"So who exactly was that?" The Hive-Mind asked. He plopped down in the chair next to Tzeentch, who was busy holding an icepack to his still tender beak.

"It's... very complicated. I'm not really sure I understand myself at this point."

Khorne was sitting on the other side of Tzeentch, gripping at his chest. When the hammer hit him so hard that even his daemonic anatomy was heavily injured. He was coughing up blood, well, more blood than usual anyway.

"If I ever see that horrible bitch again, I'll take her skull." He swore, pulling his broadsword out. He lifted it up, realizing that the blade had snapped off and was still stuck inside him. "Well that's not good."

Tzeentch ignored that last part. "Believe me, Khorne, I'd love to pay Isha back for practically snapping my beak off. Unfortunately Nurgle's not going to let that happen."

Khorne let out a long snarl, and turned to yell right in Tzeentch's ear. "Then we go to war with him! You, me, and Slaanesh! He won't stand a chance against all three of us!"

Tzeentch didn't look back at his fiery brother. All he did was pat down the fire on his head that Khorne's screaming had ignited. "I'm not so sure we will be..."

"What are you talking about?" Khorne hissed.

"Nurgle's in love, and as if that weren't a horrible enough situation it turns out he's loved back. I know you're completely naive of such matters, but mortals' spirits soar when they are smitten. I imagine its the same with gods..."

Khorne growled. "What the Warp does that have to do with anything?"

"Think of Nurgle as an artist, when he is happy his ability and the quality of his work increase. When he's in love, well... Let's just say there's bleak times ahead for the mortal universe."

Khorne hissed, and that his turned into an insane howling.

"Just calm down-"

"You calm down!"

Tzeentch sighed. Despite everything, especially the pain he was in, he smiled. That was one of the most insane parties the Gods of the Milky Way had ever gone through. That in and of itself was enough to be happy about. Knowing that his brother was happy, however, was something to be truly thankful for. The fact that Nurgle represented Tzeentch's opposite in the great game wasn't important. Such things were trivial in the grand scheme of things.

Plus, on a more personal note, it seems he won the bet this year...

The Emperor awoke on the floor, a few feet in front of where Tzeentch was sitting. He was dazed, and there was a pounding pain in his head. He tried to lift his arm to rub his temples, but something was laying on top of it. He turned his head groggily to see what it was. His jaw dropped in horror and disgust as he pulled off a violet colored arm. He realized quickly that behind him, spooning with him, was Slaanesh.

"No..." He shuddered.

Slaanesh's eyes fluttered open. She saw that the Emperor was looking back at her, and she smiled. "Was it good for you too, baby?"
The Emperor bolted upwards and ran across the room. "Noooooooooooo!" He teleported away from the pocket dimension in a bright, golden flash.

For the first time the entire night Khorne smiled. "Relax, man!" He bellowed. "It's happened to the best of us! A lot, actually..."
Slaanesh laid back and grinned, lighting a cigarette as she got comfortable. "I believe that's called Wincest... Hey, Machine God, did you get all that?"

The Mechanical God of Mars rolled over, a mechandrite with a camera thrashing about. "Private-eye, Dirty Rye always gets his man."

"Yeah, that's great. Now give me the tape." She said, holding out a slender hand.

A side compartment opened up on the Machine God, and a VHS cassette popped out. Slaanesh snatched it up and held it close to her chest. "Pleasure doing business with you, He-Witch." MG blurted.

"Yep, now back to Mars with you. I have what I want..."
A disco ball popped out of the top of MG, and the room filled with its rotating light. "Now, back to outer space!" Energy crackled around him, and then he was gone.

Tzeentch couldn't help but ask. "Why the hell do you still use VHS tapes?"

"Because a raunchy sex tape cannot be properly put in any other format..." Slaanesh stated. She got up, covering her nudity with a tablecloth, much to the relief of everyone around her. "Now if you excuse me I'm going home..."

A violet burst of energy and light and the hermaphroditic goddess was gone.

The Hive-Mind coughed, and turned towards his friend Tzeentch. "So... How did you know The Man-God would be the one Slaanesh would bang?"

"An important question asked in the most poignant way possible." Tzeentch said happily. "I can tell you that I examined the future, checking each and possible strand of fate for the most probably outcome, but that would be a lie."

"Okay... so then how did you do it?"

Tzeentch grinned. "I guessed, of course..."