That supernatural episode ive been waiting for

THEN: Sam was soulless, but is now back in action, and the brotherly duo have been hunting some weird monsters. Meanwhile the war in heaven goes on, as well as the search for purgatory. Remember= the trickster, who was really Gabriel. But was Loki the only trickster in the world?...

NOW: Dean slipped the faded cassette into the slot and turned the volume dial up slowly. "The Ocean" by Led Zeppelin began playing. He bobbed his head to the familiar chords of Robert Plant and grinned as Sam began to arouse from his sleep. He blinked a few times and shook his head before frowning at Dean.

"What's going on?"

Dean shrugged. "I was getting a little bored and I wanted to listen to some music. It's not a crime, Sammy."

Sam groaned and winced. "It is at 12 o clock at night!"

Dean laughed. "Hey it's morning somewhere right?" Sam just glared and gave him the classic bitchface. Seeing it warmed Dean a little- he hadn't realized how many everyday expressions he missed when Sammy was RoboSam. The bitchfaces for one, that always made him laugh even when he was a kid. But it was also the dimpled smiles and laughter and even- god forbid- the infamous puppy-dog eyes. He could tell what Sammy was thinking simply by the expressions on his face and the way he acted- maybe it was a big brother thing. He hadn't realized how much he depended on those little actions until faced with an emotionless, cold, psycho who may have looked like Sam- but clearly wasn't. He shuddered to think of him, but took solace in the fact that at least for now, he had his little brother back. As long as he had Sammy, he could deal with everything else. That was the truth- even back in 2007, he was more than up to the challenge of facing a demonic army- because he had Sammy by his side, alive and well. Maybe Chuck was right. Maybe Dean and Sam were erotically codependent. But they were all they had in the world, and they had to stick together no matter what happened. Because that's what families do. Dean smiled.

Sam snapped him out of his reverie. "I need to sleep on a real bed for a change tonight- this car is giving me a backache. And you look like you're about to pass out as well, so why don't you take the next exit before you drive off the road, ok?" he remarked as Dean snapped his attention back to the Impala which was slowly deviating from the center of the road. Damn he's good. Then Dean chuckled, so Sam glanced at him questioningly.


"Still can't get used to you needing to sleep."

Sam snorted. "Haha very funny. At least I wasn't spending my year playing golf." he teased.


"Jerk!" Ah this was what Dean missed most- the bickering. He pulled off the exit and parked in the motel lot. Sam slowly pulled his gigantic frame out of the car, stretching and groaning. Ugh why can't the car be a little bigger? Dean saw him mentally complaining and laughed, receiving a punch in the shoulder. They got a room and settled in for the night.

The next morning Sam woke up feeling nice and relaxed. He smiled and turned over in his bed, but his happiness turned to suspicion- hadn't he gone to sleep on a crappy motel room bed? So shouldn't he be aching all over? His eyes blinked open and the first thing he saw was a different ceiling than the one he had closed his eyes to last night. Blinking furiously he sat up straight- and nearly crashed his head into the ceiling. "What the-" he began, taking in his surroundings with widened eyes. He was in some kind of trailer, like an RV. There was a bunch of clothes strewn on the floor, but they weren't his. He slid off the bed and stood up, walking around. There was a TV with a table in front, and lying on it was a big packet with a sticky note attached. It read: For Jared. Filming starts on Tuesday. Going over lines with Jensen on Monday. "Jared? Who's Jared?" he murmured to himself. He then spotted a bunch of picture frames near his bed area. The man in the pictures looked exactly like him, except he dressed in more expensive clothing. "Alternate reality maybe?" he wondered aloud. Then he spotted one of him and Dean. Dean was also dressed differently. They were laughing and looking like they were having a great time. Like they didn't have a care in the world. Sam shook his head. "What is this place?"