This is an Uryuu Ishida/OC one-shot that was previously posted on a group account, but since that account got abandoned, I deleted it and posted it on my personal account. If anybody knows how to deactivate a account, please let me know so I can close down the old one.

Enjoy the one-shot. It was done for a friend a while back.

"You seem lonely."

The words were as palpable as the crisp glass of the window, but they didn't freeze him as the latter did. He turned liquid blue eyes to the inquiring face of his classmate, framed by curls of light brown hair. Inserting the needle between his fingers into a piece of torn cloth, he asked her, "How so?"

"You're always over in this seat by yourself, not talking to anyone. You look like you could use some company," she told him, pulling up a chair. He continued piercing the cloth with deadly precision, thread following icy needle and the cool hand that drew it. His face remained carefully guarded despite the awareness that there was a pair of dulcet brown eyes on his work. After a long pause, she glanced up at the window and spoke again.

"It's still snowing outside."

"Yes, it is."

"Look at all the flakes… I love watching the snow. It's so pretty, and peaceful. Even though it's cold," she added with a slight giggle. He grunted in response, still sewing, but did take special note of the word "cold." The cold would still be with him when it stopped snowing, he knew. Cold glasses, cold eyes, cold needle, cold hands—everything was cold to him.

No, he amended silently; I'm the one who's cold. It was necessary to be calm and calculating to survive in such a world; that was the natural order of things. Cold did not miss the warmth because it was numb. It did not hurt.

"Ouch." Wincing, he pulled the tip of the needle from his finger, quietly cursing the irony.

"Are you okay?" She leaned forward, concern in her eyes, and caught sight of the thread of scarlet seeping down the curve of his thumb and coalescing in a small red orb.

"I'm fine," he replied, holding the potential stain carefully away from the white fabric. "I'll go ask the teacher for a band-aid."

"Wait, I've got it." Gingerly grasping his hand, she extracted a small case from her backpack. From this she took a wetwipe and gently cleaned off the blood, and then wrapped a bandage around the cut. Apparently pleased with her work, she smiled.

"All better."

Eyeing the product of her nursing, he bent his thumb experimentally.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." He was met with a sincere smile. Before either of them could speak again, the teacher called her name.

"Your parents are here to pick you up."

"Yes, sensei!" she called back, and began gathering up her belongings. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Bye!"

He waved awkwardly back at her as she hurried out of the classroom, then returned his eyes to his hand.

It was warm.

Looking thoughtfully out the window, he picked up his needle again. Warmth, huh… It's actually nicer than I remember. The snow drifted softly to the ground outside, but it didn't seem as icy as before.

Hope you liked it. ^^