Something was ferociously batting Kyoya's bangs, he blinked his eyes open and saw a small black cat with determined green eyes. "Urgh, Shinny," Kyoya bolted upright. "Wait, how'd you get in here?" Just then, he heard his house alarm beep and Tamaki sauntered into the room and shut the door, his baby blue boxers shining intensely. Then Kyoya remembered the previous night and glimpsed down at his nudity, dazed.

"Sorry," Tamaki rubbed his eyes, "had to pee and she was at the door when I opened it. Anyway, I have to leave soon, I'm supposed to have breakfast with my grandmother and you know how she is. But maybe I'll be on her good side today."

"Good luck, tell me how it goes," sympathized Kyoya. "… And thanks for last night."

"Yeah." He relaxed and they both adorned their clothes. In daylight their flawless bodies looked even better than they felt last night. Kyoya hugged him goodbye, then led him down to the front entrance and waved him off. As he headed toward the dining hall, he got a text from Hikaru, "Well? How'd it go? o3o" With a picture message from last night's dinner session, he replied, "Good morning. The Ohtori family dinner went exceptionally well, the suit your mother tailored for me looked magnificent compared to my brothers'. Send her my best regards."~