pairing: LilyLysander
prompt: guitar
for: Bittersweet x


For her fifteenth birthday, he writes her a song and plays it on his guitar, serenading her with the light, cheerful tunes he'd spent hours creating, and it hurts, a little, because he knows that none of his melodies can capture her heart as thoroughly as Teddy has with his bright hair and casual flirting.

(She laughs and draws him into a hug, strawberry-bright curls streaming over her shoulders and down his back, and she's warmhotfire in his arms, and she fits so perfectly that he wonders how she can't possibly see it. But then she pulls back, ruffles his hair, and skips off to hop up on Teddy's back, and he watches her go with a smile dying on his lips.)

For her sixteenth birthday, he strings a glittering blue dragon scale onto a golden chain and loops it around her neck, and it shines there, sparkling against the white of her throat, inciting a smile from her that he knows isn't as bright as Scorpius Malfoy can draw out of her.

(Scorpius gives her a heart-shaped diamond locket, and she squeals and hugs him, and Lysander looks on with a heavy heart as Scorpius clasps it around her neck and it covers up his dragon scale chain, hiding it from view in some kind of metaphor or something.)

For her seventeenth birthday, he gives her nothing.

(Lorcan kisses her under the stars as they waltz around the garden – it's picture-perfect and ohsoromantic (and ohsocliché) – and Lysander looks away and lets her go.)

It's funny how you can be best friends with somebody for seventeen years, but end up not knowing them at all.

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