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Matthew stood in front of the mirror, shirtless. "What do you think Kuma? The red shirt, or the white one?"

"I think you should go like this," answered a thick Russian accent. Arms encircled Matthew's waist as Ivan trailed light kisses along his neck.

Matthew grinned and turned to face him, resting his arms on Ivan's shoulders. "Ya know, we could just stay home." God I sound way too much like France.

"Nyet." Ivan gave him a teasing smirk. The smaller nation scowled and continued getting ready, causing the other to chuckle.

Kumajirou watched the two from the bed. They made him want to hurl. Seriously, not even a week ago they had been fighting because Russia (to be quite frank) was being a dick. And now they were all lovey-dovey and Kuma was surprised their flaming gay-ness hadn't burnt the house down…yet. The bear sighed. He had to admit though, what's-his-face was really happy now. He had never seen the nation smile this much before and to be honest he was kind of jealous. If polar bears could grin, he would have as he thought about it. "At he found someone who can remember his name."

The two nations left the house around 1:00, after a quick lunch. They walked arm in arm down the snow-covered streets, staying close for warmth. The air nipped at their noses, but thankfully it was getting warmer, due to the approaching heat of spring.

Ivan smiled at the grass that was just starting to push through the snow. He loved this time of year and was glad he could share it with Matthew. The Canadian looked up at his boyfriend. Russia seemed really happy. He loved it when he was like this. One rarely saw Russia's true smile and he considered himself lucky to be witnessing first-hand.

"It's not nice to stare Matvey." Ivan smirked, not even looking down.

Canada scoffed. "Like your one to talk," a faint blush rose to his cheeks. "When we first met you practically acted like a stalker!"

"Aw, but Matvey's too cute not to look at," he said; only making the Canadian blush harder. "And speaking of stalkers, I believe we have two of our own right now."

"Yeah I know, they've been following s since we left the house. Just ignore them." Wow, Al fails at being incognito.

"We are so ninja!" Alfred exclaimed quietly. After grabbing a quick bite at McDonalds, he and Belarus had met up and 'Operation Break-up' had begun. After much debate and a lot of convincing (begging) they had decided, or rather Alfred had, they would go undercover as boyfriend/girlfriend. They walked beside each other, trailing a good distance behind Matthew and Ivan. Alfred had tried for hand-in-hand, but after a harsh slap to the face, he decided against it. So there they were, their pinkies disdainfully intertwined, as they stared the couple down.

Natalia watched her brother interact with that thing they called a 'Canadian'. This wasn't right. Russia was powerful, strong, and dark (not to mention gorgeous). This boy was pathetic, weak, and undeserving of her brother's love. He was changing him. Brother is not acting like himself. She watched Ivan give Matthew a quick kiss, smiling brightly at him. Anger boiled within her. Beside her, America bit his lip to keep from squealing in pain as Belarus crushed his pinky. Her dark aura increased and she took one step toward them. America's eyes grew wide and he grabbed hold of her arm. "Bela, no."

She looked at him inquisitively. "'Bela'?"

"Uh, well it's your nickname, ya know? I just figured it'd be easier than calling you Belarus."

She turned her head in thought. "My brother is the only one who calls me that."

Alfred remained silent at this, and continued walking. They both followed the couple with an odd quietness until they came to generic date place #1: the movies.

Matthew and Ivan bought their tickets and walked up to the counter. The Canadian leaned over to his lover (they hadn't actually slept together yet, but that's beside the point). "Al's been quiet for far too long, I think it's the apocalypse."

"Da. Natalia's been staring at me this entire time…" Ivan shuddered and Matthew sighed. He hadn't relaxed since they left the house.

"So much for an enjoyable first date." He mumbled.

Ivan flashed Matthew an apologetic smile. They quickly bought their random snacks and made their way to the theatre. Canada's inner child kicked in, and Russia found himself being pulled into the nearest set of chairs and forced into the semi-plush cushion of the seat. The lights then dimmed and the couple was plunged into darkness. Ivan's eyes adjusted and he began to make out the slender silhouette of Matthew. The low light from the screen gave him a sort of ethereal glow that contrasted nicely with his clothes and seemed to accent his eyes. Ivan then realized (and not for the first time) just how beautiful Canada really was. He pushed the armrest separating them up and aside (he didn't care what direction it went, it just needed to get out of the way) and placed a firm hand on Matthew's waist, scooting him much closer. Canada grinned at him innocently and settled into Russia's arms. While he turned his attention to the movie, he felt Ivan's eyes still on him. Oddly enough, he just smiled and leaned into him further, having grown quite used to it by now.

Alfred gripped the armrest violently. "How dare he make moves on Mattie." He growled.

"My brother would never, that boy seducing him," Natalia replied sharply.

"Who, Mattie?" he scoffed. "He's too innocent."

"Didn't he grow up with France?"

Alfred paused. Oh my god, what if Francis corrupted Mattie as a little kid? He made a mental note to ask him later. A flood of mental images Alfred did not want infiltrated his mind. Luckily for him, Natalia broke him out of his disturbing thoughts.

"You seem very protective of him." As she said this, she didn't turn her head away from the couple. She simply stared at them with fiery intent.

"Well yeah, he's my bro."

"Do you want him?"


"Do you wish to marry him?"

Alfred's face twisted in disgust. "Ew dude, that's gross!"


"Hello~, we're related?"

This time, she turned to face him. "And?"

America's face was frozen in revulsion as the color left his features. "R-right…" Well I guess she wouldn't find it weird considering how she is about Russia. Her attitude made him think though. There was no way he was in love with Mattie. I mean yeah…he did have a nice body and a really sweat ass, but they were brothers, and that's as far as it went. Imagining him defiling Matthew's body made him shudder. He could never taint him like that. For that matter, no one could. I wonder if Arthur still has that chastity belt he tried to used on me as a child…

"You never answered my question."

Alfred snapped back to reality at the sound of her voice. His voice was sure and serious, "No."

"I see, then why do you want them to break up so badly?"

He growled. "Mattie can have anyone he likes, so long as it's not Russia."

"Then for once we can agree on something." Belarus' face didn't change; instead she returned her focus back to the pair. America followed her gaze.

Matthew and Ivan watched the movie with little interest. To be honest they weren't even sure what the title was. Both of them was simply enjoying the other's company and sharing one another's body heat in the oddly cold theatre. The silence between them was nice. Comfortable and calm.

This was odd…because the scene unfolding before them on the screen was especially gruesome. Ivan leaned in and whispered to Matthew. "Something tells me this blond girl is going to be decapitated soon, da?"

Matthew chuckled. "Well, if she's stupid enough to go down that dark alley, I wouldn't be surprised."

Not two seconds later the woman was pulled roughly from behind using piano wire and with one foul tug, her head was sent toppling to the ground. Several people in the audience flinched, some making some sort of exclamation in horror. Ivan, however, just laughed aloud and said, "Told you so."

As the gore-fest continued, the two nations laughed at both the stupidity of the characters and the creativity of the killing techniques, earning them several weird looks. One poor man was thrown into an automatic meat grinder, sending bits of mangled flesh and fluids everywhere.

Ivan giggled and pointed to the screen. "I've done that before."

Matthew glanced at the distorted corpse on the screen. "Ouch, what'd they do to deserve that?"

Russia's aura turned demonic. "He mowed down a whole field of sunflowers just to build some stupid processing plant."

"Oh. Well he deserved it," Canada stated very matter o' factly. He patted Matthew on the head. Perhaps slasher movies were great places to bond after all.

Ivan lost all interest in the movie, turning his attention to the nation in his arms. He placed a gloved finger beneath Matthew's chin and brought his face up so their lips met. The other gladly returned it, completely disregarding the revulsion on the screen before them.

Through the dark of the theatre, Alfred's eye twitched. He let out a low growl and an "Oh hell no," earning him several 'shhh's from various audience members. But after sending them insane death-glares the majority of them went back to watching the movie, clinging to their company, their fear not derived from the film. Satisfied, America pulled a pocketknife out of his jean pocket and aimed it 'knife-thrower-style' at Russia's head.

A rough hand seized his arm. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Uh, getting that creep off my brother."

"I thought you said no knives!" she whispered fiercely.

"No, I said no knives for you. You simply limited me to no guns."

Natalia gave him a blank stare. "It seems our minds think alike." She proceeded to take her own gun out of her dress (where was she hiding it?). America facepalmed.

"Really," a sigh. "Now what are we supposed to do?"

"Well if you would let me kill him we could all go home!"

"Look, obviously killing people isn't going to work."

"Then please explain what you were planning to do with that knife."

There was a silence as America slowly (and disdainfully) put the pocketknife back into his jeans. His anger built up from there. He couldn't stand to watch that commie continuously corrupt his brother. Alfred looked back at them- oh god he saw tongue. Not only did he need brain bleach now, but he needed to stop this and fast.

Looking around frantically, he grabbed the first thing he saw and chucked it at Ivan's head. The one measly skittle flew through the air, hitting its target.

Ivan pulled out of the kiss, giving an irritated grumble. Matthew looked at him through half-lidded eyes, slightly confused at why he had stopped. The larger nation craned his neck in an attempt to see the offending object. Looking at it, he tilted his head in curiosity. "Candy?"

Canada's voice was flat as he mumbled to himself. "Really, Al…?" Russia simply giggled, for once, grateful for his sister's presence. He's been reduced to such idiotic weapons, how pathetic~, he thought with a smile.

Natalia sat there with her face in her hand. Why did I ever agree to do this? They were getting nowhere, and she was sure Ivan knew of their being there by now. Overall, this entire operation was a complete and utter fail. The only 'upside' about his was that she 'got' to hang out with Alfred. Oh joy. Though she had to admit, she found his angry tirades rather amusing…and his psychopathic breaks rather sexy, she would never voice any of that. He was still annoying as hell and an idiot beyond belief. She was surprised she had put up with him for this long.

Through the dark of the theatre, Belarus glanced at America. She could barely make out the childish pout etched onto his features. She almost smiled. Alfred's cheeks were puffed out in anger, his eyes squinted, he had begun to chew his bottom lip as he watched the couple a few rows down from them. He really did remind her of a 5 year old. Almost of how Ivan would act when he was young if something didn't go his way. She had always thought he was so cute in those moments.

Natalia blinked a few times, realizing she had become sentimental. She glanced back at her partner, feeling the urge to say something. "…Break-ups take time, we just have to be patient." Something you're clearly not good at. She had expected him to retort back with some sort of snide, or stupid comment, however, America simply flashed her a small smile and said, "Thanks."

Alfred frame relaxed a bit as he shifted in his chair. He then decided to turn his attention to the movie, not noticing how pink Natalia's cheeks had become.


The movie ended and the lights came back up. Canada stretched in his seat, yawning. Ivan allowed his eyes to wander over the boy. "Well that movie was…entertaining."

Matthew grinned. "Well considering your tongue was down my throat during the crucial plot development scenes, I hardly think you can be the judge."

Russia's cheeks turned pink. "But if Matvey was kissing me, how would he know if there was plot development?"

"I'm just Canadian like that. Je suis fort à faire des tâches multiples," (*I'm very good at multi-tasking) he said, giving Ivan a mischievous smirk.

The larger nation helped him up, pulling him into his arms. He knew full well what that meant. "We should test that theory, da?"

Matthew's cheeks turned red, but he managed to keep a straight face as he wrapped his arms around Ivan's neck. "I don't mind."

Russia's childlike grin took over yet again. "Alright…later~"

The Canadian sighed, disappointed. Russia seems to be procrastinating this as much as possible. Then again, why was he in such a rush? As he walked beside him, Canada tried to make sense of it all. Usually, Matthew was a firm believer in waiting things out; patience was one of his many virtues (or so he would like to think). Rushing things lead you to be…well, like Alfred. And the fact he was so keen on doing things so quickly was unlike him. Oh god, Papa was right, French pervy-ness is hereditary! He looked Ivan up and down, trying his best not to jump the Russian right there. Yup, definitely hereditary.

Matthew intertwined his hand with Ivan's, leaning on him slightly as the walked. "So, where to?"

"Here," he replied.

The Canadian surveyed the building. The old brick was worn by weather and time. The only sign of the modern era on the building was the semi-large neon-lit sign above the entrance that read 'Jack's'.

"A bar? So are you trying to get me drunk?" he asked skeptically.

Ivan smiled at him innocently. "Nyet~"

"Oh?" he said, raising an eyebrow.

"I just think we need to relax after a long day of being continuously watched…so I picked a place America would never set foot in."

"Al goes to bars all the time."

"It's a gay bar."

Matthew chuckled. "You realize Al's bi right?"

"Da, but after that 'incident' with Arthur I hardly think he'll be looking for any other male lovers anytime soon."

The Canadian paled in remembrance of that fateful accident. "Yeah you have a point."

Ivan practically pushed Matthew though the double doors of the building. On top of wanting some peace and quiet from their unwanted stalkers, he had also always wanted to see the smaller nation drunk. I bet he's super cute~.


Alfred looked around frantically. "Shit, I lost them." Not only had he lost sight of the couple, but after waking up after the movie ended from a well deserved nap, America was horrified to realize that his Belarusian companion was nowhere in sight. He raced down the street, looking like a madman, in search for either of them. Letting out an exasperated sigh, Alfred sat on the nearest bench, pinching the bridge of his nose. Clearing his mind to calm him down, the nation focused on the sounds around him.

The air was crisp and quiet. Off in the distance, children could be heard playing in a nearby park. The occasional call of a bird added to the tranquil melody of sounds. Alfred let his gaze wander over his surroundings. Very few people populated the streets, mast having the common sense to seek warmth elsewhere. He stopped when he saw the unmistakable cascade of blond hair as a petite figure made its way down the road. Alfred jumped from his seat and raced over to Belarus.

"What the hell Natalia? So, what, you just ditch me?"

"It was you who decided to fall asleep. I wasn't going to wait," she replied calmly.

"Well you could have woken me up!"

"You're a nuisance to be around and I get things done better when I'm on my own or at my brother's side," she said sharply, getting impatient with his sudden outburst.

Alfred scowled. "Look, I have to keep an eye on you anyway. I have to make sure you don't kill Mattie, so don't wander off like that again. You had me worried."

There was a silence. "I would not have killed Matthew." America noticed the seriousness to her tone. Natalia locked eyes with him, her stormy blue with the resilient blue of America's.

Unsure of how to respond, he simply said, "Thank you…" He coughed to break the tension. "…I guess. So anyway do you have any idea where they went?"

Belarus turned to her right, nodding in the direction of a building. " In there," she stated.

"Jack's, huh? Arthur and I went in there a couple of times…"

The Belarusian responded with a low hum, not really caring. "So shall we go in there or not?"

"No," he said resolutely.

She raised an eyebrow. "Why not?"

"Well one, you're a girl and you don't exactly scream 'lesbian', and two I've sworn off all gay bars."

"Should I even bother asking?" she asked flatly.

"Bad things happen in gay bars."

"From what I hear it's just a bunch of drunken homosexuals and a karaoke machine."

"Exactly." Natalia's face questioned him vaguely. "Let's just say I have seen things that can not be unseen…. and done things I'm not entirely proud of." A shudder made its way down America's spine.

Belarus rolled her eyes and huffed in irritation. "What do you propose we do then?" she asked impatiently.

The other nation laughed nervously. "Wait until the come out?" This received him a hard smack upside the head and he was roughly shoved into the nearest bench, Natalia sitting angrily beside him.

"Idiot…" she mumbled.


Matthew strolled up meekly to the bar. It wasn't often he went places like these and he felt a little out of his element. Ivan followed closely behind him, that same smile forever etched on his features. He was practically bubbling in anticipation.

When they got to the bar, a burly man behind the counter greeted them with a warm smile. "What can I get you boys?"

"Vodka." Ivan answered. The bartender nodded and shifted his gaze to Matthew, waiting expectantly.

"Uh…I'll just have a beer," he whispered, the bartender only barely hearing what he said. He nodded again and went off to grab their orders.

The two sat down and Russia frowned. "Why do you do that?"


"You speak completely normal when you're around me or your brother, but you become timid and whisper around everyone else."

Canada was silent for a moment. He pushed a stray piece of blond hair behind his ear. "I don't know. I've never been outgoing around people I barely know. Just shy I guess." At that moment, the man returned with their drinks, Ivan nodded in thanks and turned to his lover.

"You shouldn't be though. You have a lot of good ideas, but no one hears them." He slipped an arm around him, or as best he could considering they were on bar stools. "People would see how amazing and beautiful you really are if you would just speak up." Ivan spoke soft and smoothly as he held Matthew, a tender smile playing on his lips.

Matthew's face burned as he listened to Ivan's words, leaning into his touch. The Russian placed a gloved finger against Matthew's exceedingly pink cheek, staring into his violet eyes.

"Merci Ivan." Matthew leaned up and placed a light kiss on Ivan's lips.

The bartender, whose name just so happened to be Sheldon, was watching them from behind the counter, methodically cleaning glasses. With a whimsical smile, he leaned over to his partner. "They remind me of us when we first met Dante."

The other looked up from the inventory list and smiled as well. "They do, don't they…"

"They make a cute couple, just like we do~" Sheldon said, nudging his companion. Dante grinned and rolled his eyes as he went back to the list on his clipboard. Meanwhile, Sheldon casually walked over to the adorable pair. These drinks were on the house.


Ivan and Matthew didn't leave the bar until late that night. Needless to say, with all that free booze, it had been a promising evening… for Ivan.

After the third beer, Canada had undoubtedly become French Canada. Between shameless flirting and basically getting a lap dance, Ivan had been exceedingly entertained. Adding three maple martinis on top of that, made Matthew drunk enough to use the karaoke machine. Best. Idea. Ever!

Matthew stumbled onto the stage and sang 'Love Me Dead' by Ludo, using the microphone stand as a crutch and a stripper pole half way through (though no one got naked, Ivan made sure of that). Russia's jaw hit the floor. He didn't know Matthew could sing. The Russian also found himself the target of lines such as 'you suck so passionately', which both amused and aroused him, and judging by the very salacious smirk Canada was giving him, that was kind of the point.

Ivan thought it best to leave when his boyfriend was starting to get drunken wolf whistles and gawkers from random occupants of the bar. After sending said occupants vicious glares and giving the bartender a generous tip, the two stepped out into the frosty air.

Canada clung to his arm, completely warm despite the freezing temperatures. He giggled, looking up at Russia, his cheeks very pink from the alcohol. Ivan simply smiled and kept the drunken man steady as they neared his house.

Matthew kept stealing glances back at Ivan. He had to admit; when Ivan had alcohol in his system (or more than usual) he was actually kind of cute. Every time the Canadian made a flirtatious remark the man would blush uncontrollably, which only encouraged Matthew further. Despite being drunk himself, he had enjoyed seeing Ivan a bit tipsy as well. And as they neared the house, Matthew had one thing on his mind.


America and Belarus raced down the street. They hadn't seen the couple leave the bar initially and were now in a rush to keep up with them. The two had sat in awkward silence for the time they were out there. Natalia had seemed completely content with waiting stubbornly on that bench for her brother's return, Alfred on the other hand…not so much. He shifted uncomfortably in the silence, shivering from the cold, pulling at the ends of his thin bomber jacket. Several times he had tried to strike up conversation, only to be coldly ignored. As a result, his failed social attempts became childish whining and complaining. If Belarus had heard another 'when are they coming out', she would have punched him in the face. Which is exactly what she did, just in time to miss their prime targets leave the building.

So there they were, chasing after them, still attempting to go unseen. In the dark of the night, they neared Ivan and Matthew, their lungs gasping for air. The pair finally came into focus, revealing a very drunk Canada with his arms around Ivan, who looked extremely please with himself. The two had been standing on the porch for what seemed like awhile, and eventually moved inside, making America pick up his pace. We have to hurry. Russia will totally take advantage of Mattie.


Ivan chuckled as he removed a very horny Canadian from his body. "I'm not going to take advantage of you Matvey."

Matthew dramatically collapsed onto the couch. "Ugh, are you kidding me?" he whined. "You've been leading me o this entire day, just to tell me 'no' because I've had a few drinks? How much of a cock-block could you be?"

Ivan chuckled yet again. "I didn't expect Matvey to be this drunk."

"So? What does it matter?" he complained.

There was a pause. Russia's voice became much quieter and took on a much more serious tone. "I do not want Matvey to be sad or angry with me in the morning."

Silence filled the room. Matthew was taken aback by Ivan's words. He smiled gently and got up from his sea on the couch. Making his way over to Ivan, he rested one arm on his shoulder while his other hand came up to cup a pale cheek. "Ivan, I would never be mad at you for something like that. It'd be one thing if we weren't dating, but you're my boyfriend. And that's what boyfriends do. Have sex." He brought his head in close so their noses were almost touching. "You're not taking advantage of me, I want this. I want to be with you."

For a moment, all he could hear was Ivan's breathing. He held his own breath as he waited for a response. Suddenly, his prayers were answered when he was shoved against the wall, Ivan attacking his neck with passionate kisses and bites. Matthew gasped, his heart rate quickening as Ivan nibbled the sensitive area. The Canadian wrapped his legs around Russia's waist, lightly tugging at his hair and groaning in pleasure from the intimate touch. Ivan encircled Matthew's waist, keeping him firmly in place. He then met Matthew's lips with his own and the two made their way upstairs.

Alfred stared through the window in utter defeat. Having watched the entire scene, his mouth hung open in disbelief. Mattie really wanted this. He actually loves him, doesn't he…? This entire time Alfred had been trying to convince himself that this was all some evil communist plot to take control of Matthew and his lands. He thought surly Matthew had been acting that way out of fear of Russia. But that wasn't right, was it. Canada was strong and independent, sometimes America forgot that. He was his brother after all, he had to protect him.

Alfred rubbed the back of his neck. "He's really going through with this…" Looking to his right, he saw Belarus, a whole world of hurt in her eyes. Damn, I can't even imagine how she feels…

Betrayed. That's how she felt. "Big brother…" Tears in her eyes, she attempted to mask her anguish ad moved angrily toward the door.

America's eyes widened and he hurriedly grabbed her from behind. "Whoa, what are you doing?" That was a dumb question.

"I need to stop them," she said, her voice laced with obvious distress.

"I can't let you do that."

Her voice rose an octave. "What? How can you stop me? Don't you care about Canada?"

His grip tightened on her. "Of course I do!" He sighed. "Look, I care just as much about my brother as you do yours, but they love each other. They're happy together! Even I could see that, so I know you did too."

Natalia's voice broke. "N-no…"

America's voice was quiet and unyielding. "Yes. Russia love Canada."

"NO! Brother is confused! He's confused…" Natalia sunk to her knees, her slender body shaking from quiet sobs. She chanted to herself lightly, as of trying to convince herself it was the truth. "He's just confused. He's just confused…"

Alfred knelt down, gently wiping away a stray tear. "A part of me wishes you were right." Natalia looked at him with big, tear-filled blue eyes, desperate. Alfred just flashed her bright smile, one of the ones he was oh-so famous for, and leaned in, pressing his lips to hers. Shock consumed Belarus, but even more so when she found herself kissing back, causing America to grin into the kiss. When they pulled away, the two simply stared at each other for a while.

Then, Belarus stood up, adjusting her dress and turned to leave. "I have to go," she whispered.

Stunned, America watched her walk way before running after her. "Wait! So, I'll see you later then?" he asked hopefully.

She paused. "Yeah…" Her pale cheeks tinted pink, she retreated slowly down the street, leaving Alfred at the light.

After a moment of watching her go, gentle snowflakes began to fall, their icy touch biting at his skin. Taking this as is cue to go, Alfred turned around, shoved his hands in his pockets and walked. Lost in thought, he began to chuckle, which then turned into full-on laughter. He looked up at nothing in particular, the biggest grin of his life plastered to his face. "Well that was interesting," he said, and continued walking home.


On the particularly long way to the bedroom, Matthew and Ivan had discarded various amounts of clothing, leaving a distinct trail to their destination. By the time Matthew's back hit the sheets of his bed, he was in nothing more than his boxers. Ivan on the other hand, who definitely wore more clothing, still wore his pants and his scarf.

"That's not fair," the Canadian whined breathlessly. Ivan simply chuckled and hushed him with his lips. He plunged his tongue into Canada's mouth, exploring the wet cavern very thoroughly. Matthew moaned into the kiss, running his hands across his lover's broad chest, dragging his nails lightly over Ivan's pale skin. His lust felt like fire underneath his skin. Each touch sent sparks flying to his brain, and other vital areas. He constantly hungered for more. He needed it.

Ivan's lips traced his jaw line and down to his neck, sucking and biting, each action receiving small moans from Matthew. His tongue lapped at his soft skin, tracing his collarbone. The Russian bit down, earning him a sharp gasp. Russia stopped for a moment to glance at his handiwork. The nation writhed beneath him, craving more touch. His cheeks were flushed pink and his eyes glazed over in desire. That was it. These infernal boxers needed to come off! Working his hand to Matthew's waist, he tore the piece if clothing off, exposing Canada completely to him.

He looked down, a canine grin spreading across his face. "Little Matvey's not so 'little' after all."

Matthew rolled his eyes, but before he could respond further, Ivan tugged on his curl, causing him to cry out involuntarily. The Russian expertly twisted and pulled the lock of hair, his grin getting wider at each moan and groan he received. He rested his chin on his hand, as if perfectly content just watching the Canadian squirm in pleasure beneath him.

"Ivan please…" Russia leaned in, his face a breath away from Canada's.

"Da~?" he asked innocently.

Matthew's eyes narrowed. "Move," he stated aggressively. Before he even knew how to respond, Ivan found himself on his back, a very naked Matthew straddling his hips. "My turn~" he sang, placing his lips upon a smooth stomach. Matthew's tongue trailed across the toned surface, tasting its very essence.

The Canadian, made his way up the Russian's body at a painstakingly slow pace, the wet muscle swirling over warm, ivory flesh. Ivan grunted in disapproval of his speed, but Matthew just smirked, grinding against his still clothed groin teasingly. Ivan let out a low moan and placed his hands on Matthew's waist, encouraging him to continue.

Finally, Canada's lips found Russia's once again. He took this chance to remove the larger man's scarf. As he deepened the kiss, Matthew worked his fingers underneath the fabric, loosening it from around his neck. When a firm hand stopped him, Matthew bit down, making Ivan gasp and his grip slacken. The smaller nation pulled away, licking the man's blood from his lips and gazed down at him predatorily. Russia had never seen a more beautiful sight in his entire life.

Between breaths for air he managed to say, "Matvey is surprisingly forceful, da?"

Matthew raised an eyebrow and smirked. He loved being in control. "Well I have done this before."

Russia felt a slight pang of jealousy for Canada's previous lovers, but those thoughts quickly disappeared when Matthew began to unwind his scarf. "Matvey I-" Ivan was hushed when Matthew's tongue ran across his abused lip, lapping at the remainder of the blood.

When the fabric left his skin, Matthew felt Ivan stiffen. He looked at his neck, frowning. The exposed skin revealed several battled scars. Jagged lines ran horizontally across his neck, no doubt from enemy blades, which had torn through flesh in an attempt to take Russia's life. Little had those fools known you cannot kill a nation. These were Ivan's well-kept secret and only confidence issue.

Without hesitation, Matthew pressed his lips to one of the scars, running them lightly over the surface. When he was done, he pulled away and did the same to the others. Kissing them…accepting them. With each gentle touch, Ivan found himself his muscles relaxing. His hands found their way back to Matthew's waist and traveled up his back, caressing every curve. Matthew focused on a particularly gnarled scar, one which had undoubtedly been reopened several times in various murder attempts. He traced it gently over and over with supple lips.

Ivan ran his fingers through Matthew's hair, his actions becoming less passion induced and more loving. It wasn't long before he slowly turned the tables so that he was, once again, on top of his lover. He then began to kiss him fervently, hungrily devouring Matthew's lips in a series of tender kisses.

Pulling away for a moment, his violet eyes mixed with Matthew's. "I love you," he whispered.

Matthew smiled and brought his hand to Ivan's cheek. "I love you too, Ivan."

Their lips locked yet again in heated passion. Fingers found their way to the hem of Ivan's pants…and you can imagine what happened next.


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