Waking up to find him next to me was a shock and what I did next wasn't the smarter thing to do...Your wondering what I did well I hightailed it out of there got my clothes and left without an explanation to him But I needed to get my Mind straight.

Running to My apartment which it wasn't that far away from his Just down the hall from him, Little snippets of memory of the event kept on coming back to me did I do right in sleeping with him? God knows I love him But what we have is not a Healthy relationship. Showering trying to clean all the sweat and smell of beer from me, trying to convince my self that I didn't do anything wrong here but why does it feel that way?

Coming out of the shower I make my way to my room I change into a simple Tshirt and jeans, head towards the kitchen to drink some coffee and some pill cause this headache is killing me. The shrill of my phone brings me out of my thoughts.

"Hey" I answer letting go of the breath I was holding

"Hey Bella, Its jake just wanted to make sure you were doing Ok" why does he have to sound so Happy at this Godly Hour

"Hey jake, yea I'm doing good with a headache" I say hoping he doesn't expect to come over please God don't let him ask that not right now please, Checking the hour on my microwave I see its past Eleven O'clock

"Listen I was wondering if you wanted to go out and get something to eat I mean if you don't have any plans" Crap just what i wanted to avoid.. did I give him hopes last night Not that I can recall

"I'm sorry Jake but not right now I have a mean headache I just want to get some rest I'm really sorry" I explain my way out Hoping he doesn't get his feelings hurt but right now all I can think about is space I need space and time to think things through any other girl would be overjoyed they slept with the Great Edward Fucking Cullen But me I'm more scared about loosing him, loosing his friendship.

"oh of course Im sorry I'm an idiot" I snort at him for saying that

"You are not an idiot I'm just not feeling good But I'll take a raincheck if you don't mind"

"of course some other day then"

"Bye jake"

"Bye bella"

I hang up finishing my coffee wondering if Hailey is planning on speaking to Alice anytime soon about James. What does two idiots did is going to cost them Tiny Alice is a very vengeful person. The last twit who got in between her and her last boyfriend learned the hard way Don't mess with miss Brandon. Up to this day Jessica's face shows the scars Alice left her when they got in a fight Paul wasn't left behind, I wonder if his eardrum works now last time I heard he wasn't able to hear through his left Ear the one The pixie Blew the horn into. I sigh thinking How sweet Alice looks but its like the saying Never judge a book by its cover and boy did they judge Alice the wrong way.

I lay on my couch thinking about everything I remembered about last night and this morning "Fuck" I moaned while covering my face wondering How will I Face him IF I face him. I can just get all my belongings and run away like a teenager throwing a tantrum No that would be the coward way out and I know Im not a fucking coward I'm far from it. With plans on avoiding him I fall into peaceful slumber forgetting any drama of life I have going on.


"Jesus Christ can you Knock any fucking louder" I yelled to whoever is pounding at my Door waking me Up " Im fucking coming" I say as I opened the door My mouth goes dry every thought leaves me, what was I saying before I snoozed off?

"I know I can make you come I saw that this morning What I want to know is why the fuck did You leave without saying anything to me" Green angry eyes pierced to me making my knees weak remembering Those lips on my skin. A shudder goes through me and I know he noticed that stupid smirk gives him away.

Alright I want to apologize for not updating But would you believe me if i told you i couldn't remember my password? no of course you wouldn't but its the truth My dumbass even forgot my email thank the lordy I found an old book with notes when i was moving... anyways expect updates I hope you guys will still follow this story.