Moving in (opening chapter)

It was the middle of the night and Mari was getting tired after a long nights studying, she was about to get into bed when completely out of the blue her phone rang.

"who could be ringing at this time of night"

She lent over to check who the messenger was. When she read the name her face lit up and she answered with happiness in her tone.


"hey Mari, sorry for calling you so late at night, I didn't wake you did I"

"no it's ok, I always have time for you"

"thanks Mari" Akko replied in a soft frail tone. "anyway the reason I called you was, that wondered if you wanted to come to Mr. Donut with me tomorrow I have something important I want to ask"

"I'd love to, but can't you ask me now"

"I'd rather ask in person if that's alright with you"

"of course it is, if it's that important I can wait for tomorrow to hear it"

"great thanks Mari, meet me there at lunch tomorrow"

"ok, see you there then, I love you"

"I love you too, goodnight"


Holding her phone to her chest Mari thought to herself

I wonder what it is she wants to ask me, it must be important if she has to ask me in person, what could it be, what could it be

That night Mari had all sorts of possible questions that Akko might want to ask her, going through her mind. So much that she got hardly any sleep because of it.