I was bored, so I decided to write a story for Elsewhere. It's one of my favorite books and I love it so much, so why not? This first chapter is very short and really horrible, but don't judge my writing just on this. Read it if you'd like, and wait for the next chapter(: I hope you like it!

When I woke up, the sun was shining though my window. I didn't have to open my eyes, the sun bore right through my eyelids. I groaned and rolled over onto my stomach, pulling the covers up over my head. I reached around for my favorite stuffed animal, who was usually right by my side as I slept. I couldn't find him, so I blindly moved my hand around on the hard, tiled floor, but found nothing. I let out a sleepy grumble and opened my eyes at the same time that I realized something.

My bedroom floor was carpeted.

I sat up quickly, hitting my head on the bunk bed above me. Wait-bunk bed? I slept alone on a queen sized bed. "Ow!" I yelled, rubbing my now sore forehead.

"What's wrong?"

I let out a horrified screech at hearing this new, unfamiliar voice. I fell off of the bed and onto the floor, my eyes wide and my heart beating like crazy. I looked up from my new spot and saw a petite girl, looking about 18, sitting up in her bed above mine. She had short black hair with dark blue tips and a long red scar along her forearm. "Who are you?" I looked around quickly at the unfamiliar room. "Where am I?"

She smiled faintly at me. "My name's Allegra." She looked around as well. "And I don't know where we are. I just woke up and I was here. I looked down and you were in the bed below me. That's all I know." She turned her head to one side. "Who are you?"

"Rosalie." I replied, standing up. I looked at her arm again. "What happened to your arm?"

Allegra hopped down from her bed and stood next to me. She only came up to my shoulder. "I don't know." She murmured, gazing down at it. "How about you?" I looked strangely at her, confused. She pointed to my arms and legs.

I looked down at them and gasped. I pulled at my white nightgown-wait, when had I even put that on?-and my eyes widened even more. My skin was covered in 3-inch scars. "Oh my god. I don't know." I whispered. It seemed obvious how they got there, but the obvious wasn't the answer here. I'd never self-harmed once in my life. I tried to look back in my memory. I was picking up random moments of my past. Movies with my best friend. Watching soaps with my mom on the couch. The cute guy in my math class. Nothing important came to mind. I shrugged. "Oh well, wanna go look around?" I asked, gesturing toward the door.

Allegra nodded. "Sure. Let's go."

I linked arms with this girl I didn't know and pulled her out the door, not at all sure about what I was going to find.

I know, I know, it was awful. I'm not too proud of this, but I hate writing the beginnings of stories. Hold on until the next chapter and maybe you'll like it more. Reviews are greatly appreciated!

Hugs and Kisses!