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"The dresser," Santana muttered, walking forward with Brittany still in her arms, stopping when the tops of Brittany's thighs met the hard wood surface of her bedroom dresser.

Snaking a hand up the blonde's back she pushed gently until Brittany was bent over it, her breasts pooling against the smooth surface. Santana curved herself along Brittany's back, her own chest pressed firmly against it as her hands reached to stroke the sides of her girlfriend's breasts. Brittany mewled, crying out softly in reaction to the feather light touch.

With one hand Santana moved Brittany's hair off to the side of her neck, laying soft kisses on the exposed skin, while the other trailed down her spine and over the curve of her ass. She parted her own legs slightly before reaching between Brittany's, the taller girl automatically shifting her stance so as to give Santana better access.

With her legs placed further apart, Santana could easily fit a hand between them, her fingers stroking up and down slick wetness, coating themselves in Brittany's fluids. Lightly massaging her girlfriend's outer folds between her thumb and curled index finger, Santana let out a moan.

Almost nothing turned her on more than knowing Brittany was ready for her, that the blonde was anticipating her every move.

"Santana, you're mean, you know that?" Brittany said breathily, her rhetorical question only heightening Santana's arousal.

"Mean to you? Never. How could my hands on you ever be mean?"

She planted her kisses along Brittany's neck and the tops of her shoulder more firmly, lightly sucking at her pulse point when she ran across it as her mouth roamed. Fingers traced Brittany's entrance, delighting in the moistness found there and the ease in which they moved through the folds, the heat of Brittany's center almost burning her. She near thrust in at that exact moment, her desire to be inside her girlfriend increasing the longer she made her wait.

"San, please," Brittany begged, her voice barely audible through her light pants.

"Say it," Santana whispered, edging her finger tips closer to Brittany's opening before darting them away, drawing them up her folds and just barely grazing her clit. Brittany gasped, her hips jerking back against Santana.

"I'm yours."

As soon as the words left Brittany's mouth, Santana gave in willingly, plunging digits inside. She loved this, loved being able to be the primary reason for every good feeling Brittany could possibly experience.

Gasping at the sudden intrusion, Brittany jutted her hips back and then rocked forward into the dresser, hitting the top of her slit against the edge.

"God, you feel so good," Brittany groaned as Santana moved her fingers with expert timing, happily making Brittany squirm and grind into the dresser.

"You're so fucking hot, I love being inside of you, my fingers deep..." Santana breathed between kisses, now harder than before.

Brittany let out a groan and Santana worked her fingers faster, and bucked her hips experimentally. The sudden intake of breath from Brittany and the tightening around her fingers let her know it was okay, and she did it again, pressing Brittany's sex against the hard wood again.

"Oh god, god, Santana... That, do that," Brittany whined, her hips moving from side to side slightly as she squared up her stance.

Once she was more stable, Santana bucked again, thrusting her fingers in deeper and retracting them as she let Brittany's hips rebound off the edge of the dresser. Before the next charge of her pelvis, she paused to open the blonde's folds further, exposing her clit to the mahogany, a more direct way to stimulate the sensitive bundle of nerves. Again she sent Brittany forward, and Brittany cried out sharply.


The pair were lucky that the dresser was already backed against a wall as they continued on, Santana's hips sending Brittany's colliding into it at a fevered pace, both gasping and moaning at their newfound position.

Glancing up at the mirror attached to the piece of furniture they were using as a sexual device, Santana did a full body shudder. Good lord, was her girlfriend perfect, mouth hanging slightly agape and entire body flushed. She nibbled on the outer shell of Brittany's ear, the entire time watching them in the mirror, bodies rocking in perfect sync with each other.

"Slow down," Santana said quietly, her unoccupied hand flattening across the blonde's stomach, urging her to take it down a notch. Brittany went with it, breathing hard and whimpering lowly, her body flinching.

Santana set their pace again, pressing Brittany into the dresser and then slowly rotating her hips, rubbing the blonde's sex against it at a torpid speed. Brittany's head fell back onto Santana's shoulder, but Santana shook her head, nudging her cheek with her nose.


Brittany did as she said, watching her own breasts bob and jiggle as Santana moved her pelvis in agonizing circles. Her eyes trailed up to see Santana's face, eyes hooded with lust and a lazy smirk on her face. She leaned in to whisper into Brittany's ear, Brittany's breath catching slightly, her eyes locked with Santana's in the mirror.

"Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous?" Santana asked in a soft voice, her tone loving and slightly proud. Her fingers were still working themselves in and out of Brittany's body, but at the sight of her exposed clit in the mirror, Santana sank the hand on Brittany's stomach lower, pressing the pad of her index finger to the nub.

Brittany let out a low moan, her eyes closing. Santana took it away, lifting her finger off of the bundle, nodding towards the mirror again.

"No, look. Look at yourself. You're so beautiful, do you see that?" she husked, ghosting soft kisses down Brittany's jaw.

Brittany looked, but saw nothing but Santana, her sleek form molding against hers, hair tossed over her shoulders and Brittany's alike, her face confident and full of pride as she overlooked their reflections, obviously enjoying the view. Santana's grace and prowess were all she could see in that mirror, and the love reflected in her eyes almost made Brittany tear up.

"You're beautiful," she murmered back, turning her face to meet Santana's and kissing her tenderly, drawing her into a disarmingly deep and sweet lip lock.

They went on like that for awhile, Santana slowly rotating their hips as one body, thumping against Brittany's clit with one hand while the fingers on the other probed inside of her deeply. Santana kept her eyes trained on Brittany's in the mirror the entire time, bringing her girlfriend to a creeping climax.

When she came it wasn't loud or hurried, but soft and calm, her body shuddering gently. She reclined against Santana's chest, her head lolling against her shoulder. Santana delivered chaste kisses as she came down, and once Brittany had rode out her orgasm, led her to the bed and flopped down, spent.

"That was amazing," Brittany whispered, snuggling against Santana, the brunette's back against her chest. Santana nodded and swallowed hard, her eyes closing sleepily.

She was kept awake by Brittany reaching around her waist, wading just inside of her body, two fingers together and moving effortlessly over the smooth stretch of muscle. She was very carefully avoiding Santana's clit, much to the brunette's relief, still aching at her core from earlier.

Besides, Santana understood this was hardly sexual at this point, both of them too exhausted to continue on, but rather a display of intimacy, Brittany feeling her and enjoying being this close to her girlfriend. Both of them found the fluid strokes relaxing, and Brittany hummed happily into Santana's neck, laying sweet kisses along her jugular, her movements growing more languid as they both became drowsier.

"I love you, Britt," Santana said softly, her voice heavy.

"I love you, too," the blonde replied, kissing the back of Santana's head gently. "More often."

Santana chuckled, knowing exactly what Brittany meant in her post-sex haze.


Eventually Santana drifted off first, Brittany's hand still between her legs. Santana shifted slightly closer in her sleep, causing Brittany to sigh happily, a sleepy smile on her face.

"I win."