The fury in my body is barely contained as I stalk from the house that I share with my family. Today it was all too much. The 'playing human'; the little town; the pretending to be something that goes against my very basic nature. I can feel my control slipping and I refused to allow myself to be around Bella in this state.

I rarely let myself drive the Vanquish around Forks, but this trip would take me to Seattle and I needed the speed and the purr of her engine to feed my inner fire. I docked my iPod and cranked up my 'angry' playlist. Pantera was blaring through the speakers before I had pulled out of the garage. By the time I reached the tiny clapboard house on the outskirts of Seattle, I am all but shaking. My need for release is throbbing just under the surface of my skin and its all I can do to keep from damaging my car when I get out.

When I reach the front door, I don't bother knocking. She knows its me. No human would dare approach and no other vampire would live long enough to get inside. She wasn't expecting me so I won't be punishing her for her failure to follow protocol - instead of waiting on her knees for me, I found her lounging on the couch watching TV. As soon as I walked through the front door and she registered my presence, she had herself kneeling at my feet. Normally, she would be required to be naked at this juncture, but again, she wasn't expecting me.

"On your feet. Disrobe." I command, my voice rough and gravelly.

"Yes, master." She responds as required; her head bowed, her eyes cast downwards. She quickly takes her clothes off and returns to her submissive position.

"Go into the game room and position yourself on the rack. I will be in shortly."

She turns quickly and walks into the back part of the small house. When we met several years ago, I had paid to have the back part of the house converted to a sound proofed room and outfitted with every contraption that I could think of that would suit my dominant side. She would now be strapping herself onto the rack that was mounted on the back wall. It has clasps at each corner which would hold her spread eagle for me.

I take my time removing my own clothing. I carefully fold each article and place them on the end of the sofa. I am biding my time, letting the events of the past months wash over me, coercing my monster to the surface. I force myself to walk at a human pace into the game room where she is waiting, as instructed. She has both ankles and one wrist already locked into place and is waiting patiently for me to close the last one and secure her at my mercy.

There is something about this particular woman that gets under my skin. Maybe its the fact that she lets me dominate her when everyone else only sees her strength. Maybe its the fact that she represents everything my family fights against. Or, maybe its just because she is so fucking hot when she is strapped down, buck-ass naked and panting for me to touch her. Whatever the reason, my cock is fully erect and throbbing as my eyes rake over her.

Her wide, red eyes watch my every move as I move slowly to the wall and make a show of picking an instrument of pain to play with. Her granite skin will take much more punishment than a human's so many of our playthings have been modified especially for her. I finally decide on a short leather whip. Since my visit was unexpected and she has done nothing to encourage my wrath, this tryst will be more about her pleasure than her punishment.

I walk back to her, letting the braided tail of the whip run teasingly down her arm, across her shoulder, then drop down her chest. She shivers at the touch and seeing her quivering before I've even touched her has me growing impossibly harder. She sees my cock twitch and instantly her eyes flit to mine...her first mistake. I know its a reaction, but it gives me the reason I was waiting for and I flick my wrist as quickly as I can bringing the whip down onto her right breast, stinging just her nipple with the tip of the cord. She flinches in surprise but clenches her lips closed to keep from crying out. Her eyes are cast downward again.

I pace in front of her like a caged lion; waiting, watching, searching for another slip up that will give me yet another reason to react. I can see the tension in her body change as she becomes curious as to why I am leaving her alone and am on the edge of another strike by the time she raises her head infinitesimally. I pop the whip at her again, this time letting more of the tail touch her as it comes across the top of both breasts, then I flick it again, bringing it down across her taut stomach and the top of her thigh. She jumps this time and the cry of pain cannot be buried. As she calls out in frustration, I hit her again right at the top of her mound.

She's trembling from the effort to keep quiet, but I can smell the sudden influx of her arousal and I know that I am not going to be able to hold out on her for long. I can taste her on the stale air of the room and she permeates my senses. I want to whip her some more to release the anger that has built up in my body, but right now the desire to touch and taste her is too much.

I walk to the rack and release the cuffs from her ankles. I kneel in front of her, a position she doesn't see often, and lift her legs so that her thighs are on my shoulders. I breathe her in and look up into her eyes. The desire I see there has clouded her vision and as she takes in what I am sure is an intense look on my face, I can smell another wave of arousal fill the air. Its too much to resist, so I bury my head between her thighs, licking her slit deeply before sucking her clit into my mouth. I clean her juices off of her clit; when I can taste only my venom remaining, I release it and proceed to flick my tongue over it as fast as my vampire speed will allow. In seconds she is writhing, clenching her thighs around my head and thrusting her hips in an attempt to get my head closer.

I can sense the moment just before she reaches her climax and I pull back, ceasing all stimulation on her body. She knows she isn't to come until I tell her she can, but she is still frustrated by my withdrawal and she faces me full on, her patented glare prominent. I lift an eyebrow at her in challenge - she knows better than to question my authority when we are in this house, even if it is only through a facial expression. I grab the whip quickly and spread her legs as wide as they will go. With lightning speed, I bring the cord down on her pussy in rapid succession five times. She refuses to comply, so I whip her again, this time down the front of her thighs.

She continues to glare at me in frustration. Realizing that the whip is doing nothing and knowing that I'm not going to last much longer anyway, I return to her and lift her legs, aligning my aching cock with her entrance and slam into her. The feeling of her tight pussy around me rivals the ecstasy of feeding. I am lost in the feeling for a moment as I savor the in and out and the sensation of her velvet walls massaging me as only she can. Then, I remember her insubordination and force her to look at me. I hold her gaze as I thrust as hard and deep as my immortal body will allow. My thrusts become uncontrollable and I hear one of the cuffs break free from her wrist as a result of the violent movement being forced on rack. Finally, I feel my release approaching.

"You are not to come. You should know better than to defy me." I feel her walls begin to contract around me, but she contains her release. I thrust one final time as I climax deeply within her.

I release her legs from my grasp and allow my body to relax against hers. I felt satiated for the first time in months as I listen to her heavy breathing and feel the texture of her bare skin against mine.

I hear her other cuff release, as she knows the game is over now. Her arms come around my neck in a comforting embrace and she tilts her head to kiss my lips briefly.

I step out of her embrace and she follows me out of the game room to the living room where we both dress in silence. When I'm dressed, she comes over to me and runs her fingers through my hair, straightening the messy locks that have fallen onto my forehead and over my ears.

As I gather my keys to leave, she reaches up to pull my head down and whispers in my ear, "I'm glad I was able to help, Edward."

I kiss her forehead, then turn to leave. "As always, thanks you, Maria." I smirk as I walk out the door.