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Comely Consummate

"I don't trust her."

My mother's snide words were ignored as I dealt out cards between Zephyrus, Thanatos and I for a game of mortal poker. I cracked my neck and grinned widely at the others, "ready to lose?"

Zephyrus grinned back in challenge, "in your dreams lover boy."

Thanatos only drummed his fingers on the table, eyeing his pile of cards with a certain competitive gleam.

My mother's hands suddenly smoothed over my shoulder and around my neck, resting her head on my shoulder so she could whisper into my ear, "I worry for you with her."

I snorted as I tossed in a gold coin into the pot, pleased with my cards. An ace of spades and a jack of diamonds, not bad.

Mother's lips brushed delicately against my ear, "she could be plotting something. She could be plotting to bring her to her bed and then stab you in the throat while you sleep."

"Hmm," I said idly, eyes focused on my cards.

"She's got spunk, your mortal," Zephyr said grinning, tossing another coin into the pot, "I think she and Aphrodite would get along exceedingly well."

I cast him a glare to shut up. Psyche was still a touchy subject, even a month on from when I had her taken to the walled garden. Aphrodite snarled low in her throat and her grip tightened on me. "Do not compare me to her!" the words held a snapping weight that had Zephyr paling slightly, even under the natural tan.

Her voice turned soft and sweet again as she whispered sugary poison into my ear, "mortals are scheming, secretive creatures. She cannot be trusted. Mark my words, she will crush you heart and smile as you fall to your knees." She simpered lowly, her voice pleading, "Come back to your mother, sweet boy. Leave her, please, for me."

I sighed in irritation as Thanatos raised, then shrugged out of her grip, "that sort of simpering will work on Ares and on mortal men, but not on me. As mortals so eloquently say: Fuck off."

There was a collective gasp and utter silence as the word echoed around the chamber in Mount Olympus. Mother was silent for a moment before suddenly she stormed into view, diamond eyes glittering with fury as she grabbed the table we were playing cards on and flipped it over with shouts of protest from my companions. She paid no heed, her fists clenched and jaw locked as she stormed away out of the room in her beautiful fury. Zephyr winced when we heard the crash of something falling over and breaking in a marble hallway somewhere.

I sighed, scrubbing at my face in much the way mortals do and say, "I'm sorry you had to see that."

Zephyr shrugged and Thanatos mirrored him, saying, "she is not known for her gentle temperament. But I think you are the first man ever to say 'no' to her."

Zephyr frowned, "have you considered how this might effect your human?"

I nodded, "Aphrodite gave me her word and unless she wants the wrath of Zeus she is not going to turn back on it." The table was slowly starting to reassemble itself, the cards and coins forming on the table again, "Psyche is mine and everyone knows it."

"You haven't told her yet have you?" Zephyr asked, eyeing me.

I sighed through my nose, "no, she's not ready. She'll still cower in fear if she saw who I am. I don't want that."

Thanatos grinned vindictively, "The great Eros. Enslaved by a human girl."

I frowned darkly, "what's that supposed to mean?"

Thanatos laughed lowly, "I mean, you haven't bedded her yet she already has you wrapped around her little finger. A little pathetic, no? Or is she not all that she's cracked up to be? Beautiful face, ugly-"

He never finished his sentence because I had launched myself over the table, grabbing the dagger from my belt and grabbing Thanatos by the throat. I slammed him down onto the marble floor, pressing the cold dagger to the soft skin of his neck, "choose your next words very carefully." I said quietly, "or you may find that I bring the death of Death."

Thanatos snarled and shoved me off grabbing his own dagger and glowering at me, "you'd try to kill me over a human? A human?"

Zephyr jumped between, his hands held up in peace, "alright, why don't we just try to calm down? Eros, he was only jesting."

I growled but sheathed my dagger and picked my money up from the table, "it wasn't very amusing."

I left them without another word, my mind conscious to that of the setting sun. I followed the many passages that made Zeus' kingdom and phased through the main throne room, where Hera and Zeus sat regally, observing their courtiers. I passed through the great front doors out into the open air. I took off, wings spread as I headed west, the sun gilding the mountains around as I flew onwards. I passed over forests and villages and rolling green hills full of corn until I finally hit a wide expanse of desert, the sands burning gold in the dying sun. I could see a pinprick on the horizon and watched with building anticipation, as it grew larger by the second. Eventually a small oasis that surrounded Psyche's walled garden materialised just as the sun set over the horizon and I dropped down, landing silently in front of the house, sandals crunching against the stone. In my right hand materialised my gift for her and I stripped off my bow and arrows by the door, leaving them propped against the stone. I walked through the front door, smelling the honeysuckle that dripped down the sides of the walls and the roses that clambered up the pillars. I saw how she had left her sketchbooks on the table, the pages open on a picture of a child drawn from memory. A small boy with golden curls and a cherubic face, who grinned at the drawer. I wondered who he was as I drew away again and tried to listen for where she was now.

I then heard the faint lilting singing and quiet splashes coming from the pool room. My lips twitched and I treaded towards that room. The room was cool compared with the heat of the day outside, the water smoothly black apart from the ripples caused by the girl bathing in it. She had propped herself up on the far side of the pool lip, elbows on the ledge, her head resting on her elbows. She was singing a mortal song, the words drifting lazily to me as I watched her watch the stars that were beginning to dot the sky. Her inky black hair stained the water around her and she seemed to sway in the water to the time of her singing.

Zeus, I love her.

Her. And only her.

I took a deep breath and she must of heard me because she called out, "Alex? You sneaking up on me again?"

I laughed getting close to the water's edge, "You're getting good sweetheart."

She giggled, a light airy sound and then said, "I promise my eyes are closed." She then turned in the water, her eyes indeed closed and swam towards me, her golden limbs gliding through the water as she treaded the water, "how are you?"

"I'm well, Psy," I murmured, sitting down and dipping my legs into the water, ignoring my jeans as they now soaked up the water "you?"

She grinned widely, chin dipping in the water, "fabulous darling." She suddenly surged forward, guessing accurately where I was and grabbed my knees to keep her steady in the water in front of me, "care for a swim?" she asked innocently, turning her face up into mine.

I smirked, pulling out the black swathe of silk for her blindfold and began to wrap it around her eyes, "Maybe. Maybe not."

She huffed; water bubbling at her irritation and that was when it noticed it.

As mortals say.

Holy. Shit.

"Are you wearing anything?" I croaked, shock taking away my words.

She now grinned again, a devilish quirk on her lips, "Nope." She popped the 'p' before suddenly moving away, hair trailing in the water.

I watched her go, gaping as something stirred in my groin.

That's the thing about Psyche. Get past the sarcasm and the cute shyness; she is just a little flirt.

And gods can she flirt.

It's going to be the death of me I swear.

She'd been flirting with me for the past month. I don't know what suddenly got into her. Suddenly she went from sweet, innocent seeming, to flirty and teasingly playful. And I'll admit, I enjoyed it. Very much. I'd watched millions of human courtings and knew of all the signs, but it was something else to actually being subjected to it. We were circling something that was starting to grow each night I visit and one of these nights its going to consume us both.

I can hardly wait.

I cleared my throat and called out to the blindfolded girl, "You're a little tease, Psyche darling."

She laughed allowed, "what are you gonna do about it?"

Oh for the love of…

I growled and finally reached for my belt, undoing it and slipping into the water. Wings tight to my back as I propelled myself forward, grabbing her ankle. She squealed as and beat herself away, swimming surprisingly quickly away. "Minx. You're worse than the sirens," I growled.

She laughed again swimming quickly away, "Yeah, but I think you'll find that I am a lot less bitchy than they are."

"Darling, when you're teasing like this, that is really debatable," I rumbled in frustration as she still managed to swim away from me, despite being blindfolded.

"Ouch, that stung," she retorted, before suddenly her head disappeared beneath the surface as she sank below the surface.

"No," I said out loud. She wasn't getting away that easily.

I drew invisibility around myself and waited with patience for her to surface. Eventually, her head sent ripples across the surface and a gasp of air announced her presence. She pushed her sopping hair from her forehead. She twisted about, her brow furrowed as she looked for me. "Alex? Where are you? Alex?" Her voice sounded worried, as the water eddied around her spinning form, "Alex?"

That was when I ambushed. Grabbing her about the waist, I spun her around while she squealed, grasping at my shoulders. "Alex! Bloody hell man!"

I grinned against he skin of her neck, marvelling in her skin, in the smoothness of it. She slid down the length of my body and I held her waist, looking into where her eyes would have shone out. I questioned myself to let the blindfold fall but then stopped myself. She wasn't ready. She could not know, not yet anyway.

Her hands slid up to cup my jaw, our breaths mixing with each other. "Remind me to thank Eros for giving me you," she murmured quietly, her hands moving down so that her thumb rubbed across my lips. She licked her own, her small dark pink tongue wetting her pretty pink lips.

My breath hitched and I knew she could feel my desire for her. She could feel it all.

And I wanted her to feel more.

Breaking past my restraints I crashed my lips onto hers. She squeaked, her mouth parted in shock as I finally took what was mine. My tongue delved into her mouth, apples bursting sweetly on my tongue. I pulled her tiny body up, feeling every inch of her soft skin pressed against mine own.

I growled as she suddenly kissed back, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling closer to me, hands snaking up into my hair, tugging on the ends. I spun her around, the water eddying about us. Inside, something close to jubilation burned through me, sparking my blood to pump faster, to hold her closer, to kiss her harder.

She eventually pulled away, gasping for air. Whoops, I forgot that mortals needed to breathe. I kissed along the column of her throat instead, reaching her thighs and hoisting her up.

"Alex?" she whispered, husky and low, gripping onto me with her long delicate fingers.

I drew away from her throat to gaze upon her face. She was biting her puffy lips, cheeks flushed, hair sticking as damp curls to her forehead and the back of her neck. "Yes love?" I murmured back.

She smiled shyly, "I…I mean…is this…"

She was blushing furiously now and I smirked at how the little minx from earlier had disappeared and was replaced by the blushing girl. I pressed my forehead against hers and, with lips barely millimetres from hers asked lightly, "what is it?"

Her breath hitched and she seemed to melt into me, "I want you."

I grinned in triumph, electricity crackling through me. Deftly, I made for the stairs, carrying Psyche with me. "Darling, you only needed to ask," I murmured into her ear, carrying us away to her bedroom.

Aphrodite, be damned.


Waking up was not something I wanted to do. The sunlight was warm on my back, heating my bones. I was curved around something equally warm and soft, breathing lowly and quietly, her ribcage slowly expanding and shrinking with each breath under my arm. Her soft hair was pressed to my lips, tickling my nose.

She was finally mine.

I grinned, kissing the top of Psyche's spine, tightening my hold on her. She stirred, mumbling something in her sleep, before stilling again she was slumbering so deeply.

I didn't want to leave her. But my promise to Mother weighted on my conscience, reminding me of the duties outside this little piece of paradise. I wanted to savour the moment, savour the feeling of being close to Psyche finally.

But with a heavy sigh I had to untangle my hold on Psyche, uncurling from her warmth. She continued to sleep unaware, breathing softly onto her pillow.

I suddenly remembered her gift and I summoned it to me, placing it gently onto the pillow next to her head so that when she woke up it would be the first thing she'd see. I cursed that I couldn't give it to her myself, explain my reasoning behind it, watch her reaction but instead I had to settle for leaving a note with it.

As the sun continued to snake higher into the sky, wrenching the time from my fingers, I brushed a soft raven black curl from Psyche's forehead and kissed the soft skin there, promising her that I would be back soon, apologising for having to go.

In that moment I hated the arrangement I had with mother. I hated that I had these stolen moments, these stolen nights where even though it was only us, there was still a barrier between Psyche and me. Despite everything that we had been through, Psyche was still not ready to know who I was. She'd not treat me as Alex, the man she's been with for the past few months, but she'd treat me as Eros, the god who controlled the love and desires of mortal men.

I wasn't willing to throw all that away. Psyche's sweetness was too much to lose.

So as I left her in her paradise, taking to the sky with an easy push off the balcony, I hoped for a way out of this mess, a way that I could finally see Psyche's eyes without impediment and she could finally see me and smile with love not with fear.

Zeus willing.

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