Gaz had only come back to the house once, to get his clothes, so that he could move back in with Donna. Janet chucked a wok at his head.

She invited Wesley to move in with her after that, because he had no home now, seeing as Donna had chucked him out.

Surprisingly Janet and Donna still got on, quite well, and Louise had never found out what had happened. She had stayed busy with Louise Louise.

Wesley had stayed at her house for three months when Janet kissed him.

'You said I needed to find somebody that could accept me and Corinthian.' She whispered, and they stopped kissing so that they could breathe. 'You have a child, you understand.'

Wesley nodded. 'I said that I would help.'

'Will you Wesley?' Janet said, insecurity striking at her that forced her to back off from the uncertain man.

'I love you Janet,' he said quietly, so quietly that Janet struggled to hear him. 'I have for a while.'

'I've only just realised my feeling for you Wesley,' Janet said strongly. 'But I know this feeling. I know that I love you. Just like I loved Jonny.'

He moved towards her quickly and pulled at her hips, dragging her into a hug, where he kissed her.

They smiled at each other, and knew that they would stay together for a long time.

They were home together.