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Chapter 4/?: The dreaded Halloween


Pansy sat with the other Slytherins' at the table, ignoring the chatter as she ran her hand along the sleeping ferret's back that was laying in the crook of her arm. Earlier she had healed his paws, they were bleeding when she found him, and also a few broken claws on his from paws. She felt bad for the little guy when he shimmered and twitched as she healed him, his little furry face scrunched up in pain for a bit when she castes the final healing spell. Pansy wondered why and how he got his little feet that way, but was brought out of her musing by Millie, who noticed Dumbledore and Professor Snape came out of the staff entrance.

Dumbledore got the students attention and started to tell them about the missing student. Most of the students were in an uproar when they heard that Harry Potter was missing, the Slytherins were going over things that he, Potter, would be doing since he was pulling this charade.

"Probably using this to get attention" was the common vote though there were the ones that said the dark lord got a hold of him, he simply dropped out and had enough, was somehow taken by house elves to the forbidden forest and then transported to Bangladesh...the says went on and so did the rumors. Pansy didn't comment as the headmaster told them to come to any professor with any information on Potter's whereabouts, she was too busy with the ferret and thinking of different things all together. She stood up a little later, gaining the attention of a few Slytherins and some Ravenclaws on the other side of the Great Hall, but ignored them as she headed back to the dungeons to get some sleep, her system was telling her that bed was calling her.


Harry once again found himself feeling warm and safe. His eyes opened and he saw Pansy laying under the top sheet of her bed, obviously not wanting Harry to be thrown off the bed. Harry shifted out of the arm that encircled him and bounced over to where a part of the bedding was in an odd angle and was touching the floor. Harry, being more of a daredevil now, lowered his body onto the bedding and started to slide to the ground.

He stopped at the edge of the bedding, his claws came out and caught him just as he was about to his the flooring, and detached himself from the sheets. He looked around and saw that the bed was so far off the ground, it was crazy that he slid off that a moment ago, and everything else was bigger the. He expected it to be in the Slytherin girls dorm, the space under the bed being one, the length to the bed being another. Harry bobbed over to the space under Pansy's bed and started looking around for anything to do so he didn't have to wait for Pansy to wake up.


Pansy shifted as she started to wake, her mind wandered to last night when she dreamt of Harry Potter. Why did she have that dream? She didn't even like him like that! Sure she wished to get to know Potter, but her pride as a girl, dark affiliated and a Slytherin kept her at a distance from him.

Pansy blinked her eyes open and just laid on her bed for a bit, going over her dream that she remembered. It was strange, like she wasn't in her body or even in the present, but in the not so distant future and in a guys body. It was strange, she knew she got visions from time to time because it was in her blood to have female dream seers, but most of the time she never remembered what she envisioned the next day. So her remembering the vision was utterly strange and confusing.

Not wanting to dwell on it anymore, Pansy sat up and looked for the little ferret that she knew would be near her...only he wasn't there. Pansy looked around and saw her dorm mates were still sleeping, it was Saturday and way to early to be up at the moment, but she couldn't with the though of the ferret being gone! She jumped out of her bed and looked around, listening for anything and stopped as she head the clacking of nails against stone. Pansy lowered herself to the floor and saw the ferret wandering around the floor under her bed.

Sighing she reached under the bed and pulled him out, getting hissed at because it was his tail she pulled him out with. She apologized and started to soothe his tail and ran a hand along his spine, the only thing she knew to keep him calm, the proceeded to the bathroom and take a shower, placing the ferret in the basket like the day before.


Pansy found herself roaming the grounds around the black lake after breakfast that day. The ferret, in which she decided to call Nox for his dark fur, was scampering beside her, jumping in and out of the grass and running to the water and back to her side. She chuckled at his antics and followed the warn down path that circled the lake.

Around an hour later, Pansy and Nox arrived at an old willow tree, the path to it was nearly hidden by the grass, but Nox discovered it by chance, and it lead to a part of the lake that was completely out of view of the school, though the school was visible to the occupants of this hidden area. Pansy sat down in the hollowed out roots of the willow and watched Nox try to catch a minnow in a small dive pool, small to Pansy, but big to him. She laughed and cheered him on as he was wrestling with a bigger-than-average minnow and seemed to be winning.

Pansy gasped when Nox was pulled into the dive pool and went under water. She held a baited breath as she waited for Nox to surface. When he did, Pansy let out her breath, though it was shaky, and saw him holding onto the minnow with his teeth, the minnow itself was dead by a broken bone when Nox snapped his teeth shut. He climbed out of the dive pool and shook off the water that hanged on his fur, not once letting go of his prize as he did this, and soon became a puffball.

Pansy fell back into the roots laughing and decided to help Nox by a simple spell to fix his fur, it often helped Daphne when she was having a bad hair day, and soon Nox was snacking on his prized minnow, seeing as the fight had added some hunger to his belly. Pansy sighed and decided to read out of a book she had bought in a small secondhand shop in Hogsmeade, a small Poetry book by a squib called Edgar Allen-Poe. Pansy was enraptured with Annabelle Lee and didn't notice Nox following a White figure in the forest that laid in front of them.


Harry ran after a familiar flying figure in the forest, keeping a small eye on some detail of where to go when he wanted to get back to Pansy. He arrived at a small opening in the forest that he didn't know existed, mind you he didn't know a lot about the forest as he had some bad memories of the place, and started to look for the snowy owl that was called Hedwig. He didn't see her and was getting a little worried, not for Hedwig; she would be fine, no he worried about himself as he was a small furry critter that Hedwig liked to eat.

He heard a screech above him and dived as Hedwig landed in the spot he previously occupied. He tumbled out of the way as she tried to grab him again then rolled backwards, nearly getting clipped by Hedwig's claws. They kept this up for a good ten minutes until Hedwig started to tire.

"I never had to fight this hard for food" she said, her voice was elegant and soft to the ear. Harry panted and looked at her, hoping he wasn't about to sign his death warrant.

"Hedwig" he said her name and immediately got a response. He was swiped at with sharp talons and a beak.

"How do you know my name?"
she screeched, natural due to her creature status. Harry felt his heart pound in his chest.

"I know y-your name because I named you w-when I was eleven" he stammered as he saw the deathly glare of his beloved owl.

"Preposterous! You are not my owner! Not my Harry!" she screeched loudly. Harry felt a pang as she didn't recognize his voice, but kept on.

"I am, Hedwig, I am Harry and I can prove it" he stated. Hedwig calmed and glared at him.

"Then do so" she hissed, obviously wanting to get this over with so she could eat. Harry gulped and cleared his throat, sitting on his haunches as he did so.

"You were a birthday gift for my eleventh birthday, my first gift, and it was Hagrid who bought you. I named you Hedwig for Lady Hedwig in 'Hogwarts: A History'" he started, "You screech hatefully when Uncle Vernon won't let me take you our of your cage in the summer and you tried to bite him when he stuck a hand in the cage. In my second year you let me know that I left you when Ron and the Twins came to rescue me; so about that by the way, and we were taking the Ford Anglia to Hogwarts for the gate was sealed at the time. You often express your emotions with your beautiful golden eyes, you show an extreme dislike for canned soup, and you often run your beak through my hair when I'm in distress. Also...I tell you everything, my hopes, dreams and fears. Believe me Hedwig I'm Harry, your Harry!" he nearly cried out as he felt that he was poising his familiar and friend.


Hedwig stared at the ferret in front of her for a moment, contemplating for a second about what he said. Most of those things no one would know, unless looking into her or her Harry's memories, and the ferret sounded like her Harry. Only one more thing for him to do to prove his word true.

"If you are indeed my Harry...tell me what your worst fear is" she demanded, hoping that this was her Harry. The ferret looked at her, wet steaks ran from his eyes downward as small tears fell from the black orbs. The ferret choked for a second and breathed in a sob.

"My worst fear...M-my worst fear is t-to be what m-my r-relatives always s-say I am...a w-worthless f-freak that s-should of died with h-his parents, o-one that'll never h-have happiness, one t-that doesn't deserve h-happiness, one that a-always haves p-people end up d-dead" the ferret choked out of his small body. Hedwig felt a tear roll down her feathers and flapped over to the small, dark ferret and pulled him up into her wings.

"My Harry, my Harry" she cooed, "You're not a worthless freak and you do deserve happiness, you deserve ten lifetimes worth of it. My Harry please don't cry, I'm here now" she said and ran her beak through Harry's fur in a motherly fashion, soothing away his sadness and fears. Harry calmed and curled up to his fateful snowy owl, lulling himself into a daze and rolling up into a ball as he felt safe in Hedwig's wings and feathers.

Hedwig cooed happily as she was with her Harry, holding him like she wanted to all those times when that horrid uncle of his caused him pain or when he was sad or scared from a nightmare. This is how she wanted it, being with her Harry as he let out his fears and pains and replaced them with faith that the sun was always brighter after a night of restlessness and horrors. She wished she could do this when he was human, but she couldn't except fir now in the darkness of the forest that had many names.


"My Harry, it's time to wake, I believe you are missed among the place you stay" Hedwig said and gently opened up her wings, revealed a sleeping Harry. Harry groaned and curled up more tightly into his ball, hoping to go back to sleep as he was warm and safe, like when he was with Pansy. Pansy!

He jolted upward and looked around franticly. He forgot about Pansy and now it was late! She was probably freaking out and worried, oh this was bad, very bad. Hedwig saw that he was frantic and flapped her wings to get up off the ground. She swooped down and grabbed Harry then flew towards the way that she saw him coming from earlier.

"My Harry don't worry, I'll get you back to where you belong" she said and soared faster, keeping a good grip on Harry as he dangled in her talons. Hedwig nearly busted through the trees as she looked for a spot to land. She found one near the willow that Pansy and Harry occupied only twenty minutes before Harry himself chased after Hedwig. She softly landed, letting go of Harry before she officially did, and gave him an affectionate nip on his ear to get his attention.

"My Harry, if you need me just use our bond as Master and Familiar. No matter where I am, I can hear your call" she said and with that she took off as she knew he was in safe hands again. Harry on the other was a little freaked as he was worried about Pansy, he saw the worry that filtered through her brown eyes this morning when he was under her bed and yesterday before he left to find Mrs. Norris when she was feeling for him on her shoulder.

Harry knew that in the short amount of time together that he and Pansy made a bond, a master and familiar bond as he was considered a familiar as he couldn't turn back into a human yet. He could feel the small amount of emotions that Pansy let off when they were running higher than normal and he could hear low whispers of her thoughts, sadly not loudly enough to know what they were about, but he could hear them. He wondered if this started when he saw the scars or when he felt a strong brotherly concern for her, oh he didn't know and didn't care about that, only that Pansy was his and he was Pansy' a sort of strange binding, Animagus, forced turned kind of way.

"Nox?" he heard Pansy say the name she dubbed him as, he kind of liked it for his Animagus for and saw it sticking in the near future. Harry bounced over to Pansy and saw her packing up her book. She saw him and smiled then stood up, cracking her back as she didn't move from the roots for the whole time she read.

"Let's go" she said and headed back to the trail, Harry following shortly behind her, tumbling happily through the grass as he kept up with the Slytherin girl.


It was now Halloween and like all the years before, something was bound to happen, Harry knew, Pansy knew hell the whole school knew! And yet there was nothing they could do about it except wait and hope for the best. Harry was currently roaming the sixth year Slytherin girl's dorm without Pansy anywhere near the said place. Pansy left him as she had a test and didn't think Harry would want to be there, she slowly got over the fact that he wasn't going to disappear or have an owner appear over night like she had since she found him only two weeks ago.

Harry was, to put it mildly, bored enough to count cracks in the castle's stone walls and floors. He didn't think he had ever been so bored before! He opted to try and wiggled out of the dorm through the underside of the door, something he discovered he could do one day last week, but remembered that Pansy put a spell on the door so he couldn't leave. He sighed and rolled onto his back then his stomach and then back onto his back, continuously doing this until he was dizzy enough to actually spin his head around his neck.

He felt a little sick afterwards and decided to lower himself down until the nausea passed, which only took three minutes. After it passed, Harry decided to roam his memories for anything that could get him out of his boredom, and it was in this practice that Harry remembered Mrs. Norris telling him that Hogwarts aided animals and Wizanos in need. He wanted to smack himself for not seeing the door to freedom in front of him, but went against it and went to the nearest wall under Pansy's bed and proceeded to probe it with his paws and claws.

'If only Mrs. Norris told me how this works, all I know is that she hit a pile of books then stared at the damn wall!' Harry growled in his mind as frustration set in with the lack of progress. He smacked the wall with his paw, having the claws curled out, and found that he scratched the wall itself, leaving five long scratch marks in the path he marked it, and then he started housing, growling and spitting in frustration.

"WHY? Why won't you open up? Am I just the same sort of outcast like the world portrays me that counts now as I'm stuck as an Animagus or am I just special Hogwarts?" he shouted at the castle. He received no reply and fumed hotly as the castle did nothing. Oh now he was pissed and felt the need to do something, but what? Pansy wasn't here to take him out and he didn't want to destroy any of her belonging or Millie's for that matter, but an idea came to mind as he knew there was another dorm mate in the room that both Pansy and Millie didn't like that had all her belongings scattered about the room for anyone to touch...or take their anger out on.

Harry scurried over to the chestnut blonde bitch that wanted him thrown out, only because she couldn't have him and thrown a tantrum when she didn't get her way. Harry saw her bedding was laying on the floor and her trunk was open as well as several important things were scattered around the bed. Harry grinned and set to work, Pansy be damned if she caught him, but he doubted she would stop him.


Tatum Marsquic was a beautiful girl that got everything she wanted. Boys lined up to date her, kiss her, give her things, and fuck her into any solid object. She was born with a solid gold spoon in her mouth and knew she could do no wrong, her daddy said so and whatever daddy says goes. She transferred to Hogwarts after a disaster happened in France and Beaubaxtons kicked her out, but that was fine, Hogwarts had more cute boys waiting to fill her every need. Tatum only had one gripe about Hogwarts though, the girls didn't envy her enough and back talked her in the open. That didn't bode well with the chestnut blonde Adonis and she knew she could make them pay, daddy paid the headmaster off so she couldn't get in trouble like the half ass-ed families that ran around the school.

There was also the few guys in her year and house that didn't want anything to do with her, Draco Malfoy being the head as he was the top of the chain and staying true to his contract with Pansy Parkinson; nasty little scum if you asked Tatum. Theodore Nott being the second as he kept to his books and nothing else; this pissed her off to NO end. Blaise Zabini the dark chocolate Italian child of the famous seer Teresa Zabini neƩ Crepacuore, the exotic candy a girl could want, and yet he had his heart set on that Gryffindor know-it-all Mudblood Hermione Granger, what nerve! Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe, she didn't even want to think about those two, they were all over each other and no one would touch those two with ten foot poles made of Muggle chemicals and dull rusted barbwire.

Tatum didn't know what to do! She had everyone, but the ones who graduated, to honorable to cheat on their lovers, gay boys, and the Slytherin boys in her year that wouldn't look her way twice without a disdain look in their eyes, and Perfect Harry Potter who disappeared and wouldn't even think about looking at her. What was she doing wrong? She had her mother's natural gift of beauty that was rivaling Veelas as her mother came from a line that had Egyptian gods in her blood and she had her fathers hard hand in politics as well as more money then anyone would ever even slightly think about! This made Tatum so pissed that things weren't going her way!

Tatum was currently heading to her dorm that she shared with Pansy "I-know-I'm-better-than-you" Parkinson and Millicent "Millie" "I'm-gonna-hex-you-to-the-ground-before-the-ministry-can-even-think-about-finding-you" Bulstrode. She had a tiring day an wanted to take a nap before changing into her costume for the Halloween Ball, she needer her beauty rest after all and hopefully Pansy wasn't anywhere near the dorm and had her demon weasel with her. The last time she tried to pick the thing up it clawed her face up and she had to stay in the hospital wing for everyone to see her perfect face all bloody and scratched up! The nightmare that was still haunted her to this day.

Tatum didn't want to think about it at the moment as it would only give her wrinkles, the horror feast that would be if she had a wrinkle on her perfectly sculpted and smooth face! She arrived at the common room and said the password before heading straight to her dorm, ignoring the stares that went with her, she knew she was perfect and gawking was the least of her problems. She arrived at the dorm and opened it, only to be hit with the sight of her things all slashed up and destroyed beyond repair, even by magical standards. Tatum screamed at the sight, gaining the attention of the people in the common room, and went to investigate what caused this, this, this horror movie nightmare!

Her favorite designer clothes laid in ribbons, makeup all mixed and broken again the floor, perfume all broken and split onto of her books, her costume, oh her costume for to night was ruined! Daddy bought it and had it shipped from Magical Japan and now, now it was just ruined and she couldn't even think about even touching it. Tatum felt tears glisten her eyes as she searched for anything to be salvageable, but the chance for finding anything that wasn't even slightly rumpled was very, very, very slim.

Tatum cried when she found her mother's locket on the ground and slightly scratched. It was the last thing her mother gave her before leaving her daddy and her behind. She knew her makeup was smearing by the way her tears ran and she couldn't let people see her, so she grabbed her mother's locket and dived into the bathroom.


Harry poked his head out of the nest he made when he got sleepy from make a mess on the chestnut blonde haired girl's things. The only thing he felt bad about was the locket he found and saw that it was of a little girl and her mother on the inside, it made him sad that it was laying on the ground forgotten as if a useless broken toy. Harry climbed out of the nest and went over to the open door and saw that the other Slytherins were gathering around. Harry saw no way out and decided to hide until the crowd cleared.

Harry didn't see, nor hear the door behind him open and Tatum step out of the bathroom, all refreshed with backup makeup hidden in the girls laboratory. He did hear a scream of anger and saw the foot come and hit him in the side, which set him flying towards the wall and hit said wall. Harry let out a cry of pain and moved away from the angry scary bitch that followed him with the intent to kill.

"I SHOULD OF KNOW PANSY WAS UP TO THIS!" Tatum screeched as she nearly stamped on Harry's back, "She let her little nasty ass weasel destroy my things! How dare she? I'll show her by snapping this weasels back and killing him!" she screamed and stamped down again, she caught Harry's tail and hear a crunch as the tail broke then smiled in satisfaction. Harry let out a scream and ran to the open door, it was cleared out of students, then tumbled into the hall that lead to the common room. Tatum was right behind him and was gaining on him as they entered the common room. Harry tried to get away and hide in the shadows, but Tatum knew where he was and proceeded to try and stomp on him. Harry continued to out manurer Tatum until she caught him in a corner. She had a twisted smile on her face and lifted her foot up off the ground.

"Finally, say goodnight you weasel" she hissed and proceeded to stomp her foot down.

"Immobulus!" a voice rang out just as Tatum was an millimeter from killing Harry. Tatum froze and her foot stayed suspended right above Harry's small form, having the intent to kill float about it. A hand pushed Tatum out of the way and picked Harry up off the ground, who it belonged to was the million dollar question for Harry, but he was in too much pain at the moment to even fathom that he was alive. Harry only opened his eyes when he heard a voice start speaking and a hand stoking his injured form, trying to get the pain out of his body.


Millie couldn't believe what would of happen to Nox if Draco hadn't casted a spell at Tatum. She held the little ferret that started butting himself into her arms to try and get away from the pain that radiated off him. Millie was angered at Tatum for trying to kill her friend's familiar, how could she even try to hurt the little guy? Was she crazy or was she finally off her rocker? Millie didn't know and didn't care, she listened to Draco bitch Tatum out then grip her hair and drag her out of the common room to take her to Professor Snape.

Millie followed behind and sent a younger year to find Pansy and let her know what was going on and not to panic too much. Millie used some healing spells that Pansy taught her on Nox and felt the bones in his tail start to heal. He let out a whimper, which proceeded to brake her heart, as he felt the bones go back to their original state. Millie couldn't do more until Pansy was there, so she placed a sleeping spell on Nox so he would be in any more pain for the time being.

They arrived at Professor Snape's office and knocked on the door, waiting for an answer afterwards. The door swung open and Professor Severus Snape stood there in all his darkened glory. He saw Millie holding Nox and Draco fuming as he gripped Tatum's hair tightly with his anger. He rose an eyebrow so a silent question formed. Draco took over to answer the question.

"Tatum here tried to kill Pansy's familiar Nox" Draco said and tilted his head towards Millie and the sleeping ferret, "I don't know why, but it may have to do with the fact that Pansy left him in their dorm while she tested and Tatum's personal items were scattered about the room, I'm sure you can guess what happened next Uncle Sev." Draco said and dragged Tatum into the office once Professor Snape stepped out of the way.

"Miss Bulstrode I'll take Miss Parkinson's familiar for the time being, let Miss Parkinson know that I have him and can pick him up after I'm finished with Miss Marsquic" Professor Snape said and held out his hand. Millie hesitantly placed Nox in Professor Snape's hand and watched as he went to the door.

"Don't worry Millie, I won't let anything else happen to him" Professor Snape said to reassure Millie that Nox was in safe hands. Millie nodded then turned to go back to the common room to wait for Pansy.


Severus was angry with the French transfer student that thought the world revolved around her. If she was his child, she would of had a wooden paddle with holes against her bare bottom as she was over his knee. Severus didn't condemn the abuse of animals or children, but he did resort to punishment for children that stepped out of line and oh did Tatum Marsquic step way out of line. Trying to kill a animal for no apparent reason was one thing, but to try and kill someones familiar was an entirely different matter all together.

Severus never had a familiar, he never felt his magic pull at a animal in his life, but he knew that familiars were, not rare, but uncommon and were to be treated like a second coming of a Muggle form of Merlin as a familiar was an extension of the witch or wizard, or in rare cases squibs, and could have a slight dabble in control of their master's emotions and magic. A familiar wasn't just a pet, but a friend and part of the witch or wizard's soul. If the familiar was killed before their master then the master would be broken and couldn't live on as they lost part of them and couldn't be given back by any means.

So yeah Severus was angry, no now that formed into pissed as he saw that the ferret named Nox was the same one he saved when his N.E.W.T. class was a disaster zone for a period of two days. Severus knew it was the same one as he could feel the magic flowing through him just as it did when he picked up the ferret that day in his class. He could feel the pain radiate off it's sleeping form and performed a few advanced healing spells on the ferret before placing it in one of his robes hidden pockets.

He had to deal with a student and he should have both hands free for this matter and he knew Draco would help, no doubt about that.


Pansy was in a blind search for the common room. Earlier she felt Nox had become injured in her absence and that worried her as it escalated with each passing minute. Then she got a message from Millie, via third year, that Tatum had tried to kill Nox in the common room and that he was injured. Oh she knew she should of taken him with her, but Professor Lupin told her that if Nox was there then he had a chance of being a target for some of the spells that they were bring tested on and she didn't want that.

So after she left him she ran to get her test out of the way and get back to her Nox. She cursed the students that took so much time and made her wait and she cursed Tatum for being a cruel, spoiled and heartless bitch and she cursed herself for not asking someone to keep an eye on Nox while she tested, it was Friday and some Slytherins only gad afternoon classes while she had DADA.

Pansy was so lost in thought that she didn't notice that she arrived at the common room portrait and ran smack dab into the wall next to it. She cried out and fell backwards onto her back and stared at the ceiling dazed. The portrait opened Millie came out seconds later.

"Pansy!" she shouted and ran to her fallen friend. Pansy blinked and looked at her friend then remembered the message. She grabbed onto Millie and gave a sad look to her friend.

"Where's Nox? How is he? How much injury did that bitch cause him?" she asked franticly and angrily. Millie pulled her friend up when she saw she was alright and proceeded to Professor Snape's office, filling in the details as they went.

"And Professor Snape told me that he would hold onto Nox until you came to get him. I saw Professor Snape cast some healing spells on him before I left so I don't think he's injured anymore" Millie told her. Pansy sighed and slumped in relief that her Nox was alright.

"Come on I think Professor Snape is finished with Tatum and you can get Nox now" Millie said while pulling Pansy to the office door.

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