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Wally, Ronin, Kaldur, and Megan were gathered in the entry lounge, obviously eager to welcome the Amazonian Princess. Superboy stood slumped against a wall, while Red Tornado stood stoically, with no sign of emotion.

"Recognized. Wonder Woman. D – 1." The synthesized voice of the teleporter announced as its yellow energy field appeared. Out of it stepped Wonder Woman, raven-haired tresses held back by her gold tiara.

"Greetings, Wonder Woman," Red Tornado said, calmly.

Wonder Woman stepped forward, looking around. "I'm pleased to meet all of you," she said. "The first thing I want to do is to let you know you'll be bringing someone new on the assignment. This is Ben Tennyson." She stepped aside, letting the Young Justice team see a young, dark haired teenager. "He'll be replacing Kid Flash for this mission."

"WHAT?" Kid Flash asked, in shock. "Why would you want to replace me?"

Looking at him disdainfully, she replied, "There have been... issues... about your non-professionalism,"

"I'm professional! What makes you say that I'm not?"

"For starters, you came here just wearing your underwear."

"What?" Kid Flash looked down in shock. Instead of his yellow speedster garb, he was clad in just a pair of bright orange 'Aquaman' boxer shorts.

"How dare you disrespect my king this way!" Kaldur snarled. He pulled out one of the rods from his backpack, forming a water whip. "For that you will pay!"

"Hey, wait, I can explain!" Kid Flash said, backing up. "Oh, man, this is such a nightmare..."

Kid Flash jerked up in bed, his heart racing like a humming bird's. He looked around the room, and took a deep sigh of relief. "Man, I gotta lay off those jalapeno poppers before going to bed." he muttered, glancing at the alarm clock. Deciding there was no point in going back to sleep, he got up to get ready for the day.

An hour later Kid Flash walked to the kitchen, dressed in his yellow and red costume with the wingtips of his headpiece freshly shined. Robin, Kaldur, and Megan were already around the kitchen table. Robin and Kaldur were also wearing their costumes. Megan was busy cooking, dressed in a white dress with a red X on the front.

"Good morning, Wally," Megan greeted. Unlike the others, she actually liked cooking and so usually ended up doing most of it. In return, the rest of Young Justice handled the other chores. "Scrambled eggs?"

"Yes please," Wally said, sitting down at the table.

"Morning," Superboy walking in. He was dressed in the shirt and slacks, busy fiddling with the cuff links. He was actually standing up straight, instead of his usual hunched-over slouch.

"Lookin' good!" Kid Flash said, flashing a big thumbs-up. "All ready for our date with Wonder Woman?"

"I hope that you are all ready," said Red Tornado. "She will be here in an hour."


The five heroes were gathered around the entrance lounge when the teleporter activated.

"Recognized. Wonder Woman. D – 1." The synthesized voice of the teleporter announced as its yellow energy field appeared. Out of it stepped Wonder Woman, raven-haired tresses held back by her gold tiara.

"Greetings, Wonder Woman," Red Tornado said, calmly.

"Gosh, this is an honor to meet you!" said Megan, stepping forward. She reached out to shake Wonder Woman's hand, the silver bracer on her arm gleaming in the cavern's halogen lights.

"I'm pleased to meet you, M'gaan," Wonder Woman said, pronouncing the Martian name carefully. "And please, call me Diana."

"Oh, I couldn't," returned the green girl, blushing. "But please, call me Megan. It sounds more Earth-like."

Kid Flash leaned toward Robin. "Looks like she and Megan are getting along. Hey, you think its true what they say about what Amazons do on their island?" he whispered, nudging Robin with his elbow.

"I hope, for your sake, you were talking about the stories where we cut off one breast to help with archery," said Wonder Woman, coldly.

Kid Flash eeped.

Wonder Woman reached up, tapping one of her earlobes. "Among other gifts, I have enhanced hearing," she explained. "To be clear, that story is untrue. My Sisters would only bind their breasts for battle. All but for Sister Amida, who lost one of hers during a particularly brutal... 'torture'... session at the hands of some of the men nominally under Hercules. His only saving grace was the nature of the swift reprisals he visited upon them in return." Her voice turned pointedly sugary, "Now then... what was it you were asking about Amazons?"


"You'll have to forgive Kid Flash," said Robin. "With the fastest feet in the world, no one can get a foot in his mouth faster than Wally here."

"We are glad to have you here," Kaldur stepped in to rescue some decorum. "Come, we can talk more in the lounge."

"Please be another nightmare...," Wally muttered to himself, pinching his arm. He winced. Nope; this was reality.

"When Batman suggested forming this team I was one of the League who spoke up against it," Wonder Woman spoke frankly. "Unlike others, it was not because I had any doubts about your abilities. You are young, but all of you have the hearts of champions. What I was uncomfortable with, both then and now, is the idea of a team established to act in the shadows."

Wonder Woman reached down, taking her golden lariat from where it was hooked to her belt, and held it up. "I have always considered myself a champion of truth, more than anything. And truth should always be spoken clearly. Batman convinced me that, unfortunately, Men's World is not as black and white as I wish it to be. The foes of truth and justice hide behind a network of lies. Sometimes the weapon to fight evil is a sword. Sometimes it's a knife."

"Does this have a point?" demanded Superboy.

"Yes," said Wonder Woman. "I have accepted with reservations the need for us to have a team which can act without the world knowing about it. But just because you act in secrecy from the world, does not mean you act in secrecy from me. Tonight, you are going to investigate a M.A.R.S. facility, based on speculation. M.A.R.S. employs over a hundred thousand people nation wide. Even if M.A.R.S. is hiding something, many of those people are hardworking, innocent civilians. If you harm a single hair on one of their heads, you WILL deal with me. Is that understood?"

"Yes ma'am," said Robin, nodding, as did the rest of the team.

"Good," said Diana, putting the lasso back to her side. "The rest of you are dismissed. Superboy, I want to speak with you alone."

"Oooh, in trouble with the...," Kid Flash started to say. He wisely shut up when both Diana and Superboy turned and glared at him.

"Come on," said Robin, pulling Kid Flash out of the lounge as he followed Megan. Kaldur closed the doors behind him, leaving the Princess and super clone alone.


"What's this about?" Superboy demanded.

"Black Canary says you're doing well in her classes," Wonder Woman commended. "But there was one thing you had said to her that was correct."

"Which one?" asked Superboy.

"There are certain things about fighting that you need to learn from a fellow super-strengther." Wonder Woman said. "How to use your power... and when not to use your full power."

"Look, no offense...," said Superboy. "But why doesn't Superman come train me himself?"

"Superman is reacting badly to this situation." Something about the way she admitted that caught the boy's attention. "However, that doesn't mean you have to descend to his level. There are three power-houses in the league. Superman, Martian Manhunter, and me. Superman has the edge in strength and speed. Manhunter can change density and shape shift. But I have something they don't."


The young super clone spun over the conference table, just clearing the far edge and bouncing amid a clattering of chairs, a couple bent by his alien density. Shaking his head, he glanced at the Amazon. Still standing where she had been with one hip cocked, cooly examining the nails of the hand which delivered the slap with blinding speed and power, she remained the epitome of tall, classic femininity.

"Warrior training," Wonder Woman stated as if nothing had happened. "That is something neither of them have. It provides me an edge over even Superman. Yet it's something I can give you; IF you're willing to accept it."

Rubbing a jaw, not so much because it hurt, but in surprise of the momentary stinging sensation he'd felt. "How is this different from what Black Canary is teaching us?"

"Black Canary is teaching you... all of you... how to use human level strength to overcome stronger opponents. Some of it, but not all of it, can be scaled up. With her help, you can go from good to great. However there are things which even strength fails at. Strong as I am, in a blow-for-blow match against Kryptonian muscles I'd not last long. Which is where warrior prowess and experience comes in. I can teach you the first, the latter will come in time. With my help, you can TRULY be super. Maybe even better than Superman."

More than the rest, it was the last line which set him grinning. "When can we get started?"

"So, wait... we do all that work, she gives a speech, and that's it?" complained Wally.

"Dude, Bats has told me her lectures can go for hours," said Robin. "Be glad she saved most of it for Superboy. Poor kid is probably getting his ear talked off."

Wonder Woman's left bracer clanged as Superboy's fist slammed into it. He grunted, trying to slam his other fist into her stomach. This time she spun aside, leg lashing out in a hook and sweeping him off his feet. She followed through with a hand to his chest, driving him solidly to the floor.

"How did I avoid that?" she asked.

"By being fast like a freak?" Superboy said, standing up.

"No," Wonder Woman shook her head. "Because you always attack the same way, swinging from the shoulder like you're chopping wood. A true warrior uses her entire body, but never extends herself further then she needs to."

"What do you suggest?"

"Have you ever heard of Fa jin? Martial artists use it to generate tremendous force at very close distances." Wonder Woman gestured, "Hold out your hand, palm out, fingers up." She waited until he complied. "Now spread your legs and brace yourself."

Wonder Woman reached out, till her fingertips were touching Superboy's palm. She pulled her fingers back slightly, curling them up into a fist. She then drove it forward, from just about an inch away. Despite being braced, Superboy swayed back.

"When you pull your arm back all the way...," Wonder Woman demonstrated. "You telegraph your move. You strike closer, the opponent has much less time to react. But if you know how, you can hit with more then enough force to subdue almost any opponent."

"That's not the way Superman fights."

"But you're not Superman. You can be better."

"OK," said Superboy, taking a deep breath. "Show me how to do that... jin jin stuff."

"Fa jin. Explosive power."

~Kim Possible?~

Kim froze. She was in the middle of the backyard , in the middle of a stretching exercise. ~Megan?~ She thought.

~Yes. Wow! It worked! I wasn't sure if I could reach you at this range!~ Megan felt a thrill of excitement. The only one she had ever been able to talk to this far away before had been her uncle, when he'd been deliberately helping augment the channel. ~Are you busy?~

~No, just exercising~ Kim thought. ~I don't know how it is with Martians, but humans need to practice regularly to keep in shape~

~Black Canary is teaching us some things to practice, to help us keep in shape and be better fighters. Is that what you're doing?~

~Sort of~ Kim admitted. ~Most of it is about being flexible. One of my senseis called it 'flow like water'~

~May I see?~

~Um... what do you mean by see?~

~With your permission, I'll deepen the link~ Megan explained. ~I'll be able to 'feel' how your body is moving~

~Um... OK~

Kim felt a weird sensation, as if a faint electrical shock had just traveled through her entire body.

~OK, I'm ready~ Megan thought.

Kim crouched low. She started slowly, moving and twisting her body through several steps of her kata. At no time did she stop, her entire body continually in motion. She quickly began speeding up, as she sensed Megan's growing interest.

~How do these 'moves' help in a fight?~ Megan asked.

~Well, picture someone attacking me~ Kim thought, then blinked in surprise. She could see a translucent, humanoid figure in front of her.

~Like that?~ Megan asked.

~Um, yeah~ said Kim. The figure stepped forward, throwing a punch. Kim responded reflexively, body dipping and sliding to the side, completely avoiding the punch. Her left hands reached out, clutching at the illusionary sleeve. She could not feel anything, but the imaginary figure moved, if a little lagging, as she tugged on the arm, pulling it forward. Her right hand shot out, slamming at the solar plexus as she continued to twist and roll, doing a body throw which sent the figure silently slamming against the ground.

~That's amazing!~ Megan thought.

~Hey... can you simulate more of these?~ Kim thought. ~It's kind of boring, just practicing without any opponents.~

~Sure~ Several more of the illusionary figures appeared. ~What do you want them to do?~

~Attack,~ Kim thought. As the figures moved forward, Kim flowed toward them, meeting them head on.

Megan drew on Kim's own memories of how goons attacked, simulating the fighters. As the link strengthened the illusions took on more 'density', a deeper mental tactile feedback causing the lag to virtually disappear. Remotely the Martian girl studied how the redhead moved. It was almost more dance than fighting; the chief thing seeming to be that every movement flowed into the next one. Most of the power came from the attackers themselves; Kim simply re-channeling and redirecting, causing an opponent to hurt himself. The direct blows Kim employed were always to stun or disorientate. An attacker would soon learn that trying to further attack would only cause him pain.

"Hey, what's Megan doing?" Kid Flash asked.

"Some sort of meditation ritual, I guess," Robin said. "She's just sitting there. I'm going to go hit the gym."

"I believe I will join you," said Kaldur. "Wally?"

"Hey, if Megan can veg out, so can I. I've got some movies to watch on fast forward."