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Kingdom Hearts Remake 3: The Heartless Syndicate

Prologue: Start of a New Journey

Part I. Recap

-A/N: My Kingdom Hearts 3 will take place after coded, will take into consideration the events of 358/2 Days (Xion will make an appearance) and Birth By Sleep will be taken into account (Ven will be there, too). All this is taken directly from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. I may put edits though to implement the 'edits' I have.-

Hidden truths

Terra and Master Xehanort stand in a black abyss. The two have a faint glow around them, as they are actually their hearts inside the new Xehanort, and are conversing. Master Xehanort wonders aloud how Terra can still remain there after being possessed. Terra responds that it is still his body and he is eventually going to expel Master Xehanort from his body. Master Xehanort merely shrugs this off, convinced that Terra will not be able to counter the darkness, but Terra reveals that Master Eraqus is residing within him, and no matter what, he will not stop fighting until he has foiled Master Xehanort. The elderly Keyblade Master shows no concern, and gleefully informs Terra that possessing him was merely one of many roads he chose to take.

Image of their backs, preserved in memory.

The new Xehanort is seen walking through the corridors of Ansem the Wise's castle. Braig approaches him and attempts to start conversation but finds himself completely rebuked. Shocked at his lacking response, Braig immediately deduces that "Master Xehanort" surely has lost all of his memories. Looking into Xehanort's eyes, he asks precariously if the man standing before him is actually Terra. Xehanort remains silent, but Braig pats him on the back and states lightly that it doesn't matter, and that he's "got his back." As the two walk on, Ienzo and Ansem the Wise appear in the hall, holding hands and eating sea-salt ice cream. Just before he and his young apprentice turn a corner, Ienzo stops, gaining his master's attention. The young apprentice turns his head to see Braig and Xehanort walking away together behind them. Ansem also looks back thoughtfully at the backs of Xehanort and Braig.

Two who were never meant to meet

A hooded Ansem the Wise sits in the Dark Margin, wearing a Black Coat. Aqua appears next to him, asks his name and how he ended up in the Dark Realm. Ansem remarks how rarely he has guests, says it's his second time on these shores and explains his memory has faded almost completely, "much like the first time," so he has difficulty recalling his past. Aqua sits next to him on the shore and states that she fell into the darkness and has been wandering for a long time, unable to find a way to her original world. Ansem asks why she wants to return, to which Aqua replies she promised she would be there for her friends. Hearing the word "friends," Ansem remembers he had once known a boy who was very similar to her, a boy who is loyal and true to his friends, and travels across the worlds to safeguard the Light.

Ansem explains to Aqua that the worlds were almost swallowed by Darkness multiple times and that they were always saved by a boy wielding his Keyblade. Hearing this, Aqua asks if the boy's name happens to be Terra or Ventus. Ansem tells her that it is neither of them and explains further that it has been over a year since he had met the boy. He reflects aloud that through seeking vengeance he did many terrible things to the boy and his friends, causing so many people to suffer. He blames it on his conscience and the fact he has the heart of a researcher, and reveals that as the boy slept, he hid his research data within him. Ansem realizes that the boy, whose heart is connected to so many others, could possibly open the door and save those who are suffering because of him, remarking that they are all waiting to be born anew from sleep. Aqua then requests the boy's name.

All the pieces lie where they fell

Naminé is seen in the White Room of the Old Mansion in Twilight Town, finishing a drawing of Sora on the Paopu Tree. She says Sora's name and the scene changes to Roxas, Xion, and Axel, who are sitting happily together on the Clock Tower with sea-salt ice cream and looking into the sunset. Roxas and Xion also say Sora's name. Ventus is seen sitting asleep at the Land of Departure, where Terra appears next to him. Ven wakes up and the two also say Sora's name while looking at a shooting star. Back at the Dark Margin, Aqua begins to cry tears of joy having heard the name of the little boy she met on Destiny Islands. She too says Sora's name while looking to the moon in the horizon of the Realm of Darkness.

Where they wait for him...

Sora is then seen sitting on the bent Paopu tree in the Destiny Islands with a look of determination on his face. Riku walks up to him from behind, asking if he has decided yet. Sora is seen holding King Mickey's letter from the end of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts coded, saying that he has. Kairi appears and Sora explains to her that he needs to venture out and help the people who need him, because he is who he is now because of them. Kairi smiles and places her Lucky Charm in his hand and tells him, "See you soon."

Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts

(after the events of coded)

King Mickey and Yen Sid are seen mid-conversation in the Sorcerer's Chamber of the Mysterious Tower. Mickey says that they may be close to knowing the location of Ventus's heart, and Yen Sid concludes that the only one left to find is Terra.

Yen Sid then proceeds to tell Mickey that he wonders what Xehanort's next intentions will be. Mickey is puzzled as to how Xehanort could even be around, as both his Heartless (Ansem) and his Nobody (Xemnas) have been destroyed by Sora. Yen Sid explains to him that in doing so, Sora actually freed Xehanort's heart from the Heartless, Ansem, and vanquished his left over body which had become Xemnas. Both halves have now reconstructed the original Xehanort, which will also eventually lead to the return of his original incarnation, Master Xehanort.

Mickey assures Yen Sid that he, Sora, and Riku will be there to counter Xehanort should he attack the Realm of Light again, but Yen Sid explains that Sora and Riku are not powerful enough like Mickey, who is a true Keyblade Master, and furthermore, tells Mickey that one Keyblade Master alone will not be enough to face what is "not a single one of Xehanort".

Before Mickey can question this occurrence, Yen Sid orders Mickey to summon Sora and Riku to him to undertake a Mark of Mastery Exam.

Part II. Meeting an Old Friend

In an empty city somewhere…

"Doctor Octogonapus! BLAHHHH!"

-A/N: There's no meme here. The character himself is here.-

Kairi dodged the beam of pure energy that was about to hit her. With the Destiny's Embrace in hand, she rushed straight for her opponent. He was her height, had orange clean-cut hair, wore a pair of shades, a grey jumpsuit of some kind, and had four long robotic appendages out of his back.

"Doctor Octogonapus! BLAHHHH!"

After Doctor Octogonapus said his name, his mouth turned red and his eyes went wid open and crazy-looking. Like before, another beam of pure energy emerged from his wide-open mouth and was headed straight for her. Having no time to dodge, she cast Reflega and the beam was reflected right back at the doctor. This shoved him back as Kairi followed up with a sphere of light. As the Light spell hit, she retreated to a dark alley between two buildings.

Kairi took deep breaths as she planned on what to do next. Before she could do so, Dr. Octogonapus appeared, said his name, and then blasted another beam at her. She dodged by wall-jumping her way up, and then flipping onto the rooftop of one of the buildings. She then followed with a Fira spell, shooting two balls of fire that went right for the doctor.

Dr. Octogonapus blocked the attack with his 'tentacles', and the fireballs created a cloud of smoke upon impact. Then, he said his name and fired a beam again, right for Kairi, who jumped forward. When the beam stopped, the female Keyblade wielder was now inside the smoke cloud. She then cast Lightra, in which a sphere of light shone from the tip of her Keyblade and dissipated the smoke, and 'irradiated' Dr. Octogonapus. The doctor then fell to the ground, defeated.

"Nicely done, Kairi Earthsea.", said a voice.

All of a sudden, the entire landscape (and Dr. Octogonapus) seemed to fall apart into data and before she knew it, she was in a holographic training room of sorts and she wore a headset that projected the whole fight. Kairi took it off and headed to the door to be greeted by an anthropomorphic yellow Eyrie.

"How did I do, Fiorina?", Kairi asked.

"You dealt with that Level 3 Dr. Octogonapus program quite nicely.", the Eyrie remarked. The hardest is Level 10. "Another month of training and I'd say you'll reach the same level as Sora and Riku. Or at least their level before they left to take their Mark of Mastery exams from Master Yen Sid."

It was two years since then. Prior to that, the whole island was told about their adventures and the school made sure to send them loads of homework to do to make up for their inevitable absence. Kairi giggled upon remembering that thought. As thanks for returning Team Meridell home, she, as well as Sora and Riku, were allowed access to the Neopets Agency Headquarters and their other bases. However, access to the rest of Neopia is restricted for security reasons and to keep the concept of other worlds a secret to the 'users'.

"How'd you know about that?", Kairi asked the Eyrie.

"About what?"

"Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery Exam?"

"You told me about it for the past year when you decided to go train in Neopia."

"Oh, right."

"By the way, NA received a message. It was from Sora Windsun and Riku Rivenhart. They are waiting for you at Radiant Garden."

"Wow! I get to see them again!", Kairi cheered, then asked. "But why in Radiant Garden and not Destiny Islands?"

"I don't know either. I also don't know how they know how to send it to the Agency itself, but they said that another threat is coming and they need your help."

"Do you think Rael could come too?"


Just then, something on Fiorina's wrist rang. It was her communicator. The Eyrie answered it.

"Fiorina Lowearth.", a voice from the communicator said. "This is Prytariel Rosada. Please come over to the Terror Mountain base. There's something you need to see."

"On my way." Fiorina turned off the device, turned to Kairi, and said. "Come with me."


Sometime later, at the Terror Mountain sector of the Neopets Agency (The NA has bases scattered all over Neopia), Fiorina and Kairi met up with an anthropomorphic Cloud Aisha, who wore a a hood over her black-haired head which had holes for her ears, a pair of earmuffs on the hood, and had a uniform that was different from the ones Team Meridell wore. These uniforms seemed to have two brown 'belts' crossing each other at the center, and a blue and white vertical-striped top. The bottom was cyan and the footwear seemed to vary between Neopets; Prytariel's were simple boots with some white furry covering.

"Okay, what is it?", Fiorina asked the Aisha.

"Well, it's concerning a certain victim of the Snowager."

"What's so special about this one? There have been many victims and all of them came out fine after a swig of some Healing Potions or a visit to the Healing Springs."

"I think you should come see for yourself."

Prytariel led Fiorina and Kairi to a special room, where there was a block of ice being melted. Inside it were a Yellow Acara, a Yellow Usul, a Yellow Grundo, a Yellow Shoyru, and—

"Oh, no!", Kairi gasped upon seeing me among the frozen. Around the ice blocks were certain devices that were preparing to melt the ice.

-A/N: In here, I'm wearing the same clothes from Kingdom Hearts Remake 2.-

"Don't worry.", Prytariel assured her. "He'll be fine. Thankfully, the Snowager's ice breath is harmless, so there is no need to worry about hypothermia, frostbite, shock, suffocation, ice crystals forming in the body, or anything like that."

-A/N: The reason behind how I found out about all the stuff mentioned above is by Kairi explaining after.-

Just then, the ice broke and clouded the area in mist. However, there was something strange. As the mist cleared, Among the four Yellow Neopets were—

"Aww, great.", I complained, looking at myself. "I'm a Kacheek again!"

Sure enough, I was back in my Blue Kacheek form I assumed back at the time of Eithne's attack in Neopia. And my clothes have disappeared too instead of bunching over my now smaller form.

"Great.", the Acara complained. "What should we do now?"

Just then, for some unknown reason, a fireball came flying straight towards me and hit. This made a cloud of smoke and when it cleared, I was human again. And wearing the clothes I had before I turned into a Kacheek.

"Now I didn't expect that."

"Umm…" Kairi turned to Fiorina and asked, "Where were we?"

"Oh, yes, I remember. It's about Sora and Riku asking that you come to Radiant Garden."

"What for?", I asked.

"I'm guessing you want to know?"

"Of course."



We now lounged at my Neohome, which now had a secret portal to the Faerieland sector of the NA. After I introduced my Neopets to Kairi, Fiorina then explained the message.

"And…that pretty much sums it up.", she finished, after a couple of minutes passed.

"Okay…Guess I'm coming."

"You sure?", Kairi asked. "I mean, your life in—"

"Don't worry. When my consciousness here ends upon my waking there, once it starts again, it will be at the second it ended, so I don't go unconscious at any time. I don't know how that is possible, but I'll go with it."

"Mind if we come too?", Messerole, the Yellow Grundo asked.

"What?", I gasped.

"Come on, come on. Please?", Aquanax pleaded, making 'that look' with her big Acara eyes. With such a look, I just wasn't able to resist.

"Oh, all right.", I conceded. "But those talismans we had when we fought Eithne were destroyed, right?"

"Well, despite that, we still have some of our 'book skills'.", Euryflavia said. "Aaand, ever since joining the Agency as the mini-squadron called Yellow Travelers, we got some new weapons, too."

Each of my Neopets rushed to their beds (I was never able to put up walls in my Neohome), looked underneath them, took some things there, and then ran back to the table where Fiorina, Kairi, and I sat around.

"Of course, we don't reveal to have them when you play with us as a user.", Tychophon said as he showed his weapon. It was a yellow compound bow and a gold-tinted quiver that seemed to be closed save for a hole to pull out an arrow.

Aquanax had an electric-blue colored cannon of some kind that was to be mounted on her back and was shaped like the "bazooka" Yoris had.

Messerole had a green wind-and-fire wheel (which I mistakenly called a chakram) that had a cross handle in it and a small 'piece of tech' that he said was for the weapon to return to him at will.

Euryflavia wielded a simple-looking red morning-star (a spiked mace) which had a button on it to make it vibrate, resulting in more damage dealt, which reminded me of Squall's gunblade, as shown when she did a few test swings in front of me.

"So…may we come?", Aquanax asked again.

"I already said yes, remember?", I told her. My four Neopets cheered upon hearing this and jumped to me.

Part III. New Allies

Later, Fiorina, Kairi, me, and my four Neopets were now at the Kreludor sector of the NA, at the hangar to be exact. With us were "Wizard" Windelle, and four other (anthropomorphic) Neopets. We stood below a large Gummi Ship with a ramp leading inside open. I also noticed that the vessel seemed to have the basic shape of a 5-point star and its weapon systems were colored white.

-A/N: I'm no good when it comes to detailing the outside of a space ship or any large vehicle, so bear with me.-

One of the Neopets was a Skunk Kacheek and I identified him to be Montecito of Team Brightvale, judging by his green uniform with a white streak across it lined with yellow.

The second was a Faerie Kacheek whom I identified as Babolino of Team Faerieland, taking to account his (yes, his) pink-and-purple uniform.

The third was an Island Mynci with a large build, surpassing even Ilsa in terms of size, and seems to wear only a green strap (with accents of tan), a pair of triangular earrings, two rings strapped with grass, and a grass skirt, most of which are standard uniform of Team Mystery Island.

The fourth was a Shadow Mynci who sported, along with the standard uniform of Team Shenkuu, a eyepatch over his right eye.

"Allow me to introduce the agents who will be joining you on this…adventure.", Fiorina explained to Kairi. "The black-and-white Kacheek is Montecito. Don't let his cute looks fool you. In addition to craftiness and tenacity, he fights dirty when he gets the chance. The Kacheek with Faerie wings is Babolino. He hits fast, but he isn't very durable. This big Mynci here is Volgoth. He may look like dumb muscle, but his intelligence is average, being a squad leader and all. And the black Mynci is Foltaggio. He's small, but he's strong and has quite a short temper."

"Why are they all here?", Kairi asked.

"Didn't she just tell you?", Wizard told her.

"Oh, right."

"Also, the reason why it's like this is because the rest of Team Meridell is still a little…homesick. And also because after hearing of our adventures with Sora, some of them wanted a piece of the action as well."

"Shouldn't we get going already?", Foltaggio asked impatiently.

"Okay.", Fiorina said, then turned to me. "Get on board. The Estrella will be ready to take off soon."

"That's the name of the ship?", I asked, pointing to the vessel above as the other Neopets, including the four I own, got moving.

"Yes. For some reason, the Falcon, the one you made, came to Kreludor."

"What? I thought it was at Disney Castle, after it mysteriously came to Destiny Islands to fetch the King, Django, Donald, and Goofy. Who was piloting the Falcon?"

"The team sent to investigate seemed to, for some reason, forget who the pilot was. I'm thinking whoever piloted the ship here also wiped the memories of whoever interacted with him. I don't know why he would do that, but…"

"Never mind.", I cut in. "Who'll be flying the Falcon?"

"Wizard will. It's supposed to be classified information but…he's also bringing certain items that will be crucial to what you guys will be partaking in."


"Hey! Hurry up!", Babolino called from the ramp. "We're almost ready to go."

"On it!", I called back. "Well, it's time for me to go."

"Good luck.", Fiorina said as I made my way up the ramp and into the Estrella.

-A/N: All this takes place in Neopia after the Altador Cup V (2010).-

Part IV. A Message

A month ago, at Disney Castle…

After the Mark of Mastery Exam for Sora and Riku was over, Yen Sid advised King Mickey that he head for home to rest. The King conceded and he piloted his new Gummi Ship, the Monarch, to Disney Castle. After greeting his dear Queen Minnie, the moment he 'hit the sack', he received a dream. He was slowly falling onto a stained glass platform. Unlike most, this one seemed to be around three times larger than usual.

The outer ring had numerous circles with head shots of more than a hundred individuals. Most of them he didn't recognize, but these were what he identified; Tarzan, Jack Skellington, Peter Pan, Mulan, Captain Jack Sparrow, Simba, Hercules, Chicken Little, Leon, Irvine, Rinoa, Cloud, Aladdin, Ariel, Beast, Tron, Auron, Dumbo, Stitch, and Hayner.

While he didn't know the following, these piqued his attention: a grown-up male deer, a young man with orange hair and a pair of glasses which lenses seemed a bit small for his eyes, a blue horned creature with purple spots, a blue bug, a man with a funny hat of sorts, a brown-haired teenager who had the look of an adventurer, a hooded woman with dusty-blond hair, a blond girl with long pigtails and a jeweled headpiece, a blue haired girl with yellow star hair clips, a dark-green haired girl with a beaded headband, a girl with a khaki-colored cap and glasses, a noticeably younger girl with dark blue hair and brown eyes, a small purple unicorn with two highlights—magenta and pink—on her mane, and four other males whom he couldn't describe or don't have any other prominent features.

At the bottom of the inner circle were Sora, himself, Kairi and Riku. To their right were me, Fiorina, Wizard, and Django. To the Keyblade wielders' right were four unknown figures, although one of them seemed to be related to the Solar Boy, the monarch guessed. Above all of them were the people Sora had to free from their torment; Ventus, Aqua, Terra, Axel, Naminé, Roxas, Xion (as Data Naminé had told him about). There was also a boy about Sora's age, who had black skin, brown eyes, crew cut black hair, and wielded two metallic 'blades', although they looked more like rods.

When he finally landed, he sensed a presence behind him, summoned his Keyblade, the Kingdom Key D, and turned around. There stood three of the four mysterious figures he saw at the mural. Upon closer inspection he saw that they had black, grey, and white monk's robes. The one with the grey robes had the face of a toad, though the color on him was split evenly between orange and purple. He also had brown, clean-cut hair. The one in black robes had the face of a Siberian husky, although his fur was purple and he had black, well-combed hair reaching to his neck. The one in white robes had a face that seemed to remind him of Sir Pollonaire, although this one was female (taking into account her figure compared with the other two), was colored orange (compared to Pollonaire's green), and had long wavy blond hair.

"Who are you?", asked Mickey. The grey robed figure stepped forward.

"You may refer to us as the Fusiliers of Shadows.", he said. "I am Joel. My purple friend here is David, and the orange one is Hayden."

"…Okay. What do you want, and why I am here?", asked the King.

"To deliver you these.", Joel said as he pulled out three papers and tossed them to the King. "You are to deliver them, King Mickey."


"The papers will appear in your hand once you wake up.", Hayden explained. "And how we know who you are, it's better left unsaid."

"The first letter is to be hung in the Postern of Radiant Garden, so that people may volunteer.", David said. "The second one is to be sent to Sora and Riku, who are to relay it to our friends in Neopia. The third is to be sent to a boy named Jerry Estevez."

"Who's that?" asked Mickey.

"He is a resident of Radiant Garden and has powers greater than that of a certain friend of Sora's who used what I believe is called a lightsaber. He shall be of great help."

"Why should I do this?"

The three ignored his question and Joel then said, "Another of Sora's friends, a Gunner of Light named "Wizard" Windelle will arrive with a pack of items that you will need."

"How do I know I can trust you?"

"It has been prophesied by Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony, that there will be a great calamity that will threaten this universe, and the heroes here are, as of now, not strong enough to repel this."

King Mickey gasped from this. He knew Cosmos, and he knew that if a threat was so severe that she foresaw it, it was definitely serious. "What would you like to be done?", asked the king.

"You, and those who volunteer are to assemble at Radiant Garden, where Wizard shall distribute the items you need to use for your journey.", said David. "Take your vessel with you as you'll need to divide into three groups. From there, the items will guide you."

"But what are these items you keep talking about?"

"Once you gather, Wizard will explain.", Hayden assured him.

And with that, Mickey awoke. It may seem to have been only a few minutes, but he felt like he slept for hours.

Part V. Maleficent's Plan

In The World That Never Was…

Maleficent was proud of herself. With the help of Xin, and his remaining Crescent Units (four of them, not counting himself and Autumnus), she was able to redecorate the Organization's old castle, The Castle That Never Was, to suit her. This meaning the castle now had a dark look compared to the pale whiteness it once had and plenty of vines with thorns lined the hallways. Some of the castle was destroyed from the Lumus Squad's conflict against Xemnas, but most of the Castle luckily remained intact. She was looking out a window that showed the Dark City below the castle.

"Maleficent," said Xin, "Everyone has assembled. Shall we start now?"


Maleficent was in a conference room. (1) Along with what's left of the Crescent Alliance, she had managed to amass yet another group of villains, each of them with a desire for ultimate darkness. Notably, she was able to assemble this 'club' much faster than the previous one.

"Do you know why we are here?", she asked. Although she knew the answer, she wanted to see if they knew.

"Kingdom Hearts?", guessed a small furry figure.

"Yes, and no.", Xin corrected. "We won't try and conquer it until the Keyblade wielders and the Gunners of Light have been dealt with, the former of which some of you have already met."

"That is true, I think somebody Pete met once before met one of such.", said a sinister lion, who happened to look like the 'form' Autumnus assumed when he was in the Pride Lands. He wore a collar for translating his thoughts to the others. "And a Gunner of Light, too."

"How are we to destroy them?", asked another of these villains, who communicated through a large mirror of sorts provided by the Crescent Alliance. Through the mirror, all that could be described about him was that he seemed to be a man of the sea in the literal sense.

"Darkness, of course.", Autumnus answered, toying with a silver sphere that had the Nobody sigil on it. "And with these, we got the Nobodies under our control as well."

"Do we attack the islands?", asked a man in black.

"No.", Pete answered. "Word is the Keyblade wielders are no longer there. Also, you should know that the Gunners of Light reside in a world that cannot be reached by the Heartless."

"It should be also noted though that an female entity of fire was able to control them and attack that world with the Heartless.", Autumnus noted. (2)

"We're getting off the subject.", Pete told Autumnus gruffly.

"For once, you're right, Pete.", Maleficent agreed.

"Where are we going to find these heroes of light?", asked a large blue spider monster.

"That, we do not know.", Xin said. "However, we do know that the Gunners of Light have left that particular world Pete mentioned earlier."

"So…what do we do then?", asked a well-muscled man in a red suit.

"We look for them.", Maleficent said. "Meeting adjourned, you may leave."

And so they did, each escorted through a Dark Corridor by a Crescent Unit, although the man in black opened his own and the mirror was merely stowed away. Each of these villains had a different reason for wanting darkness, but they all had valid ones.

"You think they're good enough to take them on?", asked Pete.

Xin and Maleficent didn't answer as they looked back outside. Feeling ignored, Pete decided to leave and Autumnus joined him.

"This new group had better pay off soon.", Xin told the sorceress.

Suddenly, said sorceress felt something odd and looked to where she thought it was coming from. There was nothing or no one there. It felt familiar.

"Something wrong?", the Wutian asked.

"Pay me no mind.", Maleficent told Xin. "I'm simply making plans."

"I see."

Part VI. Jerry

The boy checked his bag. There was nothing inside.

Well, it's feeding time., he thought. He was 17 years old, had crew cut black hair, dark brown eyes and an average build. He wore a plain black T-shirt adorned with a white circle and two mountain range-like shapes near its sides. He also wore denim pants dyed in black, a red hooded cape, white sneakers and matching leather motorcycle gloves.

He went to the payphone, put in a 1 munny coin, and dialed the phone number of the store that was just a block away. There was a ring tone.

"Hello there.", he said. "Are you the manger of the food shipment business?"

"Yes, why?", asked the man on the other end of the line.

"You sir have the chance to win 500,000 munny!", the boy said.

"What? Are you serious!"

"Yes I am. Now please stay on the line." The boy put the phone's speaker next to a tape recorder that played what some people would call elevator music. The boy then ran into a nearby alley, and then checked to see if anybody was looking. There was no one. No one except a bum, although he can 'convince' him that everything's fine. He made his way to the back door of the store, where the clerk was still on the phone.

This is too easy., he thought. He looked around and saw food. Using his powers, the food 'floated' into the air and flew straight to the boy's backpack and moments later, his backpack was filled with enough food for a baker's dozen (3) of people. A perfect balance of nutrition. He quickly left and ran to the payphone saying, "Have a nice day." He then hung up.

"Way too easy.", he added to himself.

"Hey! Hold it!", someone yelled. He turned around and saw the law enforcers coming his way. Not long ago, The Radiant Garden Restoration Committee had set up a police force. The big machines used in the Battle of the X000 Heartless have since been decommissioned, although the Saucers and Alert Heads were still in service. He came into blows with them numerous times. As he fled, he suddenly ran into an alley. And a dead end.

"Hold it right there!", said the 'officer' as two of his comrades backed him up.

"Take it easy. I can explain.", the boy said as he confronted Zell, Rinoa, and Irvine.

"Tell that to Squall once we take you in!", Zell said as he pulled out a metallic sphere and tossed it to the ground. It then exploded, releasing a wave of strange energy.

"And what should that be?", asked the boy.

"That, Jerry, would be an A.M.P. detonator.", Irvine explained. "Anti-Magic Pulse. For the next few minutes, magic cannot be used within a radius of one meter."

The boy, Jerry, clapped his hands in slow applause. "Well done.", he said. "That's quite an effective weapon. Too bad you used it on the wrong target."

"What do you mean?", Rinoa asked.

"I don't use magic. At least not the sort you guys use."

He lifted his right hand at eye level, and quickly pulled it back, clenching his fist. At that instant, Zell's feet flew forward and he flipped before falling flat on his back. Rinoa launched her blaster edge, which curved forward and cut a rope conveniently holding up a heavy crate of 500 pounds. As the crate fell on Jerry, he 'caught' it mid-air, and then 'tossed' it right behind him. When the crate landed on the ground with a loud crash, Irvine fired a few rounds from his rifle, but all the bullets 'stopped' short an inch from Jerry's open palm and hovered there. The boy then wagged his finger, let the bullets drop, and then 'pushed' the sniper down. Rinoa made no move to attack again, seeing what Jerry just pulled off on her comrades.

"Wise move, girl.", Jerry said calmly, and then made an informal salute of sorts. "Hasta la vista." He then leaped very high into the air, landing on a fire escape, and then jumped again onto the roof and out of sight.

"Rats!", Zell cussed as he got up. "He got away again!"

Rinoa gave a sigh and said, "Perhaps Jerry is not worth arresting. After all, he's not a threat to society."

"Perhaps not.", Irvine replied. "But remember that he already had 78 cases of theft and just as many cases of resisting arrest. With that much crimes, he should be behind bars by now."

"Let's just return to the RGRCHQ.", Zell sighed. "We'll catch him one day."



Somewhere in Radiant Garden was an orphanage. It was rather run-down, but it was serviceable enough to be still running. Jerry made his way to the place's back door. after knocking on it for a while, the door opened to reveal an elderly man in gray clothes.

"Ah. Good to see you, Jerry."

"Good to see you too, Mr. Dotson. How are the kids?"

"Doing fine, young man. Please come in."

Jerry entered the orphanage's kitchen and took out the food he had stolen from the store earlier.

"Don't tell me that these were stolen from Jones' General Store.", said Mr. Dotson.

"Sorry, but you know I couldn't bear to see the kids become homeless, begging in the streets, and stealing for their survival. So that's why I do it for them; to spare them from such a fate."

"And the million munny you stole the other day?"

"I got them from the greedy rich. They won't miss it. And they deserve it."

"Jerry?", a little voice asked. "Is that you?"

A second later, a dozen kids came running in from the doorway leading to the hall. They all came and hugged the black boy, who hugged them in return.

"What did you bring this time?", asked a little pigtailed girl.

"Did you manage to get some candy?" A short white-skinned boy.

"Where are the chili fries you promised us?" Another kid.

"And the cheesecake." A redhead tyke.

"And the fried shrimp."

"And the chili dogs."

"Whoa, whoa, kids.", Jerry stopped them. "I can't fulfill all those promises."

"You're back, Jerry.", a sweet voice said.

From the doorway to the hall, a blond-haired girl with glasses in a maid's uniform came into view.

"Ms. Delaney.", Jerry said sheepishly. "Nice to see you again."

"I just received a letter from the post office today. The letter stated it was for you."

"Really. Wait… How did the post office know I go here?" Sometimes, he sleeps at the orphanage. Other times, he braves the streets so as not to put the place at risk from potential sinister figures.

"I don't know either.", said Ms. Delaney as she gave him a glass bottle, which had a letter inside, along with a map of Radiant Garden. Jerry took out the letter and read it out loud.

"Dear Jerry Estevez,

You may not know who I am, but your assistance will be a great help to me. If you choose to accept, the worlds may be saved. For more details, I would like you to meet up with Sora Windsun, Riku Rivenhart, Kairi Earthsea, and whatever companions they may have. They will be at the Fountain Court. Use the city map attached to this message to find it. I hope to see you soon.


King Mickey Mouse"

Jerry closed the letter and took out the map. He opened it and saw that it was indeed a map of Radiant Garden. On the map, the Fountain Court was marked by a circle with two other circles overlapping it. (4) He then put away the map into his pocket.

Looks like I can't refuse this offer., he thought, then turned to the kids and said, "Kids, I'm afraid I'll be gone for a while."

"Why?", asked one of the kids.

"I received a letter from a king.", Jerry explained. "It's not something I can turn down."

"Will you be back soon?", asked another kid.

"I will. Hasta la vista."

With that, Jerry left the orphanage and made his way to the Fountain Court, where the prelude to an adventure is about to begin.

-Yellow Travelers Chronicler- (5)


Neopets (2007)

A Yellow Grundo. My third Neopet. He acts very friendly to others and likes to gather food.


Neopets (2007)

A Yellow Acara. My second Neopet. She smiles sweetly to others and likes to gather food.


Neopets (2007)

A Yellow Usul. My fourth Neopet. She tried to make friends with whoever she meets and likes gathering food.


Neopets (2007)

A Yellow Shoyru. My first Neopet. He was once blue, but I painted him yellow. He approaches others with caution, and likes to read and learn.

Prytarial Rosada

Neopets (2006)

The leader of Team Terror Mountain.

Montecito Gonzales

Neopets (2006)

A member of Team Brightvale.

While he may look cute and innocent, he fights dirty and has a powerful tackle despite his size. He is also crafty and tenacious.

Babolino Sparkeleye

Neopets (2006)

A member of Team Faerieland.

Fast and energetic, he is known to hit hard and fast. However, he tends to lose focus, resulting in hard and fast hits against him as well.

Volgoth Eljung

Neopets (2006)

The leader of Team Mystery Island.

Despite his lack of technique and craftiness, he is a powerful combatant in his own right. While he seems to have a weak grammar, he possesses average intelligence.

Foltaggio Binoshi

Neopets (2007)

A member of Team Shenkuu.

He's a young and talented agent, and is rather strong despite his size although he easily gets frustrated. he reason he wears an eye-patch is not because of an accident, but to be able to see well in the dark.

(1) The same regular conference room that Sora and co. (me included, of course), found as we wandered around the Castle's interior.

(2) Neopets Warden Force.

(3) Thirteen, if you don't know.

(4) You know what I'm trying to portray; the Mickey symbol.

(5) Jiminy isn't here, so this is this chapter's "Journal". After all, There has been Riku's D Report.