family too, as much as Alice. How would you feel if someone treated Alice this way?" Carlisle makes another devastatingly good point.

Tanya might be a bitch, but she is a person. A person who is incredibly important to Edward's parents. I never thought of this in all the possible scenarios of things going wrong. I was worried they wouldn't like me for my personality, but here I am and they don't like me because I am not Tanya. Fuck. How can I compete with a girl who has been in the Cullen's life since forever. I can't think about the answer right now.

Edward is silent and I know his father has him over a barrel. Edward is a gentleman, he takes care of everyone. He is not the type to hurt someone's feelings.

I take a deep breath and push the door open noisily, hoping not to make this moment awkward.

Everyone looks up at me and Alice pipes up with a new topic. Something about shopping this afternoon.

I try to act like I have heard nothing. Smiling at Edward when I return to my seat. He squeezes my hand and smiles back at me though I can see the pain behind his eyes. He has disappointed his parents. Because of me.

This guy is perfect. Correction, he was perfect. Until I got my hands on him. Now he is falling out with his perfect family, all because I have gotten in the way.

I try to push these thoughts out of my head for now. I can agonise over this later.

Edward and I leave the restaurant soon after this. I lie that I promised to meet up with Rose and he walks me home to my apartment. We kiss goodbye sweetly and part.

I wait until the door to my apartment closes firmly behind me before the tears start to fall. I knew it was too good to be true. His parents disapprove. They think I'm a flash in the pan. They are probably right.

Edward was with Tanya before I came along. Yes he said things weren't working out, but because of me they have ended in this terrible way with her getting hurt. I sob, gut wrenching sobs that consume my entire body. It takes an hour of crying before I pull myself together and dial Rose's number. I ask her to come over and she knows immediately that something is wrong.

When she rings the bell I race to let her in.

"What's wrong Bella?" she asks as soon as I open the door, her arms enveloping me.

"I… I have to break up with Edward."