Oh My GOSH! We had an earthquake at around 10pm!

Yugi: What happened?

Not a whole bunch...the building shook a little and I thought it was the stunt crew at first. But they've NEVER caused the building to shake so bad that stuff moved before. Apparently, the quake originated in New Mexico...But we felt it where we work.

Ryou: So how are you?

I'm fine. Just glad that it wasn't from here...we DO have a possible volcanic indicator here, known as a 'hot spring', but it's mostly lukewarm. (Here's the site for some interesting history, minus random spaces: friends of agua caliente Park. htm)

Ryou: I've got to check it out!

Atem was angered at the Hikaris for disobeying him and Shifting. He was really disappointed in Yugi for his going out and attacking the creature that trespassed on the grounds when his ribs were barely finished mending. Now he had to explain to all three of Ryou's parents, uncle, the Watcher's Slayer, and her friends what the three boys were exactly. Ryou's mother had freaked out when she saw the jackal and quarter-cat Yugi sulking into the mansion.

The three angelic-vampires were confined to their rooms and forbidden from leaving until Atem said otherwise. Currently, Atem had Daryn, Marylyn, Richard, and Giles in the library for a private meeting. "What happened to my baby," Marylyn cried. "That's not normal!"

Giles looked to Atem for an answer. The young leader sighed, "There's something that we haven't been completely honest about. Yugi, Ryou, and Malik aren't 'normal'."

"Of course they're not," Daryn retorted. "They were given Angel blood when you boys were days old."

"There's more to it than just the Angel blood," Atem replied as he slid files across the table to the four of them. He continued, "What they are is a contradiction. They, by all logic, shouldn't even exist. Granted, they were abducted and experimented on by the now-exterminated 'Vampire Lord', but there was a reason for their kidnappings. Raiden Takeshi wanted a stronger, more dangerous breed of vampires under his control. His goal was to create a breed that could 'blend in' with humans and hunt without detection. Because they stood out, they were what he wanted."

Marylyn was shocked, "You mean to tell me that my baby is a vampire!?"

"Not completely," Atem stated as he shook his head. "Remember, I said that he and the other two are contradictions. They have Vampire and Angel bloods coursing through their veins. It has enabled them to retain their souls and their personalities, that which we could call their 'humanity'. While they lack many of the vampiric weaknesses, they are far stronger than what we are calling the 'Pure-bred' and the 'Demonic' vampires. Yugi, Ryou, and Malik are immune to Holy Water, garlic, crosses, silver, and sunlight."

Giles was confused, "By immune, what do you mean?"

"Holy Water makes them hyper; there is no effect with garlic, silver, or crosses. For some reason sunlight energizes them."

Richard looked through the file in front of him and read various notes written in Atem's handwriting. A photograph caught his eye. It was the one of the three boys sound asleep on a bed, Yugi in between Ryou and Malik. He held it up as he pulled out his wallet and removed a small, worn picture from inside. "Just like them to sleep like this," he mused as he set the two pictures on the table.

In Atem's picture, the three of them were snuggled together; Ryou was on Yugi's right left while Malik was on his right. Richard's photo showed the three of them in the same position, only Ryou was in the middle. "Was Yugi sick," Richard queried.

Atem nodded, "How…"

"See how close they are in your picture with Yugi in the center? My photo was taken when Ryou was recovering from having his appendix removed. It's their way of comforting whichever one of the three is feeling sick."

Daryn was lost. "Are they…you know…"

"God no! They're like brothers," Richard and Giles nearly shouted.

Giles continued, "Those three are more like brothers than anything. They would do anything to make the other two smile."

Atem felt slightly relieved that this group was taking the news well. Now he had to break to them the boys' classification. "I wanted you to know that Yugi, Ryou, and Malik are what we now call Hikaris. They are the only three angelic-vampires in existence."

Giles was stunned. He had been ordered by the Council to locate a new Supernatural that had been discovered and had turned them down, only to now discover that his sister's adopted son was one of them. He shook his head in amazement, catching Daryn's attention, "What is it?"

"I was 'requested' to find and bring back some new Supernatural by the Watchers Council," Giles began. "I stated my refusal and left until they decide to summon me to England at a later date. Now I find out that our sweet boys are said beings, I'm glad that I refused to follow their orders."

Yugi was bored out of his mind. Atemu had taken away his games and comic books as part of his punishment. All the Hikari had left to do was stare out of his window, at the ceiling, or his walls. He hated being bored, but there wasn't much he could do. Yugi sighed and rolled onto his left side to stare at a different wall. He moaned in irritation as he rolled over once more and tried not to cry.

Sometimes he hated being 'forever frozen' at sixteen. Yugi wished that he were able to return to Human status, but knew that that was an impossibility as there were no cures for a vampire that had consumed blood of any sort. He learned that only after launching himself onto a rat that was unfortunate enough to cross his path when he had been a Newborn just entering the twelfth day of his Turning. The poor youth had refused blood up until that day when his starvation began to affect him and he drained the rodent dry.

The Vampire in charge of watching him laughed at his deplorable state as it watched him scrambling after another rat in his hunger-driven insanity. Yugi cried when he regained his senses and saw the dead rats in his 'room'. His guard gloated that the boy had sealed his fate and lost any hope of ever being Human again.

The 'teen' sniffled as he tried not to cry from the horrible memories, but without his games and comics to distract him, this was a lost cause. Yugi broke down crying into his pillow until he cried himself to sleep.

Atemu heard faint sobs coming from Yugi's room, but felt that the young one had a lesson to learn about disobeying an order from one in charge and didn't investigate. When he went to see if Yugi had stopped crying, Ryou and Malik were sitting in their doorways, worry evident on their faces. "What's wrong?"

Ryou looked away from Yugi's closed door, "He must have fallen asleep crying. That's not good."


"Because he has really bad memories and without something to distract him, they tend to surface," Malik answered. "Being in a room and not allowed to leave is one of them. Raiden kept us locked in a cell until we had consumed some type of blood. Yugi lasted the longest, but the results were pretty bad. He hates being confined because of it, especially without something to distract him."

Atemu was concerned now. "What happened?"

"Yugi drained seven rats and then bit himself out of hunger," Ryou started, "he drank a fourth of his own blood before he realized what he was doing. I heard the commotion while trying to figure out an escape route without getting caught. That's when I found out that he was there."

Malik glanced at Yugi's door, "When I found them, Yugi was still having pretty bad nightmares. Sometimes, he suffered them when he was awake. We could be sitting in the dark of our 'home-of-the-week' and talking when Yugi would start panicking and wiping off blood that only he could see, pleading for help. We helped him through his 'episodes' and found out that giving him anything as a distraction helped. Puzzle books, mind puzzles, coloring books, anything we were able to get for him. We forgot to get him a new one once and the next day, Yugi was sobbing and rubbing his arm raw with a dirty rag trying to clean off the unseen blood."

Atemu paled and rushed into Yugi's room, suddenly concerned for the Hikari. Yugi was curled up on his bed, dried tears on his face as he slept. The poor youth whimpered and twitched in his sleep. The Daywalker paged Atem to join him in Yugi's room to talk.

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