I don't own Alice in Wonderland or any of its characters. Based on the 2010 Tim Burton film.

Rated M for explicit adult content.

Warning - erotic manipulation through magic.

A continuation of "The Language of the Fan" which was written for the Live Journal Pr0n Battle.

Alice has to discover and face painful truths before she can move on with her life. With a dear friend at her side, will she move forward into a happy future filled with love, or live her life alone?

The Language Of The Fan

Chapter 6

Prince Raymond of Purple critically studied his reflection in the looking glass. Was there something unattractive or distasteful about him? He was a young man, only several years older than Queen Mirana. He had an athletic physique due to years of soldier's training, so his body was not a problem. He was a head taller than the Queen, and his face was open and pleasing. He had a complexion almost as pale as his fiancée's and his violet-grey eyes were considered to be very attractive. His hair was Han purple, full, slightly wavy and just brushed his shoulders.

The Prince knew that he wasn't the handsomest man in the Realms, but he certainly was handsome enough to fit the definition of the word. He was easy-going, well-schooled in manners, and he knew almost as much of the Healing Arts as the White Queen. So, why was it that Queen Mirana now behaved so impersonally toward him?

She had accepted his proposal of marriage, and he had been nothing short of delighted. Mirana was not only the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes upon, but she was one of the kindest, gentlest, and accomplished as well. She was one of the best healers he had ever met and her wit and conversation was a source of constant delight.

In fact, she had been pure delight in every way..until today. The moment he had met with her for breakfast she had suddenly and inexplicably cooled towards him. Even before today, she had not appeared to be overly enthusiastic about their upcoming wedding, but she had been pleasingly friendly and even expressed optimism about their future together. Everyone knew that theirs was a political alliance, true, but they had been getting on quite well, and he was rapidly seeing in her a woman he could grow to genuinely love.

Had he done something to offend her? He replayed the last several weeks over and over in his mind. The Prince tried to recall every meal, every walk, every conversation both public and private; but he could not recall anything that would have suddenly dampened her spirits and her attitude regarding him.

Prince Raymond sighed and went to the writing desk in his guest room in the castle. He would send his younger sister, Angelique, a note requesting that she meet with him. Perhaps, as a Princess and a woman, she would have some insight regarding his fiancée's odd behaviour. He had no desire to worry over-much about this situation but he did want to start his new life as pleasantly as possible.

However, if Mirana persisted with her undesirable behaviour and his sister was unable to advise him well, he would be compelled to take matters into his own hands.

Tarrant put a hand on Alice's shoulder and she looked up from her reading.

"Love, you haven't turned a page in almost ten minutes. Are you worried about her? It's all right to be, you know."

Alice sighed and closed the book. Tarrant seated himself beside her on the sofa and she leaned into him. He turned and held her to his chest.

"I am worried about her, Tarrant. She's engaged to the Prince, but her stand-offish behaviour has been the gossip of Marmoreal for weeks now!"

"She still loves you," Tarrant said softly, kissing her forehead.

"Perhaps she does," Alice murmured, "or at least she thinks she does, but it doesn't matter any more! She is engaged to be married and I love you and am engaged to you! I just worry for her because I care for her. But the Prince deserves her now, and she is beginning to anger people. It will be bad for all of us if she offends the Kingdom of Purple! And...and it will be bad for her."

"She'll make herself miserable over what cannot be," Tarrant murmured into her hair. "I feel for her, too, Alice. But you are right; she made her Choice and she is now obligated to live with the consequences of that Choice."

"Her Choice needn't be painful, either," Alice agreed. "He's a very amiable man. I've spoken with him several times. And Tarrant, he is infatuated with Mirana! He was so happy when she accepted him!"

Tarrant couldn't help but smile. "I forgot to tell you that I met him, too. He came to the work room and put in orders for the wedding ensemble. I've have only once seen a happier man!"

Alice giggled at that. "So, you have seen a happier engaged man, then?"

He chuckled. "Yes, Alice; myself! I am the happiest man in the world! I still..." He broke off, his voice choking. "I still can hardly believe that you'll have me!"

Alice turned her head and kissed his cheek. "Tarrant, I love you! I loved you first, I love you now, and I'll love you last. I suppose that means that you'll have to just accept the fact that I'm yours forever!"

"A lovely prospect," he sighed happily, his eyes glowing. "If that is my Fate, then I am the most fortunate of men."

Alice sobered. "Tarrant, I don't know about that. After all, I hurt you so much when I...when I..."

"You needn't say anything, lass. I know. Besides, would you ever have been able to truly love me if it hadn't been of your own free will? Or if I had betrayed my broken heart and you had come to me only from guilt?"

Alice thought for a few moments. "I suppose not, Tarrant; at least not as completely or quite the way I do now. Since coming back here to stay I've learned and grown and matured so much. I am my own person again. I love you completely and utterly and unconditionally; but I am my own. With her, I didn't belong to myself. I don't understand why, but I did not." She paused. "I think...I think that Mirana is almost...well...not quite human. At least not like you and I. She's...different."

Tarrant held her to him more tightly and delighted in Alice's sound of contentment. "She is certainly different from us, Alice. It may be because she's a Royal. Or perhaps she is made peculiar by Underland herself. But I agree with you. There is an air of something very queer about her. Very engaging and wonderful; but still, very queer."

"Well, then Prince Raymond is likely much the same as she is," Alice replied. "Oh, I do hope they mend whatever differences they have, and soon!"

"Of course you're right," Tarrant whispered into her ear, "but at this very moment, with you in my arms and so delightfully close, I can not bring myself to care." He moved one hand to her skirt and began slowly ruching it up her thigh.

Alice sucked in her breath and shuddered. "I'm not...ooh!"

"Wearing stockings? I know," he said against her throat. He pressed a hot kiss against her throbbing pulse and Alice shivered. Her skirt rose higher until his bare hand grazed her naked flesh. "And no bloomers? Naughty!"

"Well, you said that you didn't want to be hindered any more!" she gasped, squirming when his questing fingers grazed over her most intimate place.

"Gud garhl..." he burred, sweeping his tongue over her ear lobe.

"Tarrant!" she screeched, her body stiffening and her head slamming back into his chest.

Tarrant grinned. If he could get this reaction by a mere grazing of his fingers, how would she react when he used them more...purposefully?

He did, she reacted most satisfactorily, and neither thought of Mirana again for the rest of the night.

Princess Angelique normally did not concern herself with family marriages or engagements. She was concerned this time, however, because her favourite brother was disturbed and unhappy. She had spoken with him about his concerns and agreed with him.

The Queen's behaviour was no secret. It was the gossip of the castle and more and more people were developing concerns. It was not right! She should be showing her fiancé more care and concern; if not genuinely, at least for the sake of propriety. But it didn't seem as if Mirana could be bothered to even put on a good show, and putting on Good Shows was something for which the White Queen was renowned.

However, her brother clearly was enamoured with this woman, and Angelique wanted him to be happy. She herself liked Mirana and the two had become friendly. However, the Queen had confided nothing that would indicate why she would suddenly withdraw her affection and attentions from her intended.

That mystery, however, was one that Angelique might be able to solve. The White Queen was not the only person who knew how to scry. Oh, she had not confided this ability to anyone, as far as the Princess knew, but she had seen the signs and subtleties that a scryer had about their person. She knew that Mirana was a master of that particular art, but she doubted that Mirana knew that she was as well. Her friend had been pre-occupied since the day they met. She likely suspected nothing.

Well, it hardly mattered. Angelique went to the looking glass in what would soon be her permanent room. Her determined visage stared back at her. Yes, she was determined; she was determined to find out anything she could about Queen Mirana that could possibly help her brother.

She liked Mirana, but she loved her brother. Her brother wanted to not only marry the White Queen, but to be happy with her, and make her happy in return. Angelique wanted that, too.

Pressing her pale lavender-white palm against the glass Angelique chanted the incantation that would allow her to view Mirana, wherever she may be.

To her astonishment and amusement, the Princess saw that Mirana was seated before her Looking Glass in her chambers. The Queen was not only absorbed in whatever it was she was observing in the glass, she was also doing it starkers!

Angelique clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles. Wouldn't Mirana be mortified if she knew that she was being observed...wait...she wasn't just watching something, she was...

She was pleasuring herself! One white hand was at her breast, and the other between her legs. The Queen was moaning and sighing as she stroked her maidenhood and pinched and rolled a black-red nipple.

Fascinated, and more than just a little aroused at the sight of the lovely Queen, the Princess fought the urge to continue to watch her friend. She moved her hands before the glass, coaxing it to bring into greater relief the image in Mirana's Looking Glass.

In the glass was the image of a golden-haired young woman who Angelique recognized at once. It was the Champion, Alice Kingsleigh! Alice was merely seated at a writing table perusing some letters or documents. But Mirana found this arousing, for some reason.

And then Angelique understood. The White Queen was in love with the Champion! She had almost forgotten the whispers she had heard when she, her brother, and their entourage had first arrived in Marmoreal. The whispers were of a scandalous nature, claiming that the Queen and her Champion were 'more than friends and comrades.'

It was obviously true. Mirana tossed her head back, her long, swan-like neck arching and her white curls swaying madly about as she cried out the Champion's name. Angelique watched, her own nipples hardening and her quim moistening, as the Queen reached her climax. Oh, she was exquisite, she was! Mirana panted and sighed as she slowly came down from her Peak.

The Princess fought her own desires as she voraciously devoured the succulent sight before her. Her brother needed to know! He needed to know that his intended was distracted by her own Champion.

But before she would see her brother, she would fetch one of her Tomes. It could prove to be quite...useful.

"Thank you, sister," Prince Raymond gasped as he ran his hand lovingly over the aged book. "You are giving me a gift beyond price."

"You are quite welcome," Angelique said, accepting his kiss to her cheek. "Just don't forget that if you perform that spell the effects will be permanent. I do not know if there is any way for it to be reversed, should you desire it."

"I won't," Raymond said. "I...I want her, Angelique. I want her, I desire her, and I may even love her. She will be my wife, but she will not make a cuckold of me."

Angelique nodded. "I understand. She is as beautiful and desirable as she is intelligent, isn't she? I can see why you want her so much."

"Yes, and until yesterday, I know that she also wanted me; even if not quite as much as she does that girl. But after I perform the spell she will have no choice in the matter."

The Princess smiled and took his hand. "You will both be very happy, Raymond. I would, if it is still agreeable to you, like to live here permanently."

Raymond clasped her hand. "Of course! I would have it no other way, dear sister. Besides, it won't be just Mirana and I who will be happy, but Mirana, myself, and you."

His sister gasped and blushed. She averted her gaze and Raymond chuckled.

"It is all right, Angelique! I've always known you prefer women. And I am a strong proponent of...sharing. Besides, it is obvious that my wife-to-be has a taste for women as well as the occassional man."

The Princess raised her gaze and saw her brother smiling at her. "Thank you," she whispered shyly. "I...I didn't know if you...that is..."

Prince Raymond laughed and kissed her hand. "Not to worry, my dear! Now, if you would be so kind, please go and see my intended. Keep her entertained until dinner."

"I'll be certain to bring back some strands of her hair," Angelique replied. "Oh, it will be easy. These Whites know absolutely nothing of Purple Magics!"

"Well, this sort of Purple Magic has been kept secret all these centuries for...obvious reasons," her brother replied. "But I shall make certain that my beloved shall enjoy its benefits as much as we will."

"But it is quite possible that she will resist and be angry," Angelique worried. "After all, who would truly enjoy being enslaved in such a way?"

"She will, by the time I make myself crystal clear to her," the Prince said. "And," he added, "I am quite skilled in the erotic arts. I'll satisfy her beyond her greatest hopes and expectations."

His sister nodded, reassured, and left the room. After all, her brother knew best. He always had.

Tarrant shuffled impatiently from foot to foot. He wanted to be married to his Alice as quickly as possible, and that blasted woman was dithering about! Did she really still believe that Alice loved her?

"What is she doing?" Alice whispered, watching the Queen taking an extraordinarily long time writing in the Royal Wedding Book.

"Delaying the inevitable," Tarrant grumbled, smoothing a hand over his white and silver wedding suit. He smiled at Alice, trying to reassure her. "But don't worry, my love, everything will be all right."

"It has to be!" she said desperately. "Absolem was supposed to marry us! I can't believe she dismissed him and is planning to do this herself!"

Tarrant nodded grimly, but with a hint of sadness for their friend. "She's denying to herself that you love me and are marrying me. She can't face it, Alice. I think she may be hoping you'll..."

Alice put her hand on his cheek and turned his face to hers. "You don't doubt me or our love, do you?"

He shook his head, smiling. But his eyes were misted with tears. "No, Alice, I don't." He suddenly seized her hand and kissed her palm.. "I just feel sorry for her. But I'm also angry with her."

"I know; I feel the same way," she replied. "I think I'll...tell her, Tarrant! She must suffer these delusions no longer. They do no-one any good."

"Very well," Tarrant whispered. "I thought that you may need this." He reached into the inside of his coat and drew her fan from a hidden pocket. "Here's your fan. Just let it dangle from your wrist so it will be there if you need it."

Alice nodded, feeling her veil sway slightly. She took the fan and looped it around her wrist. Then she turned her attention to her veil as its tiny stones caught the light and shimmered. They was getting married and Tarrant had given her this incredible accessory as his finest gift!

Tarrant had hand-crafted it himself, along with their entire wedding ensemble. But her veil - he had outdone himself! It was lovingly created of the finest white lace and studded with diamonds and aquamarine. Her silk wedding gown was white with 'Alice Blue' lace at the décolletage, sleeves, and hemline.

Her bridal bouquet was a lovely mixture of white roses and blue forget-me-nots. The forget-me-nots were Tarrant's idea, even though he had merely meant to tease Alice when he suggested them. He had joked that she used to forget him on a fairly frequent basis, and if her bridal bouquet contained forget-me-nots, then she would never forget him again!

Alice had laughed herself into tears but decided that those flowers would be perfect, not only for what they represented, but for their pleasing blue colour.

Finally, after what seemed ages to the bride, groom, and all of the guests, the Queen at last sighed and stood before the eager couple. Alice tried to behave as if she were calm and placid, when, in reality, she was anything but. She had no desire to hurt Mirana, yet...

Well, perhaps she did. She had been hurt by this woman. She had been used and hurt. Mirana had never told Alice that their love would always come after duty. She had never told Alice that she would marry and keep her as a dirty little secret on the side.

Mirana deserved to know how she felt and she had to be made aware that she was no longer hers to manipulate. Her marriage would see the end of her apparently continuing delusions. She loved Tarrant and was going to marry him. She opened and closed her fan several times, before allowing it to dangle from her wrist and taking her bouquet from Princess Angelique of Purple.

You are cruel.

She had been cruel, Alice thought, but in the next moment she regretted her action. The flash of pain in Mirana's eyes caused Alice's heart to clench in sympathy. No, she did not love Mirana; but she still cared about her as a dear friend. But then, why had Mirana dismissed Absolem and took over her and Tarrant's ceremony herself?

But of course she knew the answer. Mirana obviousy hoped that Alice would back out and leave Tarrant heart-broken at the altar and then...what? Prostrate herself before the Queen and beg for her love?

No! Perhaps she no longer felt so guilty about her action. This was her wedding, and Tarrant's, and they deserved better than to be emotionally manipulated.

She broke protocol and shifted her bouquet to one hand and took Tarrant's hand in her other. They were together; for now and forever, and no-one would ever come between them.

Tarrant squeezed her hand reassuringly and then nodded to Mirana to begin the ceremony.

Swallowing audibly, the Queen did. In a slightly tremulous voice she began. By the end her voice was steady, but her eyes were red-rimmed and shining with unshed tears.

Alice and Tarrant shared their first kiss as man and wife.

Prince Raymond had had enough. He was not proud of his jealousy, but the Queen was his intended, and he would suffer her public slights no longer. For the first time he focussed his mind to take mental control over the Queen. He focussed and focussed...

Had the spell failed? Was the White Queen immune to the powerful magics of Purple?

However, as soon as Mirana introduced the Hightopps to the assembly her eyes sought him out. She flushed and gasped. A look of realisation mixed with fear crossed her face and the Prince couldn't help but smile. The spell had not failed! She was his now and she knew it!

Mirana made her way to him as quickly as she could amidst the people pressing in to congratulate the newly-weds.

"Your Highness, what is the meaning of this?" she hissed into his ear.

She was panting, her breasts rapidly rising and falling with each desperate breath, and her blush now extended down to colour the pale flesh below her white lace neckline to the top of her bosom.

She suddenly gasped and momentarily sagged against him. He gallantly caught her and restored her balance.

"Are you all right, my dear?" he asked silkily.

"You know very well I am...ahhh...not!" She unconsciously rubbed her upper body against him, then pulled back, horrified. She glanced down at herself and suddenly crossed her arms over her breasts to conceal the hardened nipples, the peaks of which were visible from beneath the lace.

"It seems that you are in need of my...assistance?" he purred.

"This is inexcusable!" she spat. "Reverse that spell at once!"

Her fiancé focussed his efforts on a more intimate place and was immensely satisfied when the Queen lost her cool façade and moaned, sagging against him once more.

"Please!" she whispered, unable to ignore the surging desires that invisible fingers were coaxing from her body.

"I'll intensify your desire until you make a public spectacle of yourself!" the Prince warned her.

"No, please don't!" she gasped. "Raymond, we were becoming friends!" She clutched his arm and gritted her teeth as a bolt of desire shot straight to her core.

"And we shall be, and much more, if you behave yourself and stop making a fool of me," he coolly informed her.

Mirana stared into his violet-grey eyes and saw the raw determination and utter confidence in them. Despite her anger and embarrassment, she felt a stab of admiration and respect for him. She was not pleased by her actions when she reflected upon her recent behaviour. She couldn't help it if she loved Alice...but still, she had a duty to her betrothed. And he had been more than tolerant with her lately...

"Shall we adjourn to my chambers?" he asked, breaking into her thoughts and placing her hand in the crook of his arm.

Mirana shuddered, but the sensation was not entirely unpleasant. She willingly accompanied her fiancé as he made their farewells and excuses for them.

Princess Angelique caught her brother's eye and smiled. Yes, she thought, he and Mirana would be a very happy couple. Mirana respected strength and craved passion. She would have both in her soon-to-be King.

Prince Raymond escorted Mirana out of the large room and into the hallway leading to his chambers. Tonight he would have her all to himself.

"You will not disappoint me, I trust?" Mirana asked him pointedly, surprising him. "After all, you have seen fit to...enslave me in...passion. May I assume you will completely satisfy my needs and desires?"

"But of course," the Prince responded with a genuine smile. "I will be the husband of your dreams, my dear Mirana. I promise you."

"Well then, I shall hold you to that."

Mirana did not delude herself into thinking that her love for Alice would fade immediately; however, she had new hope for her upcoming marriage. It seemed her fiancé was a strong man who knew how to take charge in a difficult situation. Also, he was not evil; Mirana knew that. He was strong of will, however, and if he was strong of will, he would make for a splendid King. And husband.

Perhaps things would not go so badly for her, after all.

As they reached the door to the Prince's chambers, Mirana looked back towards where they had come. She felt a pang in her heart, but she truly wished the best for Alice and Tarrant.

The Prince swept her inside and pulled her flush against him.

Mirana gasped when his lips crashed down on hers. After a moment, she relaxed into the kiss. He was a good kisser for a man, she thought, and his lips tasted faintly like blueberries.

Yes, he held great promise, as did their future. It would take time for her heart to heal, but heal it would. In time. For now, she had a man who was eager to pleasure her. Not a bad ending for a night that had started out poorly.

And Mirana was one who believed in making her own luck. Of course, Prince Raymond had beaten her to the draw this time, but she would make the most of it. She had always had a knack for helping circumstances along to her own benefit, and those she cared for, and this relationship and marriage would be no different.

She moved from his embrace and stepped towards the bed.

"Shall we?" she asked, reaching behind her and beginning to undo the laces of her gown..

His eyes glittered with desire and she smiled in satisfaction. Yes, she would make her own luck.