Chapter 2

"Mari will you move in with me,"

"Of course I will Akko, I love you, and want to be with you always."

Akko jumped up and hugged Mari, as she did the chair Mari was sitting on toppled over and they both fell to the floor, Akko landed on top of Mari and they both started to laugh, after they stopped laughing Akko stared into Mari's eyes and drew in closer to her face. When she was close enough she started to kiss her, pressing their lips slowly together. Almost immediately Akko began to slip her tongue into Mari's mouth, allowing this she granted entry and their tongues began to intertwine with each other.

After a few minutes Akko separated herself from Mari and lifted her up off the floor. When she was upright Akko got up close to Mari and wrapped her arms around her waist, with their faces almost touching and with her eyes half closed she whispered.

"Mari I want to know more of you."

With that she started to kiss Mari on the neck, her left hand found it's way to Mari's breast, while she had her right arm wrapped around her with the hand on the top of her back. Mari began moaning from the pleasure she was receiving from Akko's actions, as she was moaning Akko took the opportunity and began to undress Mari leaving her in just her underwear.


Mari turned bright red as Akko undid her bra strap.

"Akko I."

Ring ring


Mari awoke with a shocked look on her face, she was bright red, sweating and was breathing heavily.

It was just a dream

Mari turned her head to look at the time. When she saw what it was she quickly jumped out of bed and got dressed.

Damn it I'm going to be late.

When she finished getting herself ready she darted down the stairs.

"Good morning Mariko, what's the rush,"

"Oh good morning Mom, I'm meant to be going over to Akko's but I overslept and now I'm going to be late,"

"Well if that's the case I won't keep you, have fun round your friends and be sure to behave yourself,"

"Don't worry I will, see you later,"


With that over she opened the door and made a run for the station not wasting any time getting there.

Oh god why did I have to oversleep on today of all days. It's all because of that stupid dream, although it was a rather nice dream, I wonder if Akko would actually do that to me.

She stopped in the middle of the street her face bright red.

My god what am I saying, I'm turning into a pervert.

She quickly shook these thoughts out of her head and continued running to her destination.

When she got on the train it was just about ready to leave.

Phew just made it, it's a little cramped though.

All around her people were squeezed together in the confinement of the carriage.

Oh well as long as I'm on I suppose, I'm lucky I got here when I did the next train doesn't come for another hour.

For the next 45 minutes of the journey Mari stood facing out of the window, thinking peacefully to herself about Akko.

Akko was in a deep sleep, rolling about in her bed.

"Hee hee, Mari stop it,"

"Wow Mari you're so clingy all of a sudden, I like this side of you,"

"Mari don't touch me their, I'm quite sensitive you know,"

"Oh god Mari, please.."


Akko had landed face first on the floor of her bedroom, arms and legs sprawled out around her. She lay their for a few seconds before she sat up and began to rub her head.

"And I was having such a lovely dream too, oh well now that I'm up I might as well get ready, Mari's coming round later on and I have to look my best for her."

As she lifted herself up off of the floor she turned her head and looked at the clock. When she did her face went completely blank.


She just stood there staring at the clock with little expression on her face. Then all of a sudden she began to shout.

"OH GOD IS THAT THE TIME, I've overslept big time, Mari's going to be here any second and I'm not even dressed, what am I going to..."

Knock knock


It was as she feared Mari was already here and Akko was still in her pyjamas.

I suppose it'll be ok if it's Mari who see's me like this, I mean once we're living together she'll see me in this state every day, but still it's kind of embarrassing.

As she opened the door she hid herself so that only her head was showing.

When she saw who it was, she came out from behind the door and greeted them almost instantaneously with a kiss.

"It's good to see you too Akko,"

When Mari looked at her girlfriend and saw that she was in her nightwear, she began to remember her dream.

No bad Mari, you shouldn't be having these thoughts. Although Akko does look really cute like that.

Mari soon realized that she was just staring at Akko with her mouth open, embarrassed she quickly started to speak.

"Urm, I'm not early am I Akko,"

"Huh" "Oh no, I only just woke up."

"I see, do you want me to come back in a bit so you can get dressed?"

"No really it's ok."

She dragged Mari into her room and sat her on the bed while she got changed. When she was dressed Akko sat down besides Mari.

"I'm glad you came over today Mari,"

"Why did you want me come round today, it's not that I don't want to be here, because I love seeing you. But on the phone you made it very clear that you wanted me here today, and why so early?"

"Yeah, sorry about that,"

"Don't be, this way I get to see you for longer."

Mari gave Akko a really sweet smile and then carried on speaking.

"So why did you want me hear so early?"

"Well… it's because my Mum will be here soon,"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"I just thought that, you know, since we'll be living with each other. It would be best to tell our parents about our relationship."

Mari had gone silent and dropped her had down, she looked as if she was deep in thought.

Maybe Akko's right, maybe we should tell them. It couldn't hurt to could it, they're going to find out sooner or later anyway, what's the worst what could happen.

"We don't have to if you don't want to, it was just an idea,"

"No, your right,"


"Their our parents so we should tell them, they deserve to know don't they."

"Yay, thanks for understanding Mari."

Akko reached over and gave Mari a long soft kiss.

"No problem. So what time will your Mum be back?"

"Akko I'm home!"

"I guess now."

Akko walked into the front room to her mother closely followed by Mari. Both of them prepared to tell her.

"Welcome home Mum, how are you"

"I'm just fine. Oh hello there Kumakura-san, it's good to see you again."

"It's good to see you too."

Mari have Akko's mum a shy little smile.

"Anyway, Mum I, we have something to tell you,"

"What is it Akko."

Akko grabbed a hold of Mari's Hand and brought her in closer, so that they were standing next to each other.

"Well you see it's just that."


Akko paused for a second and started to turn red. She then lowered her head and mumbled something.

"What was that, I couldn't understand you."

Akko took in a deep breath and decided to just come straight out with it.

"Me and Mari are going out with each other."