After the wifey's adamant Doooo Eeeet when I told her I was thinking about this, I decided to jump in feet first. I am planning a series of one shots. They will be related only in the way that the Edward in them will be the same. But I don't guarantee they will be chronological – some will be pre-Bella, some post-Bella. All will be Darkward or Domward. This one has Maria as did the first, but that will not always be the case. They will most likely ALL contain sex of some sort or graphic violence. Eddie likes to play with his food. *shrugs*

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And now…shall the fuckery begin. This chapter has blood play and sexual situations involving said blood. You've been warned. This is definitely not for the squeamish.

Maria had been quite a surprise. When Jasper and Alice had first come to live with us, and I learned of his history and saw his early life replayed in his thoughts, I was convinced that Maria was the epitome of evil. When I ran across her a few days ago in Nogales, I was taken aback by her charm and wit.

We met under familiar circumstances for our kind – we were both looking for dinner and happened upon the same dining area. I was leaned against a gritty wall in an alley watching a group of five young thugs harass an old man. He had just left the tiny mercadillo and the boys were picking at him, coming from all sides, trying to get him frazzled. The boys had hate in their minds and I was planning my attack; and then she was there. This tiny little thing waltzed up to them and flicked her hands in a dismissing motion before linking arms with the old man and leading him away. The boys were shocked by her brazenness, but it was enough that she got their intended victim out of harm's way. When she returned, to the alley, however, there was more than fury in her eyes. They were dilated and almost completely black. Hunger was foremost in her mind.

She noticed me at this time, hidden in the dark of the shadows from the humans, but plain as day to her. She quirked her eyebrow at me and I understood her invitation. I nodded in agreement and she spoke up. She promised the boys, in her beautiful Spanish lilt, that they were wasting time with the old man - she would be much more entertaining - and proceeded to walk past me in the alley's darkness. Of course, the thugs followed her, as she knew they would. When they were all ensconced in shadows, I pushed off the wall and stood behind them, effectively blocking any route of escape.

The first boy sauntered over to her as she looked at him demurely and batted her eyelashes. When he was a breath away from her she struck. It was a thing of beauty to watch. She closed the distance between them, grabbed his head and jerked it sideways exposing his neck. She then sank her razor sharp teeth into his jugular and began to drink. The other boys were watching her curiously but it was obvious they didn't understand what was happening until the first boy's body dropped limply to the ground. She was on a second victim before any of them had time to scream.

When they turned to run I was there to stop them. Two of them charged at me, anger and fear prevalent in their minds. I grabbed them both, holding one tightly at arm's length while I crushed the other to me, piercing his skin and savoring his salty essence. I drained him in seconds, tossing his body away as I pulled the other to me. I looked over at Maria and our eyes locked. She had her third victim in an embrace that mirrored my own. I focused on her thoughts as I bit into the boys neck shallowly, allowing the blood to flow slowly so that I could relish it. She was sated now and just enjoying the moment; the way the boy's body was warm against hers, the eroticism of having his groin pressed against her thigh, the way she would have liked to have taken him to bed before dispatching him.

As I watched and listened to her thoughts, I felt my own erection grow hard. My victim was bleeding slowly but he was unconscious now from the grip I had on his neck. As I watched my hunting partner finish with her meal, I walked towards her, pulling my prey with me, my tongue lapping at his neck. Maria stood still, watching me approach her, lust of both kinds filling her mind. When I reached her, I pulled the boy's head harshly to the side causing the wound in his neck to open wider and the blood to flow more quickly. I nodded towards him, indicating she should take a drink. I held him to me, so when her arms came around him, her hands rested at my sides, gripping the waistband of my jeans and pulling us together tightly, our victim sandwiched between us.

As she drank, her hands began to wander up my sides. The images in her mind quickly became a mass of blood and naked skin, hands and mouths groping. I watched her, fascinated being this close to another vampire feeding, and was amazed to see her teeth sink farther into the boy's throat. When she pulled back, his blood was spurting from the wound and it hit me on the cheek in a warm burst. I squeezed my eyes shut, not wanting to take her meal from her, but needing so badly to taste the warmth. When the blood continued to hit me, running down my face, my jaw, my throat, I opened my eyes again to see Maria standing there staring at me as if I were her meal. She held the boy still until his arterial flow had slowed to a trickle, aiming his blood at my face and neck. When he had bled out, she pushed him out of the way and stepped up to me, licking a trail from the hollow of my throat up to my ear.

Immediately, I turned us, pushing her against the sooty brick wall of the alley, gathering her skirt in my hand and pushing my thigh between her legs. The scent of her arousal permeated the air and my mouth was watering for something other than blood. I let her continue to lick her way around my face; my jaw, my ear, my cheek, my throat were all cleaned by her expert tongue. When she finished I stood back from her, watching her face, listening to the thoughts in her head. I caught flashes of disjointed images; her handcuffed and chained to a bed, strapped into a frame, bound by rope and gagged. My body responded and a dark haze filled my mind.

"You are not to speak unless I ask you a direct question. You do as I say when I tell you to. Do you understand?" My voice was firm, and I felt her shift in demeanor immediately. Her eyes no longer met mine and her voice was soft as she spoke. "Yes, sir. I understand."

"Strip for me. Now."

She did as she was told, removing her dress and her undergarments before resuming her position in front of mean, leaning against the wall.

"Good girl. Now remove my clothing as well."

Again, she did as she was told, quickly unbuttoning my shirt, my belt, my jeans and pushing them off of my body.

"Now, on your knees. I want my cock in your mouth but do not make a sound." She quickly dropped to her knees in front of me, immediately taking me into her mouth. She sucked me all the way in and I felt her tongue snake around my shaft. As good as it felt, she had too much control over this situation and I was not having that. I grabbed a handful of her hair and held her head still. I braced my other arm on the wall in front of me and proceeded to fuck her mouth. I watched her squeeze her eyes closed tightly and could see her hands fisted at her side; the look of rapture on her face astounded me. It had been too long since I had been with anybody and I knew if I kept this up, I would spew into her mouth and never get the chance to be in her body.

"Up. Turn around and face the wall, bend forward and stick your ass out." Again, she did as she was told and was in position in the time it took me to blink. I ran a hand from her shoulder all the way down and over the curve of her ass before smacking her hard on the left side, then the right. I could see the fight in her mind, the way she had to force down her moan and it brought a grin to my face.

"Now, I'm going to fuck you. You will not cry out, you will not moan and you will certainly not cum until I give you permission to do so. Do you understand? You may speak."

"Yes, sir. I understand."

"Good. Now hold on to that wall."

I spread her thighs a little more and reached down with one hand to test her wetness. As expected by the amount of her scent that filled the alleyway she was dripping wet. I gathered a bit of her juice on my fingers and rubbed in quickly over my cock before lining myself up at her entrance and pushing forward forcefully.

I fought back the moan that threatened at the feel of her around me. Her tight channel massaged me in just the right way, her wetness lubing me in a way that allowed for maximum pleasure. I thrust hard and quick, pushing myself to the brink. I watched as her fingers gripped the wall, crumbling the brick and mortar as her fingers embedded. I felt my balls tighten in anticipation as that wonderful fire started spreading from my groin outward. With a final thrust into her core, I came, my release washing over me.

"Now cum."

My words set off her own orgasm and her muscles clenching around me prolonged my own sensations. I felt myself pulse into her much longer than I expected, fire licking at my fingers and toes, my body consumed by its own heat.

When she had finished spasming around me, I pulled out slowly and grabbed my clothes. I cleaned myself off with a torn piece of one of our victim's shirt and dressed quickly. When I was fully clothed again, I returned to my position behind her.

"You did well. Now get dressed."

She complied quickly and stood before me with her head bowed. I stuck my hand out in greeting. "My name is Edward. Who might you be?"

"Maria. It was very nice to meet you."

"It was nice to meet you as well, my dear."

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