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This story will be primarily from Katniss's perspective, but there will be 3rd person segments involving Peeta, Gale and Snow.

Blowing on Sparks

Part 1: When Sparks Fly

Chapter 1

I woke up, Peeta's intoxicating smell overtaking my senses. We've been home for a little over five months and so much has changed. I sit up, trying not to wake Peeta. I look down at him, taking in the sight; from his disheveled hair to the wrinkles on his shirt formed by my head, he looks perfect. And that's when my body starts to ache. His eyes open, flickering several times before he takes in the sight of me.

"Good morning, sweetheart." The words escape his mouth before ours come together; our toasting was today, I remember.

"Good morning to you." I grin down at him. "Just to think this time tomorrow we'll be married." I slid down onto his lap as he sits up.

"Are we going to make it public or are we going to use the Capitol?" My arms wrap around his neck as my legs straddle his.

"We'll see." I get out of the bed and start to clamber through my clothes. I enjoy taunting him in the early morning.

"So…you going to visit Gale while I work in the bakery?" I don't look back at Peeta; knowing who Gale's employer is still scares me. During the time Peeta and I have been home after the Games, Gale has been put to work dealing with the local government issues in the District. Rumor was that Thread wants to send him to District 2 for Peacekeeper training.

"I sort of have to. We haven't gotten the marriage license we need." I try to ignore the painful thoughts about Gale as I kiss Peeta goodbye; I was going to go eat breakfast with my family while he goes in early at the bakery. He changes and we walk into the clearing between all of the houses before I kiss him goodbye. I watch him jog out of the Victor's Village as I climb up the stairs to my 'official' house. I open the door, catching the smell of eggs and bacon that are freshly cooked. Walking further in, I don't notice the blur until Prim has crashed into me, hugging tightly.

"Good morning Katniss!" Her cheerful mood brings a smile to my face. The floorboards creak as someone, mother I assume, walks up.

"Uh…I guess I should get going, Prim," came the voice of Rory Hawthorn, Gale's younger brother. As he ran to the door, I yelled at him.

"Tell Gale I'm going to come visit him later." He just nods as he moves out the door.

"It's nice to see how you're both growing up. Standing behind us is mother, smiling at Prim and myself.

"So I assume you're fine with Peeta and me getting married?" We had never talked to her about the subject; it just seemed too touchy to the both of us.

"Of course. I couldn't hope for a better son-in-law than Peeta." Her smile shrinks in a mysterious way. "I just hope you two have children; I'd love to be a grandmother soon." A number of conflicting emotions swell up inside of me.

"I'm not sure Katniss is ready for that, yet." I smile at Prim's insight into my messed up mind; it's nice to know some people understand me. My mother just smiles, attempting to hide her displeasure.

"Well, I guess you'll need something to eat, Katniss. Go have the leftover food in the dinning room; I'll see Prim to school." They walk away from me. Right before they go through the door, mother turns back to me. "Should I tell anybody about…the toasting?" My face starts to burn before I can reply. "I guess that is a no." She starts to smile again. "See you tonight, Katniss." The door shuts behind them and I'm left alone. I stand there, letting tears roll down my face. As much as I'd wish otherwise, the memories of the Hunger Games are still fresh in my mind…and I knew the worst of them were ahead. Maybe life would be better if this…rebellion succeeds.

I fill up a plate with scrambled eggs and bacon, making sure to fill up a glass of hot chocolate; it was still my favorite beverage and my family imported a lot of the stuff. The warm food and drink gained some moans of pleasure. I sat back, looking at my empty plate as I drowned down the rest of my warm drink. Sighing, I knew it was time to go; there were a number of things I had to get done today.

Standing up, I stretched out my back before leaving the house; I'd lock it up but the Peacekeepers guarding the Village were good at keeping people out. I'll have to give them the list of names later, I remind myself. I go out the door, taking in the crisp winter air. I walk the path into the District, stopping to speak with Darius, one of the Peacekeepers assigned to the Village.

"Hey Darius!" He turned around, giving me a funny look.

"Yes, Miss Everdeen?" I still think the stately manner he uses around me is hilarious.

"A number of people will be coming into the Victor's Village tonight for a toasting."

Smiling, he replies. "Took you two long enough. Oh, and congratulations." He pauses for a second. "Want me to tell Johnson once his lazy ass shows up for work?" I'm tempted to laugh.

"Tell him what?" I ask.

"About the toasting." Laughing, I reply to the Peacekeeper.

"He should figure it out by tomorrow…if he's not drunk." Darius just shakes his head as I walk on, my destination being the Justice Building. I hear very little about what Gale actually does, but I've slowly pieced it together with Peeta's help. Basically Gale does whatever Thread asks him to do. Why he works for Thread, I don't know but a gut feeling tells me it involves his relationship with Peeta and myself. I walk through District 12's weary streets. Seam kids come running down the street, smiling and waving at me. I return the smiles and waves, always inspired a little by how joyful they look. I pass by the old apothecary and the Mellark Bakery; very original, I'd say. I see one of Peeta's brothers, probably Rai, wave at me. I smile back and quickly run in; I have time before I need to get to the Justice Building.

The bell attached to the door rings as I push the oak thing forward. Sitting behind the counter is Mr. Mellark and Thomas, Peeta's eldest brother. They both smile at me.

"Well look at this, it's none other than Katniss Everdeen, co-victor of the 74th Hunger Games." Thomas is grinning. "Your fiancée is busy; his stepmother wasn't happy when she found out about the toasting this morning." Ouch. For some reason I thought she might have actually accepted me, but that's an obvious 'no' now.

"I have to say I'm sort of surprised." My eyebrows rise. "Are you two and Rai coming?" Mr. Mellark starts to laugh.

"Wouldn't miss it. Are you going to let my wife come?" Before I can answer, two people come around the corner: Peeta and his step mom. She's glaring at me as Peeta walks up and kisses me.

"Why are you here? Trying to steal another person from this household?" I look back to her, startled by what she said. Instead of answering her, I answer Mr. Mellark's question.

"I guess the answer to your question is no." I peck Peeta no the cheek before hurrying out the door. "Bye!" I shout back before the screams shoot my voice down. I walk out, letting some of the screams drift outside of the building. Moving quickly, I try to put as much distance between that building and myself; I soon find that I've almost overshot the Justice Building.

Rushing up the steps, I pace myself as the doors approach. I pull them open and slip inside. The tiled floors and the number of statues in the room help solidify its position as the stronghold of Capital power here in this District. I look across the room to see Gale talking to whom I assume to be one of the female workers. I wander up to them just to find out that it's Madge he's talking to. He glances at me.

"Katniss," his gaze fixes on me, "what a surprise. What can I do for you?"

Smiling, I reply. "I'm here to get the…uh…marriage license thing, you know." They stare at me for a few seconds before Madge's head collapses on my shoulder, crying in joy. Gale is just smiling.

"So when's the toasting, then?" I'm smiling.

"Just head to the Victor's Village at 6:30 tonight. You can figure it out from there." Madge takes off, probably to go gossip for the first time in her life. I decide then I'll need Thread's help to keep the event civil and secret.

Gale hands me the certificate and before I can say anything to him, a voice booms through the building.

"Hawthorn! Who's that marriage certificate you just signed off for?" Thread, adorned with his Head Peacekeeper clothes, is marching our way.

"I did." His gaze moves to me. "I need you to have four more Peacekeepers outside the Victor's Village this afternoon and evening. Also, I'd like it if you could let Gale off early today." His arms cross.

"What's in it for me, victor?" If he were someone else, I'd punch him in the face.

"You can spy on the event for President Snow." Even with such an angry look, he keeps his head.

"Ok then, Mockingjay." I think that word will be important to my future.

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