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Title: Furry Problem

-~Ch 1/?: Fur~-

-3rd person-

In the dead of night one mid October evening, two figures stood out in the open, staring at each other while holding out wands with a curse on the tip of their tongues. They kept staring, one pair of eyes held hatred, jealousy, and loathing while the other held confusion, sadness, and betrayal just as the first curse was shot a shout of 'Habeo fur vultus!' was heard. The last thing one of the two people saw was a flash of yellow and sneak of blue hit his body.

-End of 3rd person-

His body ached as he rose from his sleep, his head was throbbing in a painful pounding as well. To say that today was going to be a shitty day for Harry Potter, famous boy-who-lived, was highly under spoken in his case. What the he'll happened last night? He remembered coming back from a party with the twins early as he was getting over heated and nauseous from the smell of mixed alcohol, then being called down by someone from the dorm, who was any ones guess, then...nothing. A huge blank in his memories from point Y to point Z of the end of his day.

'What happened?' he thought to himself as he raised a hand to his head and rubbed one of his temples, minding the claws that dawned on it, then looked around. It was dark, but not dark enough to be considered night anymore, and it was rather warm for October. He was pretty sure that it didn't get this warm in the matter of a few hours as he knew that the temperature had been dropping from some time, only gaining for a few hours in the day. He rubbed the sleep from his eye with a pad on his hand then blinked. He could see with out his glasses or contacts that he required just this past summer from a Muggle eye doctor.

The area around him seemed to be heightened and expanded in full depth of his vision. When had that happened? Not that he wasn't grateful for lack of eye-wear, he really was, but he knew it would of taken a miracle to fix his eyesight without some sort of spell, potion or surgery of some sort, he's been looking for a while for some option to fix it quick and easily, only to come up with complicated, magic draining, money stealing, blobs of hopelessness for him since Hermione was on a apprenticeship for a few months outside of Hogwarts, and he trusted no one else more than her...well maybe Luna, but he didn't want to load her up with this problem.

Anyway back to the plot! Harry was overly confused with a few things at the moment. One being his eyesight, another was the heat, third was the fact that he wasn't in his dorm and fourth was the fact that he couldn't stand up! He shifted his weight and rolled over to his hands and feet, strangely the pads of his feet touched before anything else like the top of his foot, the tried to stand up...only to come up short, literally. He looked around for something, anything, and saw a reflectance of something near by.

He walked over to it, which proved to be difficult on his part as he felt unnatural doing this. He fell on his hands and breathed in before looking at the reflective piece of material. He stopped breathing and thinking at what he saw.

'What. The. Fuck. Happened. To. Me?' he thought to himself as he saw a narrow fur covered face staring at him with black eyes. The fact was that this small covered face was joined by a haunched, slim fur cover body with a tail at the end. He didn't want to think about what he was at the moment, nor did he think he wanted to find out as he heard a door open not too far from where he was.

He jumped out of the way and rolled or tumbled, what ever it was he was doing besides running awkwardly with his weird animal body, to a desk and slid to the back corner that was against the wall. He listened while he breathed in and out, trying to calm his fast beating little animal heart. His heart nearly stopped beating all together when he realized where he was, no it wasn't anywhere near Gryffindor house dorms, or even remotely in safe territory, no he was in Flich's office. He could tell because he saw Mrs. Norris walking by the feet that came into the room.

'Oh fuck my life!' Harry moaned in his mind while he scurried out of the way as Flich's feet came into his sight as he sat down. He looked for an exit nearby, but only saw a small hole that was used for the Weasley Twins' mischief, but he doubted he could fit through it, it looked like only a small rodent could fit through it. He stopped moving as he heard Flich started to move and speak to Mrs. Norris about hunting for mice in the room. He felt bad for any rodent that would get caught by her, but then that thought was squashed as she landed by him and looked directly at him.

'...Fuck...' was what he thought before he barreled out from under the desk as Mrs. Norris attacked the spot he stood at. He ran, more like scurried, around the room, even using Flich himself as a post to get on the desk and back down when Mrs. Norris nearly clipped his tail with her claws. He bounced on the back of his feet and hissed at the rutty old cat as she swooped at him with her claws.

'Try it you bitch of a feline! Even Crookshanks is not as bad as you and he's pretty bad!' Harry called out in his head, not even wanting to tempt speaking as he knew it wouldn't do any good, and bared his teeth at her when she tried to swipe at him again. He looked to the side when he saw movement and saw Flich smiling evilly Harry. He wondered what he was smiling at when he felt pin pricks in his sides and teeth around his neck. He squirmed and nipped at what was available to his advantage, which would be her nose, but he couldn't reach it all the way as she tightened her jaw.

"Calm young wizano!" he hard a old haggard woman's voice in his head, "You need to go slack so I can get you out of here with out my master knowing" Harry did what the woman was saying and went slack in Mrs. Norris' jaws, it wasn't hard as he couldn't breath much.

He felt her drag him off to the side of the room then drop him when Flich was out of sight. Harry breathed in the air, greedily, while trying to stop the world from spinning. He nearly jumped when a paw touched his back, but froze when he saw it was Mrs. Norris. She looked at him calmly and gave him a cat's version of a smile.

"I'll show you the way I go to get away from my master, follow me little wizano" she said and then promptly turned to the wall and slid out of a large, cat sized hole.

"Um...Mrs. Norris?" Harry spoke allowed, somehow it sounded English to him; much like parseltongue did.

"What is it little wizano?" she replied, not breaking back to look at him as she did.

"How are we able to speak like this now and not before? Also what is a wizano?" Harry asked her. Mrs. Norris chuckled and turned around when they were in the hall outside of Flich's office.

"Since you are an animal we can speak, all animals can understand each other only humans can't unless they possess a certain gift like the slithering serpent speak you can do, we can understand what you're saying, but you can't us unless in an animal form." Mrs. Norris told him, "A wiz-ano is a wizard that turns into a fur covered animal, much like that Black kit and his caravan a few decades ago" she mumbled to herself.

"You mean I'm a Animagai?" Harry asked when he heard the 'Black kit' comment.

"Yes little wizano that's what I said", she said and then started licking his fur to get it clean of certain things. Harry didn't do anything as he felt her superior animal magic keeping him from moving. After she was done, Harry shook slightly from a tingle that went up his face.

"Now little wizano if you need help, find me and I'll help you out. I can't tell you most of the things that has happened to you, I'm clueless as to what happened to you, but I'll help you in any other way I can. Now I have to get back before master starts looking for me" she said before giving one more lick and went back through the hole, leaving Harry alone in the hall with several questions in his head.

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