A Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler fanfic
By: Something Dysfunctional
Chapter One: His Butler, Defiant
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One steady gaze of blue watched the figure in front of him with an unreadable expression. What was it exactly that made Ciel Phantomhive look at his butler constantly- well, as of late-? The young boy was sitting back in his velvet lined chair, a hand hovering over his latest reports for the Queen Victoria as Sebastian Michelias moved around the grand office. He was setting up the tea set, slicing a piece of a berry crumble with roasted almonds out on a fine set of china. Ciel inhaled appreciatively the scent of Darjeeling tea then shook his head mentally. He scribbled another line with the fountain pen and from under his long eyelashes, looked back up at the raven-haired man called a butler. There was much more to Sebastian than being a demon. Ciel knew that there was something else that he carried as if a heavy secret. Frowning, the boy sat back and noisily laid his pen down. He crossed his legs and laced his fingers together as Sebastian glanced up at him with dark, hazel-red eyes. "Are you done, Master?," he asked in a deep voice. Ciel nodded and placed a hand under his jaw to balance it, scrutinizing his companion. "I am. I'm ready for tea now," he stated rather dully. Bowing, Sebastian brought over the delicate china cup and the plate, setting them carefully on the mahogany polished surface. Ciel began to eat as his thoughts pushed against his mind rather hard.

There was something going on with Sebastian lately that he couldn't place his finger on. He seemed rather distant, more cold, more silent. Whenever Ciel ordered him to take him to bed, the demon appeared to stiffen and awkwardly follow the command. Bath time would roll around and Sebastian seemed to bath him mechanically, so stiff and cold like. Anytime they would bump into each other or Sebastian had to lift the child, he seemed to have closed up all together. Lips pressed down into a thin line and his brow would furrow deeply. Pursing his lips around the fork in his mouth, Ciel narrowed his azure eye, sucking along the prongs as he dissected his butler. The lingering taste of the berries made the silver of the fork tangy, Ciel's face contorting some as he felt his gaze flicker over to Sebastian.

The man's back was turned from him, cleaning the tea set. Ciel took a sip of his drink, eying the lean back covered in the black tailcoat and slacks. His raven hair was gleaming under the dense lighting, a flash of white gloved hands. Ciel might have only been 12 years old, but because of his lifestyle, he was much older and mature than the boys his age. You might say he had an adult's mind trapped inside of a small body of a child. And he knew that Sebastian was being odd around him. Ciel picked at the rest of the berry crumble, his fork chasing a cherry around the edge of his plate in boredom, but in frustration at the most. Glancing up once more at his servant, the demon continued to have his back at Ciel.

Raising a brow, Ciel smirked, thinking something quickly and then cleared his throat. "Sebastian, I want another slice. And refill my tea cup, won't you?," he asked in a dead-pan voice, his heart thumping excitedly.

Why, yes... Ciel was going to test Sebastian's patience.

It was one of his favorite games to play, but for today, Ciel was determined to break him. Grinning, he saw Sebastian turn his head, frowning at the boy. "Young master, you mustn't spoil your appitite for supper. I can't allow you anymore sweets," Sebastian scolded gently, turning to face his master. "And yet it is wrong to against a master's orders, isn't it?," Ciel insisted, his azure eye flickering to his butler's face. "I may be going against this simplicity of a request, but as a loyal servant to you, I see what is best for you," Sebastian replied back, somewhat rather coldly, his eyes narrowing slightly. Ciel sat back, interlacing his fingers together. "I see... what's best for me, you say? And JUST what would that be, Sebastian?," the boy inquired lazily, his heart racing excitedly at defying the demon before him. Games were always Ciel's favorite past times and loosing was not an option. He always won. Tilting his head to the side, the porcelain boy smirked rather darkly and propped a hand under his chin. His position in the high, red velvet lined chair made it seem to appear that he was a king before a subject. The air was now tense with electricity between the contractor and his demon.
Sebastian appeared to stand straighter, his eyes more dark, a creeping smile playing on his lips that held no humor or mirth. His aura completely changed and Ciel felt his skin crawl out of repulse and a strange sensation of... something else... "I believe, what my master needs, will benefit us in the future if I allow his indulgences of sweets and many tea to be cut. If not, well, you do seem a little bit hefty these days, my lord," Sebastian fought back coolly, smoothly. Ciel flustered with indignation and sputtered in shock, his composure broken. "Wh-what do you m-mean by that?," he shrieked, trying to gather himself. Sebastian smiled his all-knowing smile that made him look cat-like, eyes closed. "I am merely saying that to stay a Earl of Phantomhive, luxuries shouldn't be wasted by boredom nor infectious sweet tooth," the dark man stated.

Ciel grounded his teeth, clearly upset that he didn't get under the butler's skin- he seemed to have the Fates play against him instead! Spluttering, he let his anger get the best of him. "Well, you wouldn't have been knowing since you have started ignoring me as of late!" Sebastian did not move nor change his facial expression when his passionate master blurted out those dreadful words.

It was true he had been avoiding Ciel. He didn't think that the boy would catch on so quickly. "I apologize for my actions, young master. I didn't thing you would have noticed that. It appears you are paying somewhat for more attention to me," Sebastian bit back, sneakily with a different small grin on his face. Ciel grew red again and turned away, crossing his legs in the chair. "I am not! I-I just... happened to know it...," he trailed off rather dumbly, embarrassed that he didn't have an intelligent come back. Silence then filled the office in a pregnant pause until his ears heard the dark chuckle that made his skin crawl in goose flesh. Ciel peered at Sebastian from under his eyelashes, seeing the butler now at his side. Quietly, the boy turned to him, glaring with his one eye, feeling the other burn with the contract. 'Why is it burning? And yet does not bother me?'

"I don't like to be played with as a toy, Sebastian. I entrust you to remember your place and remember to whom you belong to," Ciel murmured in a voice much like not his own. It was deeper, more husky. "If you recall, all your duties go through me. If I want your attention, I WILL receive it," he said lowly, reaching for Sebastian's tie and wrapping it around his small hand, pulling the demon down in a slow manner. The tall man moved fluidly, strands of inky black hair falling down towards Ciel's face. His free hand lifted and ran the silky strands through his lithe fingers, a trained gaze still on Sebastian's face, which was composed and still.

"So, just to be clear, who do you belong to? Until my time is up, who is your master?," Ciel asked quietly, his azure eye having a hard gleam in it. "You, the head of the Phantomhive family," the man answered, the tone of his voice rumbling from his chest. Swallowing hard, the boy then tightened his grip both on the tie and hair. "And as your master, you WILL tell me of you avoiding me, faithful companion of mine," Ciel purred, the contract eye blazing behind his eye patch. Sebastian's eyes darkened, shifted into scarlet and the room seemed to be engulfed in darkness, leaving the two staring at each other. No other could enter their domain, their sanctum of the Hellish Contract between human and demon as Sebastian opened his mouth. "I avoid you to do... well... young masters do not need to know such things that a person can do, can they? They get embarrassed and flustered so easily," the man leered, hovering over the chair, one of his gloved hands tracing a line down Ciel's cheek.

"Then show me. I order you to not hide from me!," Ciel hissed, both hands now buried in Sebastian's black locks, gripping his hair and bringing their foreheads together as he tried to break his butler, lips curled back in a snarl. Sebastian smiled evilly, his eyes flashing bright red from the depths of scarlet. He licked his lips sensually, causing the boy's knees to buckle and the tiny hands to tremble as a pair of large hands hoisted him up, pushing him back on the wide desk so roughly yet carefully. "Show you, young master?"

Ciel's wrists were brought up above his head as he silently took in the dominance of the large man, blood pushing against his ears so heavily. Adrenaline ran so quickly in his veins, he felt high as one did from an opium house. Determined to the end to win, he jerked his chin up, causing the loose string of his eye patch to fall and slide to the side, revealing the glowing insignia of violet and a bright azure eye, strands of muted blue-gray hair falling against his slightly perspiring forehead. "That's order, like I said. I want you to show me why you have been avoiding me... not... being with me...," he said in a tiny voice, feeling his heart leap at the most private emotion tumbling from his lips. The idea of forever being alone scared him to death. Sebastian was the only person he had in this life.

The red eyes vanished slightly at his young master's proposal and slid back, letting go of the wrists. Ciel sat up slowly, mouth parted in question, brow slightly furrowed. Sebastian smoothed back his hair and went back into his regular role.

"No, my lord."

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