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Y o u a n d M e t o g e t h e r

'First Grade'

Santana began to get restless, she couldn't wait anymore. She and Puck hadn't seen each other all summer and today he should be coming back from where he was, frankly Santana didn't care. She just wanted to see him.

"Mommy…" She whined towards her mother who was washing the dishes.

The tall woman sighed, "Yes sweets?"

The little pigtailed girl scrunched up her nose, "Is Puck home yet?"

Her mother stopped what she was doing, and smiled at her little daughter. "No. I don't think so... I've already told you that about ten minutes ago Santana."

Santana frowned at her mom, and stomped out her house to her backyard. She looked over at the Puckerman's household and peeped inside the kitchen door, trying to see if she saw anyone. To her luck, she saw a little figure walking back and forth from the family room to the kitchen. She immediately ran over to their house, and knocked on the screen door.

Puck came walking towards the door and smiled as he opened the door. "Hey!"

Santana's smile fell as soon as she saw her friend's hair. "Wha-wha-what happened to your hair!" She commanded at him, putting her hands on her hips.

Her friend grinned, evilly at her. "While I was over my grandmother's over the summer I asked her if I could shave my hair. She has bad hearing and her hearing aid wasn't on and she agreed."

"So you gave yourself a Mohawk?" The girl asked him, tapping her foot on the ground.

He nodded in agreement. "It's showing off my bad side."

"Pucky, you're stupid." Santana concluded, walking towards her house. "See you at school tomorrow!" She yelled back at him.

Puck waved at her, as he went back into his home; getting ready for the first day of 1st grade….

Santana woke up the next morning; rudely awaken by the sound from the kitchen. She slipped on her slippers and went down to the kitchen automatically smelling her fav- actually Puck's favorite chocolate chip pancakes. This led her to see a very hungry, eating Puck, devouring the pancakes.

"What are you doing here?" She giggled as she sat down at the bar.

"Mom and Dad had work." He muffled through eating. "Your mom's taking me to school."

Santana nodded and got up, feeling queasy all of a sudden. She went up to her room and looked at what her mother picked out for her to wear. She stuck out her tongue in dislike and placed it back in her closet, taking out a yellow skirt and pink and white blouse. Santana took out her Mary Janes and got ready. She had a feeling, a pit feeling, a weird sensational feeling, which she wanted to look good for someone. She went down the stairs as her mother and Puck were about to leave out the door, Puck smiled at her and grabbed her hand leading her out the door.

Santana's POV

So far my first day back has been a success. Until recess that is. Finn, Mike, Matt started paying way too much attention to Puck's new hairstyle. Brittany even said that it made him 'superman'. Rachel told him that it made him 'Broadway material' and she couldn't wait to work with him. I stopped over to Puck, angry because usually I have the attention. Not Noah. I stood in front of him, and began my tantrum.

"Puucck!" I spat out first, poking his chest. He looked up at me, and raised an eyebrow. "We're no longer married. We are divorced. You can forget the fantasy that we both had in mind for later in life. You officially have cooties." I finished off, satisfied with my choice of words.

Puck looked sad, and at the same time he put on his most confident face and said the most irritating thing ever. "So…?" He shrugged, "You have cooties now too." He finished off, walking away with the guys.

I was left; I couldn't believe my ex-husband left me like that. I took off the ring he gave me long ago, and aimed it at his head; then chucked it at him. It successfully hit his head and he flung his head forward, growling back at me.

I smiled and winked, walking away; going towards Brittany who was sitting on the swing.

"I hate Puck." I frowned, pushing Brittany on the swing.

"So do I." She huffed, trying to pump her legs.

"How could he do this to me? I thought we were married! He knew I liked attention."

"Do you think bunnies have their own bunny language when they talk?"

I stopped pushing Brittany, and stared at her. "I don't know."

Puck's POV

Santana's got some issues. Why would she throw her ring at me? I got her that ring; it took me 13 boxes of Cheerios to get that. Now I hate Cheerios.

"Santana is crazy." I frowned at the guys in front of me.

"No she's not, she's pretty." Matt smiled nodding his head.

"No she's a bully." I corrected Matt, shaking my head.

"So are you..." Finn snickered at me. "I'm surprised you guys got a divorce."

"Brittany promised she would never divorce me..." Mike admitted to everyone, beaming with pride.

"So, that's because she's dumb." I growled under my breath.

"I heard that!" Mike said aloud.

"Also girls have cooties." I told them.

"What are cooties?" Finn asked, raising his eyebrows.

"It's a nasty bug girls have. And if boys catch cooties, we will be cursed forever!" I screeched, raising my hands up.

The guy's eyebrows widened with interest.

"Brittany has cooties?" Mike frowned, scratching his arm.


"And Santana too?" Matt asked.

I nodded, "Yeah."

"Rachel?" Finn asked.


"What about Tina? Or Mercedes?" Artie asked, as he wheeled over to us.

"Yeah, all girls have them. Even our moms." I told them, informing them.

Finn started scratching himself, "Ewh! I'm cootie-fied!"

Mike frowned, "I gotta get a divorce to Brittany…" He said as he walked towards where Brittany and Santana were.

Santana's POV

Mike walked over and got a divorce with Brittany, and I knew stupid Puck told him too.

"It's okay Brittany…" I tried to coo her. "Mike had cooties, he wasn't king material for you."

She continued crying, and then automatically stopped. "What are cooties Santana?"

"Uhm… Cooties are a nasty ugly sickness and germ that guys have and it's sticky; guys always have it. Even your dad." I answered Brittany.

"Oooh. That's nasty. I'm glad I don't have cooties." Brittany smiled at me, nodding.

Then Rachel Berry, her heiress came over. "I overheard your talk about 'cooties' Santana." She smiled, quoting cooties. "Cooties aren't real. They're made believe. My dad's say so. And if they say so, it's right." She concluded.

"Rachel you're never right, so I suggest you gets off Britt's and I case. M'kay?" I shot back at her, glaring.

"I was just telling you the truth." Rachel huffed, and walked away.

"Rachel talks too much." Brittany admitted out of the blue.

"I agree, she doesn't know how to shut up." I sighed, as we walked back into the classroom. Puck kept staring at me, so I started staring back. Then for the last hour of school; Puck and I were at it back and forth with each other….

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