"A day has passed after the incident with the mystical energy that attacked and damaged digital city heavily. Sunshine and Darkmoon city have been completely cut off from each other. Digital Areas shine west, south and north had also been cut off from contact." Koh continued his damage report. " All LightFang Tamers aside from Chief Glare, had their partners reduced to rookie or in-training. Along with the de-generation, all the experience and attacks they had learned and earned had also been wiped clean from them. This is also assumed to be the case for Darkmoon city as well."

Koh sighed as he looked over to see Komachi looking over the data report on how bad digital world areas were damaged. It looked like they could only connect to three areas, which gave them even less to work with in this dire situation. Pulsa was at least able to contact and confirm that Digi-Coliseum was fine. It was pretty much untouched by the assault, meaning that all there were safe and unharmed.

He sighed as he looked between Pulsa, Komachi and his console screen filled with numbers and reportings. That energy thing struck them down when they were most vulnerable, doing massive damage. He wondered if Chief Glare had figured out how they recover and deal with this new threat. If they were attacked again, Chief and Ophanimon would really only be their last line of defense.

Koh looked up to see that Kenpa, Topei and Cheetah had all left their consoles and currently talking to the Chief about something. He wasn't sure what the conversation started with but started listening in more once he heard the chief turn them down for something.

"Absolutely not! We have no IDEA what's happening out there! We can't risk losing anyone out there!" Glare yelled, showing he wasn't going to change his mind.

"Please understand, we need to do damage control and make sure we don't make any unnecessary risks." Ophanimon told them.

"Tch, Fine." Topei answered bitterly as he turned his back to leave.

"Whatever." Cheetah said to them as he turned to leave with Topei, Kenpa doing the same silently.

"They seem ticked." Pulsa commented as Komachi nodded, " Agreed. Hope they don't do anything rash."

"I have my mission to Login Mountain to go to, so I'll be off guys." Koh told them as he signed out of his console and left to do his mission. He passed the once proud Knightmon guards, now Gummymon trying desperately to look intimidating. As Koh and his team consisting of just Coronamon, Agumon and Salamon went to pass the second set of guards to head to the warp panel leading to the transporter area, they were stopped.

"Hey you all, hold it." One Gummymon guard told them, the four complying to it's demands.

"What's wrong?" Coronamon asked looked at the two guards. Salamon meanwhile fought the urge to pick on them calling them "cute" still trying to do their jobs that way. Agumon just stared at them, blankly.

"Oh, Koh's team. We were informed by the union room of your mission." Gummymon told them, "Sorry, we just wanted to see if you'd all force you way through like the other three."

The four traded glances with each other and the guards, the four rushing to the warp panel to see if what they thinking was happening, was to be true.

Once warped to the bridge leading to the transport panel, they caught Kenpa, Topei and Cheetah all leaving for Login Mountain. The Lightfang Tamer in charge of watching the panel outright told them he was telling chief, but they brushed him off saying they had something to prove.

The four walked over to the tamer reporting the three, seeing Glare was not amused at all. You see there was a reason why his name was 'Glare'. His deathglare was legendary, enough to stop a mega in its tracts and cause them to cower in fear in a corner. The Tamer and Koh could see Litton and Puttimon hiding behind Ophanimon in fear along with Pulsa and Komachi. Salamon, Agumon and Coronamon were all huddled around Koh, all three shaking just due to the fact Chief Glare had a reason to glare.

"Koh, I want you to bring those three back ASAP!" Glare ordered with every word dripping with ragging frustration. Koh saluted and quickly used the transport panel to go to Login Mountain. The sooner he got far away Glare's glare, the better.

As soon as the group got to their target location, they were attacked by a Monodramon.

"Gatling Punch!" Agumon and Salamon were both hit hard by the purple dragon's attack.

"Gatling Punch!" Coronamon returned the favor and knocked the Monodramon out with two critical hits to his side.

"I'm so weak now...that actually hurt a lot." Nova said rubbing his stomach, where he was hit.

"I-I don't remember being so weak or slow before either..." Salamon added, her face sore from the attack.

"I know...Sunny is the only one unaffected, so that means we'll be depending on him to do all the damage in fights." Koh told them looking at Coronamon.

Coronamon frowned, "No pressure, right?" He found the whole situation rather ironic. He went from being the weakest to the strongest of them all overnight. Sadly he didn't gain strength, his friends just lost nearly all the power they had.

Koh checked his inventory, he only had the medicine he had for the tournament. He fiddled with his goggles on his head, a habit he had to show he was nervous. He felt something in between his hair and goggles, a small piece of paper. He looked at the paper and saw four codes on it, and then remembered what the paper was for. Ophanimon had given him these codes for winning the tournament's normal division.

"Guys, we're going back to the DigiColiseum." Koh told them all, the three broken from there thoughts as they wondered why they were heading back there.

They all used the warp panel to head to the Coliseum, Koh walking straight to the counter with Valkyrimon.

"Do you know the password?" The mega asked Koh, his partners wondering the same thing.

Koh input all four passwords much to the astonishment of Valkyrimon and his partners.

"H-How did you know all of the passwords!" Valkyrimon asked speechless almost.

Koh just smiled as he recived the scan data for DotAgumon, DotShineGreymon, and the Legendary Item set. He then got the items on his digivice and equipped them to Sunny.

"What did you do?" Nova asked wondering why he was looking at Sunny.

"Oh you'll see next battle." Koh said grinning. "Time to head back to the Mountain to save everyone."

Once they returned they were greeted by a Hawkmon ready to peck and scratch them all to death. Coronamon entered the battle wearing the legendary items along with Agumon and Salamon who got nothing. He held the Legendary sword made of gold, legendary robe harder than steel and wore the legendary ring, its beauty comparable to diamonds.

He quickly ended the Hawkmon with one round of his gatling punch punch, much to the shock of Agumon and Salamon. It was much to Koh's glee at how easy the battle was decided.

Coronamon just stood there in awe; the power the items gave him was incredible. He honestly wondered if he was now more powerful than Agumon and Salamon were at their ultimate levels. Said ultimates turned rookies weren't feeling the same awe as Coronamon was. They both felt the gap in power between them spread dramatically, what once was a river splitting them apart was now an ocean.

Salamon hid her envy and pain by smiling happily for her friend, while Agumon took bitter glances at him between battles. Koh was oblivious to the feelings of his partners, mostly focused on saving his teammates and wondering how badly they would be chewed out by the chief. Coronamon happily dominated every Tokomon, Patamon, Monodramon and Hawkmon that dared to cross their path.

Salamon and Agumon both slowly grew frustrated as Coronamon kept ending their opponents before they had a chance to fight. They were just their to sit and watch as he zipped past them to beat their foes for them. The few times he didn't instantly knock out everything, they were secretly filled with glee as it was the few times they got to fight.

He loved it, he beat most of them before they could lay a finger on his teammates, sadly they didn't seem to see it that way. They saw it as him stealing all chance they had to prove their worth in battle to Koh. An hour had past and many battles had be fought, Coronamon now facing the reality of his limits. Sure he could hard and take hard hist without flinching, but all the fighting drained his energy fast. Agumon and Salamon were shocked to see him not instantly knock out a Monodramon with his gatling punch attack.

"Gatling punch!" Salamon yelled as she unleashed a barrage of paw attacks on the Monodramon, leaving him barely hanging on to stand against them.

"Claw Attack!" Agumon brought down the finishing blow on the dragon, reducing him to data.

Koh and Coronamon both were now wanting to re-energize Coronamon so he could keep fighting. Agumon and Salamon wanted Sunny to stay tired so they could fight. In the mix of all the fighting they finally reached Kenpa, her team and herself tired, exhausted and injured from all the back to back fights.

"Kenpa!" Koh called out as getting her back to the city broke him from his thoughts of Coronamon.

"Koh! I'm sorry...we all just rushed in without thinking. I should have brought medicine and a gatedisk, my team can't handle any more fights." She told him with tears in her eyes.

"It's alright, let's all head back to Sunshine city so we can recover." Koh told her as he took her and took her back. Nova and Hikari dealing with whatever dared to get in there way. Thankfully only three Patamon were bold enough to try, they were defeated with relative ease, though Nova and Hikari were both needing to recover as well now.

Koh and team headed towards his home they noticed Kenpa followed them quietly.

"You know you'll have to face the chief eventually..." Koh reminded her as he stood on the warp panel to his home.

"I do...it's just that the longer I can put it off, the better. Also I don't want to face him alone, especially if Topei and Cheetah got hurt worse than me. Koh, please bring them back okay." Kenpa told and asked him holding her face down, staring at the ground as tears fell from her eyes. Her blue hair hiding the pained expression across her face.

"I will." Koh promised putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. She jerked away from him, moving away from him till she stood right at the center of Shine Plaza. Koh was about to go to her once again, but Hikari stopped him by tugging on his leg. Koh looked down to see Salamon shaking her head at his actions, "Let's just regroup at home and give her time."

The four silently went back to their home and were happily greeted by Gatomon. Her cheerful attitude being a stark contrast to Kenpa's depressed, worried and regretful one.

"Welcome home! Finished your mission for day?" She asked having tea and muffins waiting for them.

"Nope, just dropping by to rest up. We still have a lot to do." Coronamon told her grabbing a muffin and biting off a large piece off it.

"Well take all the time you need and feel free to enjoy the muffins. They're fresh from the oven!" Salamon smiled as he ate a muffin and enjoyed some tea. Her sister always was a great cook.

Agumon and Koh ate a few muffins and drank tea after thanking Gatomon, "Oh Koh, you have to stop by the shop to pick up your prize from Chief Glare." Gatomon reminded him as she dusted off his PC.

"That's true...I'll go do that now while you guys relax." Koh told them leaving them by themselves in his home.

The four digimon all looked at each other. Tension slowly becoming thicker in the room. Coronamon looked at Gatomon, who in turned looked at Agumon who was looking at Salamon. Salamon looking at Sunny, none saying a word for a few short moments.

"So Coronamon, how are you enjoying your taste of power? Drunk off it yet?" Salamon asked accusingly as she tore off the top off a muffin she was eating.

"What's that supposed to mean?"Coronamon asked noting she didn't use his nickname to address him. He could hear the bitterness in her voice, even as she tried to hide it with a falsely cheerful tone.

"You know damn well what it means, Coronamon." Agumon answered glaring at Coronamon maintaining his glare while drinking his tea.

Gatomon just sat quietly as the three talked, being made uncomfortable in the tense atmosphere coming to a fever pitch as unspoken words flooded the room.

"What? Is the fact you're not the strongest one here anymore getting to you, Agumon?" Coronamon asked with a venomous undertone in his voice.

"Don't flatter yourself kitty. I'm just calling you out on your power drunk attitude." Agumon countered slamming his tea cup down on the kitchen table, making Gatomon wince a bit.

"Watch it dino-butt." Coronamon warned as he slammed his tea cup on the table as well, causing some of Gatomon's tea to spill out and splash on the table.

"So me beating all our enemies before they lay a finger on us, makes me power drunk?" Coronamon asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"The fact you're acting like you're invincible, that's what's bothers me." Salamon spoke up, calmly sipping her tea.

"If I can end them in one to two hits, then I think I can afford to actually feel somewhat confident in my abilities. Thank you very much." Coronamon countered , not amused at all about this conversation or what he found found more fitting, confrontation.

Meanwhile during confrontation between his partners, Koh was in the shop at Shine Plaza, getting the last of the paperwork done to receive his Digifarm.

"Just sign here, here and here and write the name of your Digifarm, then you're done!" The Veemon in-charge of the shop told him excitedly. Koh did as he was told and paused to think up a name for his first Digifarm.

"Okay...the farm would be focused on dragon and holy type digimon...holydragon island? No too long. Firelight? Lightfire? Too unoriginal. Name it after myself like Gaoh does for his islands? No, I don't want to be a trend follower." Koh kept thinking tapping his pen on the sheet, the Veemon eagerly waiting for him to name the farm.

"..Hmm...Magnamon, MagnaAngemon, Magnadramon...so Magna Island? It can work." Koh though as he named his first DigiFarm as Magna Island.

"GREAT! Now to set up a connect to it via your PC!" The Veemon said full of energy as he contacted Koh's home PC.

Gatomon had remained quiet during the whole conversation, sad and uneasy at how such harsh words of anger left her friend's mouths and how sharp and bitter their retorts were. All she could do was busy herself with something; it's how she coped with stress and any that put her on edge. She cleaned up the tea and muffin crumbs as she put the cups into the sink to be washed later. She heard more slams against the table and yelling from all three, making her wish they'd just stop.

Despite being a champion level and all, she just wasn't the fighting kind of digimon. She could if she had to but she pretty much preferred to avoid conflict as much as possible. She wished for something to stop them all from yelling at each other, she wished Koh would get home soon. She then heard Koh's PC receive a message along with the three fighting digimon.

Gatomon hid her worry and uneasiness and answered the message; it was from the Veemon that ran the shop at Shine Plaza. He was cute to Gatomon, due to all his happy-go lucky, give it your all and be happy attitude. She giggled slightly as she thought back on the time she tried setting him up with Hikari, she was so mad at her for that. Thankfully it was her "cute mad' instead of her current "I'm going to hurt you" mad. Gatomon saw that Koh had gotten the Farm Island and now Veemon was linking up his Farm PC to be able to interact and customize it.

Agumon, Coronamon and Salamon all listened in to the conversation, hearing Gatomon cheerfully tell Koh about his new farm island. They all sat I silence refusing to look at each other as Koh came back home to check out his Farm Island.

"It's bare but it's mine." Koh said as he planned out how to fix up Magna Island. "After a few missions we'll be able to add food and maybe something for training. The Background Board and BGM board can wait till later."

Koh went over to to his PC adjacent to hid farm PC, pulling up the program for digi-conversion of scan data. Everyone watched as he started the digi-conversion program that turned scan data collected from digimon they'd seen into an actual digimon. They watched as a Patamon, Monodramon and Hawkmon were born before them.

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