I was running as fast as I could in the halls of the castle. Just a couple of minutes and I would make it. My cape almost didn't let me run very well. The book, shining more than ever, was slipping through my hands. After so much running I could finally see the celestial room and through the half open door, I could see the altar where the book goes. It was waiting for the book so it could protect it, before the shadows take over the village of Voltera. I could hear no sounds coming from the villagers, outside of the windows. They had no idea of the danger that was soon to come. All could be ruined if I didn't return the book to its rightful place in the altar.

My name is Isabella Swan, Bella for short. I'm the daughter of a really famous vampire lord; Lord Charlie Swan. I got all of my facial features from him; you think that it's pretty cool to be the daughter of a killer vampire since nobody bothered me when I was a little girl, after my brother Jacob was caught and killed by the vampire hunter. He looked more like a vampire than me so nobody thought I was a threat to humans, but still I was taken to a Holy village, because they thought that way they could control my blood-thirsty urges. Even if I was a vampire I never thought of biting a human's neck, that's just too weird, even for me. In that village everybody said I was the daughter of a monster, but there were some that didn't thought that, like mother Renée, and some of the Palace Guards and Seth, the wolf that I save from a group of demons. Thanks to those people I didn't go mad. Seth helps me the most. I was barely I little girl when I saved him, since then me and him have been together, doing all sorts of pranks to the village people.

I was almost out of breath. "Damn! If I don't get there now, it's going to be the end of the village and the castle, and it's all going to be my fault," I said out loud. "I knew that I shouldn't have moved out of my position. If I didn't have moved that robber wouldn't have moved the book out of the altar, ugh damn! Only a human would have made this error."

When I got to the altar I saw the elders, who were dying of nerves, waiting for me next to the treasure box of the book. I knelt in front of them, to show respect, gave the book to Carlisle Cullen, the eldest one. He looked really relieved.

"Isabella, we're thankful with you. Thanks again for rescuing the book of shadows, we never doubted your talent has an assassin, even though the screams of the villagers were making, got us really nervous and you were taking so long to get here," said Carlisle. "But you got here with the book and that's a relief." Carlisle breathed really deep to relax himself.

"Hey, at least I got here on time. It wasn't easy to get the robber, he was really fast and tricky, I don't think he was a common robber," I said to Carlisle. "But I need to investigate more about this."

I wasn't sure about this robber, but Aro and the other elders didn't look so worry about this. Damn, these elders really get on my nerves a lot, when they don't worry about this like this. With this Carlisle understood that here was a new and powerful threat that was going to arrive to the village of Voltera and the castle of Silver Moon. They knew the book of shadows was not safe there anymore.

Carlisle stood from where he was and looked at the other elders. "We would like you to work with a group of our best men. They can assist you in the investigation and give you the help you need," said Carlisle looking me straight into my eyes. "That way it's going to be faster to find out who is behind all this, even though we know you're capable of doing it by yourself, we don't want to risk losing you, dear Bella."

Is he nuts? He knows that I hate this! What is he going through Carlisle's mind? This is really unfair, they know that I don't like to do missions in team with the humans that I work with, I was the head captain of the squad of soldiers of the castle, I was an assassin and a skilled warrior, but that didn't mean that I was going to do every single mission with them, I knew the humans would only delay me in a big way with the investigation.

I stood up straighter than usual, "No… I'm not going to accept this offer, and if you make me take soldiers in the mission with me, I'm just going to have to send them to some other place, and eventually they will come back and I will continue alone." I said.

It's always the same thing, I always decided that whatever the elders do, I will continue alone with the mission and I will not let their soldiers help me. Anyway, I could not live the castle unprotected, there could be a spy infiltrated in the castle, now way I'm letting myself make such an error.

"Isabella, we have been through this a million times, you can't go alone on missions like this," said Carlisle, "I already have decided that you'll take my sons with you."

I groaned, "Carlisle, I don't need them. I'll be fine on my own besides Seth is going with me, he is all I really need," I said.

Carlisle took a step forward, "I said that you're going to take my sons with you and Seth as well," said Carlisle in firm tone while putting his hands on my shoulders, "I'll not risk losing you, like we lost your sisters."

That was a low blow; Carlisle knew how the mysterious disappearing of my sisters affected me. Nobody knew what happen to them, but I did had my suspicions something inside of me told me that if I found the thief I'd find my sisters Alice and Rosalie. I never had given up hope of finding them; my father was devastated when we heard the news.

I sighed, "Okay Carlisle, they boy can come with me," I said defeated, "But you know that I don't like this, you know I love them as they were my brothers."

"I know, Bella," said Carlisle, "Go and rest, be here bright and early. The boys will meet you in the gardens so you could get ready and begin your journey."

I nodded. Walking through the halls of the castle all these questions started popping into my head. Who is the thief? What will happen in this journey? Will I ever find my sisters…?

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