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A continuation to FemaleSpock's "Tastes So Sweet" even though, this cannot hold a candle to how awesomely written and characterized that one is.

In Deep Water

The sun warms his skin, drying whatever may be left from the water drops that had been sprawled over his chest after taking that dive in the sea late last night.

He opens an eye, allowing the light to blind him momentarily; the sand he is lying on is prickly but Lun-Zia curled up next to him is all smooth.

He sits up with a sigh, of content or regret, he isn't sure. All he knows is he needs to get back before people realize he was gone.

Before she realizes he has never been to their bed last night.

Lun-Zia stirs and sits next to him, turning her head to the sun:

"I never realized how bright mornings were here," she says.

He looks at her and she smiles, stealing a kiss from his inert lips:

"I'm going back," she stands up.

She doesn't need to tell him to take awhile before following her. He already has a plan; he'll tell her he went to take an early walk. Or that he slept outside, there were many people sleeping or partying on the beach anyway.

He could say he needed the fresh air. Which was no lie.

He looks at the sea. There was nothing wrong with adding an early swim into that mix.

For the first time he appreciates the fact that the automatic doors make no sound; he doesn't want to wake her.

He is already headed for the bathroom to rid himself of the salty sea water when he realizes the bed is empty.

He realizes the bed has not been used the previous night the same moment he notices a pale leg is slowly dangling from the side of the bathtub.

She looks so colourless, especially now surrounded by the marble white of the tub and the bathroom. Or he wonders if it may be an unfair comparison on his part since he had spent the night with a Wambasian.

It doesn't matter. It doesn't change the fact that she is a beautiful creature, lying in his tub with not even one bubble in the clear water to hide her flawless physique from his eyes.

He leers slowly, leisurely.

Neither does anything change the fact that she is his.

And he knows exactly where to start and what to do with what is his.

He throws his shirt, which he hadn't bothered putting back on his wet self, to the laundry bin and strides over to the tub, kneeling down beside it and taking her ankle in his hand.

She keeps gazing at the opposite wall, doesn't respond.

But he is not looking at her face either. He is massaging her calf, kissing her toes, licking her ankle, making his way upper; his lips following his hands, pampering her leg with his attention.

He is stern when he moves it to point skyward but he is gentle when his lips touch her inner thighs. His hand that is not holding her leg goes for her womanhood and it is then he realizes the water is stone cold.

He lifts his head in question. When trying to distract her from questioning him, he is not a fool to ask anything first, but lying in freezing water is something to be inquired on –even if they are on a tropical planet.

She doesn't respond, draws her leg back into the tub from his slackened hold and slides as to be engulfed by the water.

She emerges a few seconds later and grabs at the sides of the tub and raises herself; entrancing him as he watches drops slide all over her. One long leg comes out first, and then the other and she strides into the bedroom without as much as a glance back at him.

He knows something is wrong then.

Okay, so I was going to write a little bit more for this and I think I probably will in a few days... but this looks somewhat alright like this, too, so if I feel like I'm ruining the original fic's characterization I may leave it as it is... ugh, this all sounds like I'm teasing you on purpose, doesn't it? But I'm not; I just wrote until here and felt like it was a good place to stop -might have something to do with the fact that I can't open my eyes right now- and thought, hey, I can do it in two parts! We'll see what happens.