Sometimes, I hate my life because of the stress and whatnot. I haven't written in a year so I sat down and just began to write and this garbage came out. I will probably continue it if I continue to get stressed. Don't take this seriously because I'm not going to. This story already doesn't have a good plot. I also don't see it getting any better so. . . get over it. I just wanted to write, you know?

Dislcaimer: No way in Hell would I ever own Naruto.

I just wanted to get away from everything. My father kept trying to persuade me to go to a certain university as if my own choices didn't matter. My cousin bragged about his great achievments and acted disappointed in me when I told him that I didn't care enough to try to outdo his accomplishments with a few of my own. I don't feel the need to beat him anymore. I'm really very plain. My life is so incredibly complicated without actually having to be complicated. Just saying.

I have a best friend I can tell almost anything to. I have a great parent who only gets on my nerves most of the time, but I'm pretty sure that's normal at my age. I don't have a job to keep up with so not much responsibility. And I have my ups and downs with life. I think my life is pretty much like everyone else's around me. There are slight differences, but not many.

My point is, I'm pretty average.

The past few months had been incredibly dramatic for me, though. I'll get into that kind of detail later. Just know that I had perfectly justifiable reason for doing what I did. It'll all make sense to you eventually. But for right now, I'm just going to begin with saying that I ran away.

I packed all the things I wanted and needed that I owned, like my laptop and a toothbrush among other things, and put them in the back of my car. The openess of the road ahead greeted me, and I got as far as the town next to mine where I went to school.

I needed gas even though I'd only been a runaway for about twenty minutes. I stopped at the gas station down the street from my school building.

"Hello, Hinata," Sai greeted with a huge, obviously false grin.

I offered a small smile and handed him a twenty. "I'm just getting gas."

"Why don't you buy a ticket?" He pointed at the long list of lottery tickets to choose from. He asked me if I won't just buy one every single time I stop at that station. I never buy one.

"You know I never do," my smile became real for a split second.

"Just do it."

I stared at him. He'd said it so simply. Blinking once, then twice, I nodded. "Give me one. One of those." I pointed at the most colorful ticket and handed him the money for it.

"Finally, Hinata." He handed me the ticket, his smile growing.

As I walked out, I put it in my back pocket and he waved. "Bye, Hinata. Thank you."

That's when the part of the story I least understand happens. When I get back to my car, I pump the gas into it and get inside, ready to set off into the unknown world for however long I ended up being gone in whatever place I ended up being in.

There he is. Sitting in the passenger seat of my car. This guy, he sits next to me in every class we have together. Or rather we did sit next to each other in every class we had together when we actually went to school. My runaway spell happened during the period of time between ending school and finally graduating. In the very least, you could say I was shocked to see him sitting there as if he were supposed to be in my car.

"Sasuke?" I said, confusedly.

He gazed over at me, nodding. "Yeah. It's me." Then he looked forward again.

"Why're you in my car?" I settled into my seat and shut my door, still looking at him.

"I feel like leaving town for a while, and I don't exactly have a car." He didn't look at me once.

"H-how. . ." My thoughts trailed off as I looked at him then to the back seat where a bag that wasn't mine had been added to the back. He coughed nonchalantly, causing my eyes to revert back to him. I stared at him in silence for around a minute. A horn from someone in their car behind me sounded, making me jump and remember where I was.

Suddenly, it had been decided. I let out the tiniest of sighs before buckling myself and turning the car out onto the road.

"So. . . What kind of music do you like. . ?" I asked, peeking over at him.

It was so awkward having him there like that. He was this semi-attractive boy that all the girls loved but never had. Even my best friend had "loved" him at one point in time. It was enough to make me blush a little when he said, "A little bit of everything."

"Ah. . ." I didn't know what to say next so I just opened my mouth and let the words come out as they pleased. "I like everything, too. . . I like rock music the most probably. All kinds of rock music. I listen to classical when I study, and when I'm feeling down I listen to trance. I'm partial to the blues because my father loves it and it's what I was raised on. I'm kind of. . . yeah." I trail off because he's looking out the window, and I get the feeling nothing I'm saying is getting to him.

I stare forward, hating this awkwardness. It's not exactly his fault; I'm just an awkward person. He hasn't made the best choice running away with me, I think as I pass through the next town.

The town we went to school in is incredibly small. The population of the school we went to was incredibly small. In fact, our graduating class was only a number of twenty four people. I'm ranked third in the class, only beaten by Shikamaru and Sasuke.

Shikamaru was probably somewhere at home doing nothing like always (even when I would come over to hang out), and Sasuke. . .

I snuck a look over at him, sniffing once. I was confused that he was here with me instead of wherever it was he'd usually be, and miffed that he wasn't very talkative.

"So. . ."

"You don't have to force small talk. I like red."

"Huh?" Staring forward, my eyebrows knitted together.

"I like red. Now your turn."

What's he doing? He's expecting me to tell him something I like? My favorite color, maybe? Oh, I don't know. . . My thoughts were interrupted by a quiet sigh coming from him. Quickly, I responded, "I like navy. Navy is my favorite color."

He gave a single snort. "Because of your hair?"

Rolling my eyes, I answered, "That's like saying you like red because of your eyes."

Nothing came from him for a short while, and I was sure I had won. Then he asked, "What if I said that is the reason I like red?"

I giggled, looking at him for a second. "Then I'd say you're pretty stupid."

He made another noise that I assumed was a laugh before everything became silent once more.

"What do you think of yellow?" I asked just for the sake of asking. I hated silence, but I'm such a bad driver that I'm sure, with him in there with me, that I'd wreck if I took either of my hands off the wheel to turn the radio on.

". . . I like it." I didn't expect his answer. I hadn't expected an answer at all. "I didn't think much of it before, but recently I've begun to like it. It makes me think of the sun. It's nice."

I could tell he was looking out the window as he spoke. His explanation made me smile. I'd never thought of yellow that way before. I thought of questions that weren't related to colors as I drove us out of the state and into another.

Yes, yes. It's crappy..

I know this. I wrote it. Thanks for reading this far at least?