~Kyoya Ohtori was working on the finances of the Ouran High School Host Club later than usual that day. Aggravated, he decided to stop for the day since he got 4 different totals for the same asset and concluded that this was a bad day for calculations. As he was putting the income statements back into their respective folders, he heard the click of the ornate music room doors. Suddenly, all 200 lights went out.

With a sigh he said, "Tamaki what do you want? You know I'm busy right now."

"Darn, how'd you know it was me?"

"Well, if it was those Shady Twins then I'd hear two sets of footsteps. Haruhi would be at the Marutomi Supermarket for produce sales by now. Hunny is currently at Karate Club to fill in for Chika and Mori's wherever Hunny is. That leaves you Dad," he deducted wisely.

Fumbling about in the dark for his calculator he then saw his laptop screen light up. Knowing his hard drive was in his bag however, he decided not to worry too much. The added light did allow him to spot his calculator though. After he put everything away into his bag, he stalked silently towards Tamaki and his laptop.

"What do you think?" inquired Tamaki Suoh with a smug expression. On the screen was a blown up image of a shirtless Kyoya, dripping in water, without his glasses on, very loosely wearing swimming trunks, and with a towel held up to his glowing face at a brilliantly sunny beach.

"Oh, I was at Honolulu on a family vacation and my sister Fuyumi snapped that shot just as I got out of the absolutely superb Pacific Ocean. I was thinking of letting the Twins use it for the Host Club homepage in the hopes of raising Host status even more than it already is," reasoned Kyoya as he pushed his glasses further up his nose.

Tamaki looked up with a pout and pressed on, "How come Daddy never sees Mommy dressed like this?"

"Dressed? If I'm not mistaken I was more bare than clothed," oddly enough, Kyoya wasn't repulsed at Tamaki's flirtatious intentions. Spending time in the club with him and constantly seeing his rather affectionate side certainly helped the situation. After all, Tamaki was fair-haired, lean, tall, energetic, and compassionate, but a fool. Which meant the only issue would be if he gossiped or acted outrageously in public.

"But seriously," Tamaki wiggled his perfectly shaped eyebrows, "why don't we do what mommies and daddies ought to do." It wasn't a question.

Kyoya thought for a moment before locking the doors and strolling back to Tamaki. Since it was after club hours, his school uniform jacket was already slung over a chair. "You must understand that if word gets out in the slightest, I'll—" Tamaki put a slender finger to Kyoya's lips. "I understand. My grandmother would immediately disown me from the Suoh line and my father would be overexcited."

Kyoya licked Tamaki's finger and replied, "Well then, let's get started." Just as Kyoya reached over to unbutton Tamaki's jacket, a series of loud clicks reverberated through the large room. They sprang away from each other as the door swung open and the lights snapped back on.