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"It's too soon."

"With respect, Master Bruce, that is an opinion felt by every parent." Alfred ignored the glare, the one that sent most villains running and could make even Superman back down. Instead, he continued dusting. "I did say that a meeting between Master Grayson and his peers would best be done in a more informal environment."

"It's not like I could have invited them here." said Batman. He strode around the cave, pacing. "I'm losing control."

Alfred rolled his eyes. "Very good, sir, I'm sure no parent of a teenager has ever said that before. May I remind you that you are the one in charge of assigning these 'Young Justice Leaguers' their missions? That you were the one to maneuver the Red Tornado to live with them, because you could trust him to report to you without Miss Martian's telepathy discovering it?"

"Damn it, Alfred, I had a plan!" snarled Batman. "Introduce Robin to the metas. Get him used to interacting with them. Then bring him along with me on some league missions. Let him see how I interact with metas on missions. Eventually bring him on to his own team."

"Master Grayson is a remarkable youth, sir." Alfred said, calmly. "You should not be surprised that he seems to have leapfrog several stages in your plan, especially when it is a plan you have not fully discussed with him."

"He's not ready." said Batman. "He doesn't know how to work in a team, as equals. None of them do."

"Then perhaps what you need to do is find them an equal." said Alfred. "Someone used to working with others, who won't treat them as... what's the word? Ah, yes... sidekicks."

Batman halted in pacing, freezing in place. Not even his cape moved for several seconds as he considered Alfred's words. Alfred merely waited, used to Batman's habits. He was not surprised when Batman did move, heading toward the massive computer that filled a large section of the main cave room.

Batman worked smoothly, typing in search parameters. The main screen filled with names, then one by one the names vanished as Batman fed in additional parameters. Finally, only one name was left.

"Her?" Alfred said, raising an eyebrow.

"She's within their age range." said Batman. "With her demonstrated abilities, she won't hold the group back. She's used to working with a partner, but she's also been on plenty of solo missions. She's trustworthy."

"Very good, sir." said Alfred. "I assume you will be wanting to be contacting the young lady in question directly? As Master Grayson puts it, 'beep' her?"

"Yes, Alfred." said Batman. "Let's 'beep' Kim Possible."

Chapter 1:

Kim was just clearing out her locker, looking forward to summer vacation, when the computer built into her locker turned on. "Hey, Wade." said Kim. "What's the sitch?"

At first glance, Kim Possible was an ordinary teenage girl. More athletic then most, but easily understandable since she was on the Middleton cheer-leading squad. Red hair framed a face that was cute without being overwhelmingly beautiful. Large, green eyes set above a slightly upturned nose, face still showing a trace of baby fat despite the athletic curves of her body. However, spending any amount of time with Kim would convince even the most jaded observer that Kim wasn't normal. She was smart, easily within the top ten percent of the population, but it wasn't just that. She was athletic, but there were many athletic people. What set Kim apart was her unique Kim-Ness; an ability to face any challenge and overcome it.

It was that ability that had attracted Wade to her. Wade knew he was smarter then Kim, at least as far as any IQ test went. But while Wade was often paralyzed by bouts of agoraphobia, preferring to keep most people at virtual arms length, Kim didn't let anything stop her.

"You're not going to believe this." said Wade. "It's him."

"Who?" said Kim. "Which him? Drakken?"

"No... HIM." Wade held his hands up to the sides of his head, miming large pointed ears, as he stared into his web-cam.

"Oh... him." said Kim. "What's this about?"

"He wants to recruit you."

Kim paused, staring at the monitor, waiting for some sign that Wade was joking. When none came from the young boy, Kim spoke. "He wants to WHAT?"

Several hours later, Kim was standing on the roof of Middleton High School. She glanced down at her watch, making sure it was the time Wade had said Batman had specified.

"Good evening, Kim Possible."

Kim jerked her head up, in surprise. Standing in front of her, less then three feet away, was him. Batman. The legendary dark knight, the only non-meta of the original founding Justice League members. The only other people Kim knew who could get that close to Kim without Kim realizing it were Shego and Yori.

"Who did you take ninja lessons from?" Kim demanded.

"Several people." said Batman. His voice was a low growl, as if he had to force himself to speak. "How much did Wade pass on to you?"

"Just that you wanted to recruit me for some branch of the Justice League." said Kim. She crossed her arms in front of her chest. "I don't see why you came to me. I don't wear a mask and cape."

"I don't ware this mask for myself. I wear it to protect those around me. The villains you have so far faced have a code; a sense of morals that, no matter how twisted, keep them from going after your loved ones. The villains I face would gladly bathe themselves in the blood of my loved ones if they knew who I was."

"So who are you?" demanded Kim.

"I... am... BATMAN!" His cape flared out, blocking out the background and drawing attention to the bright yell silhouette framed on his chest.

"Seriously, over-dramatic much?" Kim asked. She waited a moment, waiting to see if Batman would say anything in response. The only response was his cape settling back down around his shoulders and his eyes narrowing slightly more. Somehow, the slits in his mask kept her from being able to tell what color his eyes were. "That still doesn't explain why you want me."

"The current members of the team are Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and two other members you probably wouldn't know." said Batman, still in that growl. "Superboy, an unauthorized clone of Superman, who was grown in a lab while information was telepathically implanted into his brain. Miss Martian, the cousin of the Martian Manhunter."

"Well, there you go." said Kim. "You've already got the two minorities I'd represent: a non-Meta and a girl."

"Wrong." said Batman. "None of the five have real world experience in working by themselves, without a senior partner."

"Who's in charge of this team?" said Kim.

"I'm the primary contact between them and the main Justice League." said Batman. "I have final approval of missions. Red Tornado is the senior 'mentor', living in the team's HQ. Black Canary and possibly some other League members will provide additional training for the other members. However, the group is separate from the main Justice League. Command structure is something you would have to work out among yourselves."

Kim shook her head. "Look, I'm flattered, but..."

"Meet the team." said Batman. "Consider what I'm asking."

Kim frowned. "You're asking me to work with metas. I mean, a Superman clone... does he have all of Superman's powers? How can I keep up with that?"

"He only has some of Superman's powers." said Batman. "As for keeping up... I thought you were Kim Possible, the girl who can do anything. That IS what it says on your website, after all."

"I have GOT to get that changed." Kim muttered. "Fine, when can I meet them?"

Batman reached down, touching something on his utility belt. "Is now good?" he asked.

A dark, sharply-angled shape dropped down from the clouds, hovering next to the school building. Once still, Kim realized it was a VTOL jet, one painted jet black. Its angular shape was obviously intended to be both aerodynamic and stealthy. The wing tips were rounded and two angular projections extended past the nose of the aircraft, making it from below vaguely resemble the symbol Batman wore on his chest. A canopy slid back, revealing two empty seats.

"I call shotgun." Kim said.

Kim frowned, arms crossed in the back of the Batwing's cockpit. The canopy had been opaqued, leaving Batman flying on instruments alone. The controls in the back of the plan had been deactivated. "I'm not allowed to see where we're going?" she demanded.

"We're going to the Young Justice League's headquarters." Batman responded. "If you agree to join, you will be told the location them. If you decide otherwise, there's no point to you knowing."

"You know, my mom could recommend someone if you wanted to get that paranoia treated."

Batman said nothing, leaving Kim to wait in silence. "Oh yeah." said Kim. "This is just going to be a barrel of laughs, working with you. Does Robin have a sense of humor?"


Kim waited, but Batman seemed content to leave it at that.

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we... -"


Kim leaned back, glaring up at the opaque canopy, regretting her decision to go along with this.

"We're here."

Kim sat up. Still on instruments, Batman set the Batwing on VTOL, holding it still and then slowly maneuvering into what Kim assumed was a hanger. Only when the plane had been parked for several minutes did the canopy turn transparent and open.

Kim stood up, looking around. The Batwing was parked in the middle of a large stone cavern, lit by electrical lights overhead. One section of the stone wall was outfitted with hydraulics, obviously the entrance the plane had entered by. The Batwing was parked to one side of the hanger, an odd looking red and black egg-like device in the other half of the hanger.

"Hi. You must be Kim."

Kim turned to spot a young girl standing by the batwing. Like Kim, she had red hair, but her skin was bright green. She was dressed in a pleated skirt, white top, and an open red jacket. "And you must be Miss Martian." said Kim.

"That's right. But please, call me M'gann, or Megan." The green skinned girl floated up, until she was level with Kim. She reached out a hand. "Welcome to the Justice Cave."

"Wait." said Kim. "You can levitate, you are going to be working with teenage boys, and that's what you plan to wear around them?"

"Is there something wrong with it?" Megan said, looking down at herself. With a mental though, her clothing changed to a copy of Kim's clothing, her top shrinking to expose her belly and her skirt morphing into a pair of cargo pants.

"Wait, your clothing...Are you naked?" Kim asked.

"Of course not!" said Megan, her face flushing. Kim was startled as Megan's cheeks actually turned from green to red for a second. "My clothes are a product of Martian technology, like my ship. They respond to my thoughts."

"Oh." Kim looked around for a way down from the Batwing.

"Here, let me help." Megan gestured and Kim felt an invisible force gently grip her body, lifting her up. With a thought, Megan guided both Kim and herself safely down to the stone floor. Batman simply jumped down, landing in a crouch to absorb the impact.

"So, where are the others?" Kim asked, once she felt Megan's telekinesis release her.

"Right now Superboy and Red Tornado are the only ones here. Red Tornado is recharging, but I can go introduce you to Superboy. The others will be here soon."

Megan led Kim and Batman through a metal corridor. A door had obviously been repainted black, with a red S symbol painted on the door. Megan reached out, knocking on the door.

The door slid aside, to reveal what appeared to be a boy of about Kim's age, with unruly black hair and light blue eyes. He was dressed in jeans and a black shirt, featuring the same red 'S' symbol that was on the door. "What is it?" he demanded.

"This is Kim Possible." said Megan. "Kim, this is Superboy."

"Pleased to meet you."

"I'm busy." Superboy said, pressing a button by the door. The black door panel slid shut.

"Superboy is trying to familiarize himself with teenage culture." said Megan, in explanation. "Right now, he's listening to various popular music groups. Fortunately, I convinced him to use headphones."

"But, he wasn't wearing headphones." Kim protested.

"He's got really great ears." Megan explained, then turned. "Batman, should... he was just here!"

Kim turned. Like Megan, she was startled to realize that she was alone with the Martian girl, Batman having seemingly vanished into thin air. Megan frowned, concentrating. "He's... in the hanger. He's going to be preparing the Batwing in case you want to leave after meeting the others." Megan said. She blinked. "He just severed the mental link with me. I didn't know humans could do that."

Kim shrugged. "So, what else can you show me?"

"Well, there's a recreation room, with a great DVD library, and a kitchen. Do you like cooking? I was baking a batch of cookies for your arrival, but you and Batman arrived earlier then I expected."

Kim shrugged. There were other areas she'd like to see, but Megan was probably concerned with revealing too much in case Kim didn't join the team. "OK, let's go see the kitchen."

"I can't believe he'd doing this!" said Robin, angrily.

Aqualad looked at Robin, frowning. Robin had the most experienced as a sidekick, enough so that it was easy to overlook the fact that, aside from Superboy, he was the youngest member of the team. Of course, some times it was easier then others. "You are distraught?"

"You bet I am." Robin snapped. "Do you see any reason why I should be traught? I mean, the whole point of this team is that we're all former sidekicks. Now he's saddling someone new on us."

"But the reason we started this team is that we no longer wished to be sidekicks, but heroes." said Aqualad, calmly. "Should we not offer this 'Kim Possible' the same opportunity?"

"She's already a hero! And she doesn't even wear a mask!"

"I'll bet that's not all she doesn't wear." said Kid Flash. The three young teenagers were sitting in the library of the Hall of Justice, waiting to use the teleporter system to teleport to Mount Justice, the Young Justice League's headquarters. "Hey, she's a cheerleader; do you suppose any of those stories they say about cheerleaders are true?"

"I am sure we will find out soon enough." Aqualad said, calmly. He had been raised in Atlantis, so was still ignorant of many of the customs and slang of his purely air-breathing companions, but he had been taught well by his King. A true king, and also a true hero, did not show surprise. He overcame it.

"You've got a dirty mind." said Robin, glaring at Kid Flash.

"Well, yeah. It's called being a teenage boy."

"The Zeta Beam is ready." said Green Arrow. "Ready for transport?"

"We are ready." said Aqua Lad. He led the way as the three stood on the transport platform.

The zeta beam dropped the trio into the center of Mount Justice's own teleport platform. Robin glanced arround, assessing the area. "Where are they?" he asked, then went over to one of the intercom systems. "Hello? Miss Martian?"

Kim looked at the intercom. Miss Martian was busy using her telekinesis to take a pan of cookies out of the oven. Kim went over to the intercom, pressing the talk button. "This is Kim Possible. Megan and I are in the kitchen."

"Be there in a flash!" said Kid Flash. He rushed off, creating a temporary vacuum as air was pushed out of his way and then rushed back in his wake.

Robin grunted, pushing his shades further into place. "Let's go."

"Hi! I'm Wally. Pleased to meet you. Ooh, cookies! Hot hot hot... mmmm, good!"

Kim blinked as a yellow blur shot toward her, then revealed to be a young boy in a yellow shirt and brown slacks. He briefly shook Kim's hand, rushed toward the pan, and grabbed up two cookies, all while talking a mile a minute.

"Um... hi. You must be the one called Kid Flash."

"That's the name, don't wear it out." He grabbed up two more cookies, the first two having vanished.

Robin and Aqualad walked in together. Aqualad moved toward Kim, holding out his hand. "Hello. I am Kaldur'am, also known as Aqualad. You may call me Kaldur."

"Hello, Kaldur." said Kim, shaking his hand. Kaldur was wearing a tight fitting shirt that left his arms bare, exposing the tattoos running down his arms. She turned, looking at the raven-haired boy who was now standing by the kitchen wall, slumped over with sunglasses pushed up to cover his eyes. "You must be Robin."

"That's right." said the thirteen year old boy. "And I'm still not traught."

"Don't expect him to tell you his real name." said Wally, scarfing down a fifth cookie. "Batman doesn't want him telling us." He turned to look at Megan. "These are a lot better then the first batch."

"Thank you."

Batman appeared suddenly, standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "There's trouble." he announced.

"All right!" said Wally. He blurred, reappearing in a yellow and red costume, complete with face mask. He then bent down, scooping up the remaining cookies.

"I made those to share." Megan pointed out.

"Hey, I've got an accelerated metabolism."

"Let's go." said Batman, turning to lead the way toward the Young Justice's briefing room.

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