Memories: The Final Act.

Roll Call:
Robin I. Dick Grayson. Batman's acrobatic protégé.
Starfire. Koriand'r. Alien warrior princess.
Cyborg. Victor Stone. Half-man half-machine.
Beast Boy. Garfield Logan. Animal shape-shifter.
Raven. Rachel Roth. Empathic daughter of the demon Trigon.

I made a promise on the grave of my parents to rid this city of the evil that took their lives. By day, I am Bruce Wayne, billionaire philanthropist. At night, criminals a cowardly and superstitious lot, call me...Batman.
Batgirl. Barbra Gordon. Hopeful Olympic gymnastics trainee and daughter to Gotham PD's Commissioner Gordon.

A/N: I think I've finally taken it in that Bruce's gone; just when he's rumoured to come back too. Great. Clearly, I wrote that a while ago...along with this story. :P
Note: Post Teen Titans Season 3 Episode 5: Haunted. COMPLETED.
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"Here we are," Batgirl said taking off her helmet and looking around at the Batcave

Robin surveyed everything carefully, nothing really changed even after he had left for so long. Him and Batgirl parked their motorcycles in their designated spots and headed up the stairs into the platform. The Batcave was quiet as usual with its rats still scratching at the walls and the bats flapping their wings. They walked around a bit looking for Batman.

"Batman should be somewhere..." she trailed off before bumping into a grotesque figure

"Here." a deep, raspy voice said before stepping out of the shadows, "Barbra. Dick." He said

"Nice knowing ya," Batgirl said to Robin before jumping off the platform and riding her Batcycle out of the cave

Batman walked right past Robin to his high-tech computer completely ignoring the young boy.

He hesitated at first before saying his name, "Bruce...we need to talk,"

"We did all the talking we needed to when you left Dick," Batman said dully and he continued working

Robin considered walking away at that moment, there was no point in fighting Bruce, especially when he has his Batman on. Robin clenched his fists, reassuring himself. He's never backed down from a fight, and he wasn't going to start now. Robin waited by the computer awhile as Batman searched the city map looking for Mr. Freeze's next attack location. After a while Batman paused and turned to his former partner.

"You're still here," he pointed out

"Until I get what I want," Robin said giving him a cold stare

"Alfred spoiled you too much," he told him, walking away

"No Bruce." Robin yelled back, causing the caped crusader to halt, "You never took me seriously. You always saw me as a little kid and I ran away just to prove I'm not,"

"Then why are you back here in Gotham asking to talk? You got what you wanted," Batman told him turning around

Batman removed his cowl, revealing his ice cold eyes as they pierced right through Robin. He shuddered, but regained his focus.

"Bruce," he said in a soft tone, he lightened the expression on his face, "When I left Gotham that night and said those things, I was mad. I didn't mean them. I-I'm happy that you took me in as your partner but you never trusted me, you never had any faith in me to do anything. I felt like I was useless. I would wonder why you needed me in the first place if I wasn't even allowed to go scouting alone. And since I've felt it's been killing me how I left. I've been having nightmares that I can't get rid of because of that night Bruce. I want to try and fix this. I'm sorry,"

Bruce let his face relax instead of being so tense and he sighed, closing his eyes for a second, "Okay,"

Robin clenched his fists, that was it, "Okay?" he said trying to contain the anger in his voice, "I come all the way from Jump City to Gotham. I apologize and pour my feelings out to you and all you can say is 'okay'? Do you know how hard this is for me?"

"It's a lot harder for me,"

"How! All you have to do is forgive me and treat me like your partner not a little kid! Why is it so hard to talk to you?"

"This never was easy," he said walking closer to the young man

"What wasn't?"

Bruce placed his large hands on Robin's built shoulder. Robin stared at Bruce as he crouched down to his height, "Talking about our feelings. It requires letting our guard down, and in our line of business those walls always have to be up,"

"Then why can't you let them down for once?" Robin asked, he was stunned at Bruce's sudden change in heart

Bruce sighed and shook his head, "It doesn't work like that. Not with the relationship that we have,"

"Why can't it change?"

"Because Dick," he continued, "that's the relationship we have as a father and son," he said getting up

Robin stared down at his feet. He realized now why Bruce treated him the way he always did. Bruce was acting like a father, not like Batman. He cared for Robin, he didn't want to see him get hurt, he didn't want to see him grow up. Robin could only imagine how Bruce felt when he left. He must've felt lonely, betrayed like he failed as both a father and a mentor. He looked up, directly at Bruce's eyes that finally didn't reflect cold gazes and smiled hopefully. Bruce didn't smile back, but only stared back at the young man; he knew what Robin wanted.

Bruce removed his hands from Robin's shoulders, and placed his cowl back on, "I don't give hugs Dick," he said walking away

"I wasn't asking for one!" he whined

"I could see it in your eyes," he called back

"I'm wearing a mask," Robin said throwing his arms up in the air

Batman smiled and jumped into the Batmobile, reeving its engine. Robin surprisingly jumped into the passenger's seat next to him, strapping on his seat belt. Batman cocked an eyebrow up at him, as Robin grinned back childishly.

"One last ride in the Batmobile with you; just like old times," he said excitedly, hoping Batman would agree

Batman smiled and zoomed out of the Batcave at top speed, "Let's hope it's not the last,"

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