Memories: Dreams -Pilot-

"I'm going with hit with a radioactive mothball from outer space."

Roll Call:

Robin. Dick Grayson.

Cyborg. Victor Stone.

Starfire. Koriand'r

Raven. Rachel Roth.

Beast Boy. Garfield Logan.

A/N: I hate the way the Teen Titans animated series ended. Like hello Terra comes back and they get a new super villain and they end it?

Note: Teen Titans & The Batman Crossover. Post Haunted, Post The Batman.

Two weeks ago they started to happen – just suddenly and I didn't know why. Memories of when I patrolled the streets of Gotham with Batman and occasionally Batgirl crawled back into my mind every night I closed my eyes. But they were never nightmares; there were never bad memories of when I was at Gotham. Well, not that I could remember or want to remember any bad memories I had there. When I left Batman, I had decided that I was done with him and Gotham for good. But after having all these flashbacks run through my head I've begun to wonder if that was really a good decision at all. I shook my head getting rid of the thought. Of course it was a good choice. In fact, it was the right one because if I hadn't done it I'd probably still be stuck in the Batcave washing the Batmobile. By making that decision I ended up with an amazing team that soon became my family. But the Teen Titans could never replace my real family – and I wasn't talking about Mary and John Grayson.

Week One – Sunday.

"You're Batman! The coolest superhero-"

"I bet no one on Penguin's Team-"

"Are you sure we can trust this-"

"I get paid?"

"I know you get this a lot but if you and Superman-"

"You're not the only one with-"

"Gordon? You mean the-"

"Yeah why are we-"

I yelped and sat up in bed. I broke into sweat trying to catch my breath that came in heavy puffs. I put my hand on my chest, feeling my heart race. As I finally got my breath and heart at its normal pace I ran my fingers through my hair and wiped the sweat off my forehead. I shook my head and remembered the vivid flashbacks that raced through my mind all in a few seconds. I tried to rid myself of the images that had crept into my mind. With one last sigh I lay back down and went to sleep.

Week One – Thursday

"I thought you wanted to give Zucco what he deserved."

"He is getting what he deserved, justice."

I awoke again for the fifth night in a row to these memories from Gotham. The first time I fought alongside Batman. Batman… My head fell hard on the pillow and I went back to sleep.

Week Two – Tuesday

"Whoa, what happened to him?"

"I'm going with hit with a radioactive mothball from outer space."

By the time it was Tuesday I had kind of gotten used to waking up at night but somehow it still startled me. It was a lot easier to go back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night though. Even though it had been happening for over a week now I still decided to keep it a secret from my teammates. After all, they were just dreams…nothing more.

Week Two – Saturday.

"I quit."

"But where will you stay Master Dick?"

"I don't care. Some place where there isn't a Batman."

"But you can't-"

"Alfred just leave him."

I woke up screaming, breaking into sweat again. Stupid dreams, I thought punching the mattress I was lying upon. I gritted my teeth. The memory of my fight with batman was the one thing I wanted to forget about Gotham. I never wanted to be reminded of it again. It was a sore topic; my teammates knew so too – that's why they didn't question me about anything the moment we became a team. I sighed miserably and closed my eyes, trying to get some rest but I couldn't. I lay awake there on my bed, eyes still closed. Get some rest and forget, I repeated in my head over and over again.

"Robin!" Cyborg yelled, bursting into my room

I jumped up and looked at my door. The Titans were there, surrounding my door with a worried look on their faces. Except Beast Boy whose eyes were drooping as he leaned again Cyborg. Starfire drifted over to me and put her hand on my shoulder. I looked up at her and gave her a weak smile.

"Robin, are you alright?" Starfire asked

"Oh course. Just go back to bed guys." I assured them

The Titans walked into my room and circled around my bed. I began to feel uneasy. They all knew I was hiding something. If they didn't they would have all followed my orders and went back to bed.

"Robin we heard you screaming from our rooms." Raven said catching Robin hiding the truth

"Yeah, Cyborg had to…" Beast Boy yawned before speaking again, "drag me out of bed."

"Is it Slade again?" Cyborg asked, knowing that it was hard for me to swallow that Slade was finally gone.

I shook my head and looked down. "Just a bad dream."

"Last time you had a bad dream it almost killed you." Raven said referring to the time dust had been triggered to mess with my head.

I sighed, finally giving in. "It's these drams I've been having for about two weeks now."

"Robin, why did you not tell us?" Starfire asked, taking a seat on his bed

"Because… - look guys it's nothing. Can we talk in the morning after practice?" I said covering my mouth while yawning

The team reluctantly agreed before heading off to their rooms. I waited a while before sneaking out of bed. I peered my head out of my room and looked down the halls. They were clear of any teammates so I silently slipped into the Rec. Room and began tapping away at the computer. There was one person I knew that could help me fix this. Although it killed me to call, I just had to. But it required a few detective skills and hacking the Gotham database.