"Alice! Rose!" I screamed, looking around for them. "Where are you?"

Suddenly, I felt somebody holding me when I looked it was Edward. "Bella, calm down," he said. "Alice and Rose aren't here."

"Yes they were. I saw them right there," I said, pointing at where I saw my sisters. "I swear, I did. They were trying to tell me who was behind all of this."

"Shh, Bella everything is going to be fine," said Edward, as he tried to comfort me. "I promise you we will find your sisters."

I tried to push Edward away from me, but I couldn't. Just like his promise he didn't leave my side until I calmed down.

A few moments later Jasper, Emmett and Seth woke up, they gathered up our things so we could carry on with our journey to find my sisters and the son of a bitch that was responsible for the mess. What did it meant what my sisters told me? Who could it be? So many questions on my head, trying to figure out what my sisters told me? I just keep thinking about my sisters and my dream. It was a dream right?

"Bella," said Edward. "Are you okay?"

I sighed. "Yes, I am," I said, even though I knew that he wasn't going to drop the subject that easily.

"Bella, please trust me," said Edward. "No matter what is on your mind, you can always count on me."

I looked at him. "I told you am fine!" I insisted.

"If you are fine like you say why you are so distracted since you woke up screaming for Alice and Rose," said Edward.

"I told you is nothing and I'm fine," I said. "Please Edward can we not talk about this right now."

I started walking towards Seth who just phased, so we could go ahead on our journey when Edward pulled me back. "Can you please trust me, Bella?," he asked. "Tell me what is bothering you?"

I did trust Edward but what if he thinks that I'm crazy or delusional or something. I sighed. "Do you believe in people who can communicate through dreams?" I asked, not meeting his eyes. I was kind of scare of his answer.

"I do believe in that. I feel that is a special connection that you can have with people that you love or care for," said Edward. "Why do you ask? Is that why you were screaming for Ali and Rose when you woke up?"

I looked up at him and nodded. "Yes. They told me that they were fine and that we were on the right path to find them," I said. Edward just started at me. "I knew it, you think I'm crazy."

Edward grabs my hand. "Bella I don't think you are crazy," he said. "I do believe in what you are saying. Did they say something else? A clue? Or something?"

I nodded. "Yes. They said something about the person who took them," I said. "They said "He aspires for great things, but his appetite for young maidens, is his downfall. He willing to do anything for his master's forgiveness, but I really don't know who could be."

"It could be somebody from the council," said Edward, making me look at him with a concern look. "Think about Bella, in the last few months Aro has brought new council members without consulting it to my father. Don't you think that is a little suspicion?"

"I get what you are saying Edward, but Aro brought a total of five new council members," I said. "They got into the council without a clue of what they were doing."

"I know Bella, but three of them go off of Aro's wings and went to my father for guidance and counseling," said Edward. "So that leaves us with two suspects."

I open my eyes wide open knowing which two of the five that Aro brought were still following him like lost puppies. "Alec Cameron and Jared Santiago" I said. "They were the last two members to join the council on Aro's orders."

"So one of them is responsible for your sister's disappearance," said Edward. "But who?"

I shook my head. "I have no clue, but I'll find out whom and trust me they will suffer," I said.

A few hours later we came across another little village, it had a beat up sign with the name of the village Pomerance Pisa. You could see how poor this village was, the street were made of dirt. The houses were falling apart, some of the windows had been boarded up because you could see the broken glass and it felt like a ghost town. The air on the town could give you chills on your spine. I looked back at the boys and I could see on their faces the sadness that this little village brought to them just by looking at it.

"This town gives me the creeps," said Emmett. "I mean look at this, is so depressing."

Jasper nodded his head. "I agree with you brother," he said. "How can people live in a village like this?"

I sighed. "I don't either, Jasper, but we have to try and change this one day," I said as Seth nodded his head agreeing with me.

We were almost at the end of the village when, from the corner of my eye, I saw a little girl carrying a large wooden bucket. She was tiny, barely standing at four feet six or so. Her body was small in stature as well, skinny arms and legs. She wore a dark red shirt that had to be at least two sizes too big. From how it hung off her shoulder, I could see her collarbone and her shoulder blades. The little girl looked like she hadn't eaten in days, if not a full week.

She turned, whipping her long, curly bronzed hair over her shoulder, looking around. With my eye-sight, being a vampire, I could see that she had the most shocking pair of violet eyes. She smiled to herself, two dimples sinking into her cheeks, and a lovely rosy color spreading across her face.

The little girl set the bucket down on the ground and looked around again. Suddenly, the bucket lifted off the ground on its own and started moving in front of her. The little girl had powers, amazing powers. I climbed off of Seth, but before I could take another step, an older man came storming out of the small, desolate house at the end of the alleyway. He had dark hair and eyes, eerie and ominous. He was tall, at least as the same height as Edward, and slightly muscular.

"You stupid little witch," he spat. Terrified, the girl jumped and the bucket crashed to the ground, splitting in two. The man reared back and backhanded the girl, sending her reeling into the dirt. Rage filled me. "You know better than to behave like that, you little bitch."

The girl whimpered as she scrambled away as the man tried to kick her. He growled reached out for her, snagging her leg and dragging her back to him. He let go of her leg, only to grab her wrist, pulling her up so hard that I was sure he had dislocated her shoulder. The man raised his hand to strike here again. Without thinking twice, I ran to him and grabbed his hand before he could move an inch.

The man spun, trying to pull his hand out of mine but my grip was better than his, and I lifted him, moving over and slamming him against the wall. "Get your filthy hand off of me," he spat. I lifted my eyes up to his, and he gasped, a whimper escaping through his lips. Although, the fear only lasted for a moment. "How dare you?" he sneered, jerking his arm out of my hand. "You have no business here."

"You have no business striking that child."

"She's my property," he snarled, stepping around me. "I don't take orders from vampire scum like you."

I cocked an eyebrow at him, surprised that he would dare speak of the fact that I was a vampire. "I'm the scum?" I asked. "You were the one striking this child for using her gift."

"It was using its curse," he groused.

"IT!" I screamed, causing him to shrink back. From behind me, I heard the little girl whimper. Taking a calming breath, I turned and looked at her. Edward had her in his arms, holding onto her as she ducked her head into the side of his neck. He gave me a look, and went back to rubbing her back. "Take her to the horses."

"You can't take it," hissed the man. I spun my head around, barring my teeth at him and he shut his mouth.

Looking back at Edward, I said, "Take her."

With a quick nod of his head, Edward turned and ran with the girl. I returned my attention to the man. "Here's how it is going to work," I explained. "The girl is going with us. You will not come after us. She will no longer be your concern."

"It's my property."

"She's not a thing!" I roared. He stepped back. "I will not leave her here with you."

"You can't take her. I have papers that state that she belongs to me."

"I will pay you for her, but she is leaving with me," I snarled. "One way, or another."

The man's lip curled up into a sneer. "Pay me, eh? How much?"

"One hundred gold coins," I offered.

"Five hundred."

"Two," I suggested.

"Four," he smirked.

"Three and I don't rip your throat out," I growled. The smirk quickly dropped off his face.

"Three," he agreed.

"Get me her papers," I snarled.

The man ran into his house retrieving her papers. I handed over the coins, and headed back out to where Edward was waiting with the girl, Emmett, Jasper, and Seth. Avoiding all of their eyes, I walked up to Edward and held my arms out to the girl. She bit her bottom lip as she considered coming to me or not. A small smile spread on her face as she leaned over, wrapping her tiny body around mine.

"Am I your slave now?" she whispered. Closing my eyes, I sighed inwardly.

"No, sweet girl," I murmured. "You are my friend. My name is Bella. What's yours?"

"Leslie Diane," she whispered, pulling back and lifting her brilliant violet eyes to mine. "My Mommy called me that before she left me here."

"Where is your mommy now, Leslie?" I asked. She shrugged her tiny shoulders.

"She was sick. Had the cough," said Leslie. "I think she died."

"I'm sorry," I murmured. "So did my mom."

"Vampires have moms?" she asked, wide eyed.

"Yes, we do," I laughed. "Now, we must get moving before we lose any more time. Will you be ok to ride with me on my friend Seth?"

"Is he the big dog?" asked the little girl, causing Edward, Emmett, and Jasper to laugh as Seth snorted.

"Yes," I smiled. "Will you be ok?"

The little girl nodded her head, excitedly. Seth leaned down so that I could climb on, and set Leslie in front of me. Keeping one arm wrapped around her waist, Seth started out on our journey. Looking over, I smiled at Edward, who smiled in return.

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