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The Final Countdown

"That is going to take quite some time to repair," Genesis remarked, looking at the wall. After proclaiming that she was still a wizard, Clarisse proceeded to blow a hole through the wall with a Firaga spell. Genesis returned his attention to Chandler. "I hope you have insurance."

"I hope you can run quickly," Chandler replied, as another blast of fire nearly hit the redhead, singeing the edge of his cloak as he dodged.

"And I thought we were comrades!" Sephiroth shouted as he also ran from the crazy pyromaniac rabbit.

"Have any of you seen Zack?" Angeal asked.

Genesis shook his head. "No, but if any of us aren't making it out of this alive, it's Zack," he said. Angeal's brow furrowed in anger, not wanting to ask what Genesis was insinuating by that. Zack was perfectly capable of not getting killed by a rabbit, additionally, he was the only one who had managed to come up with a plan. Whatever said plan was, that is…

"Actually, Zack probably would be fine, Clarisse is a sucker for cute boys," Chandler pointed out. Clarisse, who was now entirely brown, and although she had regained her original color, she was going to be staying a rabbit for a long time, that is, until her sister was dead.

"What! I'm cute!" Genesis protested.

"Maybe she doesn't go for the 'quotes plays in a manner that borders on addiction' type," Sephiroth said coolly, repelling one of the rabbit's fiery blasts with a blizzard spell. Genesis screeched a number of insults at him, mostly ones that involved 'girly hair' and 'constantly showing off your chest', but Sephiroth ignored them and took a few swipes at the rabbit with Masamune.

"You know, if that thing wasn't so small, it would be easier to hit!" Angeal pointed out.

"That said, I don't think we want a gigantic evil bunny attacking," Chandler added.

"Good point," Angeal sighed.

The battle continued to rage, at some points, quite literally. Most of the front hall of the mansion was on fire, and it was quickly spreading. Long scorch marks marred the dead front grass, the rest of which had been trampled by three pairs of combat boots. The porch was beginning to cave in, because Sephiroth had cut the pillars supporting it in half. And with all this devastation, the one thing that needed to actually be destroyed remained alive and spouting fire.

"Can't you just give her the brain of a rabbit to go along with that body!" Genesis asked.

"I'd need a real rabbit for that!" Clarisse replied, ducking behind a tree as another jet of flame burst along the ground.

Angeal glanced around at the charred landscape. "I don't think many rabbits live here," he sighed, "and if they do, they're probably burnt to a crisp."

"Well, all we need to make sure of is that we don't get burnt to a crisp!" Genesis shouted, performing an impressive backflip to avoid more dangerous spells. Now the rabbit was sending out black magic that the three SOLDIERS had never even seen before. Dark tendrils weaved their way around the dying garden and the scorched lawn, following the men and Chandler wherever they moved. The black vines began tangling around into a dangerous web, with the rabbit at the center.

Sephiroth had managed to hack through some of the vines, but as soon as he did, both ends he'd cut came after him. Deciding that it was a better idea not to cut anything away, Sephiroth turned and shouted to his companions. "Just run in circles! We'll trap the hairy thing inside a ball of its own magic and it won't be able to escape!"

Angeal, Genesis, and Chandler nodded, running and dodging so that a giant globe of darkness surrounded Clarisse. Eventually, the vines wove tighter and tighter, until it looked like there was a humungous ball of yarn resting in the middle of the yard.

"Phew…" Angeal breathed, pausing. The tendrils had stopped chasing them, and Clarisse seemed trapped inside. "I think we did it."

"Yeah. Let's get the heck out of here now," Genesis said. "Haunted or not, there is a homicidal rabbit inside that ball, so I don't want to hang around out here for any longer."

Just as the SOLDIERS were about to back off, find Zack, and head back to Midgar, there was an explosion like that of a small bomb inside of the black vines wrapped around Clarisse. When the dust from the explosion settled, all that was left were fragments of the magic tendrils and, in the center, a small, brown bunny. Genesis groaned. "It's still ALIVE!" he shouted.

"Not for long," Sephiroth shouted, running at it and whipping Masamune into the air.

"Prepare to be trounced, Fluffy!" Genesis roared.

"Uh, guys…" Angeal began, but he had little time to deter the two before they ran smack into a magical shield that Clarisse had erected around herself.

"Ow," Genesis muttered, staggering backward and rubbing his head where he'd collided with the wall. Sephiroth was coughing loudly, apparently his sword had been what hit the shield, and subsequently jammed itself into his side due to laws of inertia that none of them wanted to explain.

"Hey! Angeal, Sephiroth, Genesis!" It was Zack, and he was running toward them, cradling something in one of his arms and waving madly with the other.

"Oh look, your puppy is back," Genesis groaned.

"Zack! Where have you been! Angeal shouted, jumping out of the way as Clarisse dropped the shield and shot more fire at them.

Zack rolled out of the way of the fire and nearly collided with Angeal. "I was getting this," he said in a hushed voice, holding out a small, furry bundle. It was a rabbit—a real one—and it looked more terrified than Genesis in a horror movie.

"Zack, did you just go get a rabbit!" Chandler shouted.

"Yeah, I figured I would get a rabbit that's a dude and maybe that rabbit would like it or something," Zack said, explaining the reason he'd missed most of the battle.

Chandler just stared at him blankly. "I don't think that would work," she said. "However, we can now transfer this rabbit's instinct and mental capabilities to Clarisse."

"So basically, she'll be trembling in her place just like this little guy," Zack explained.

"Right!" Chandler agreed, petting the rabbit on the head. Her fingertips glowed orange for a moment, and then turned white. "You can put the rabbit down now, Zack," Chandler said. Zack let go of the little tan rabbit, which ran away into the forest as soon as he did. Chandler stood in the center of the path up to the house, facing her sister.

"What are you trying to do!" Clarisse shouted, glancing furtively at the white coloring in Chandler's fingertips. Chandler did not reply, but rather grinned, holding her hand up. Her fingers went from white to orange, and a bolt of orange lightning flashed from her fingertips to Clarisse's head.

And without another word, the rabbit ran back into the ruined mansion as all four SOLDIERS stared after it, awestruck.

"Whoa… how did you do that?" Zack asked.

Chandler shrugged. "You learn a thing or two when your sister kills you and traps your soul in a painting."

Chandler turned and passed straight through Zack. Sephiroth made a rather unmanly squeaking noise and Angeal glanced behind Zack. He caught a glimpse of Chandler walking out of Zack's body before the girl faded along with the breeze, disappearing into thin air.

"Holy cats!" Zack shouted.

"She… she was a… g-gh… oh, goodness…" Genesis sighed, before falling backwards.

"Did he just faint?" Angeal asked.

"I think so," Sephiroth replied.

"You're carrying him back," Angeal replied. Sephiroth groaned, but hoisted Genesis over his shoulder anyway, walking away. As they left the mansion and began the long trek back to Midgar, Zack glanced over his shoulder. Chandler was standing in front of the mansion, waving at him and mouthing 'thank you'. Zack just grinned and kept walking.

He would tell Genesis about that later. He couldn't wait to see the redhead's face when he said the ghost was still there.

The End