It's a Great Day to Be Angry


Well, this is supposed to be a birthday fanfic for Dino, but I guess it's a bit long for a birthday fanfic. Oh well :)

Febuary 2nd, 10:00 AM, Hibari's POV

I was lying in the cool grass, which was still damp from the previous night's showers. My gray eyes turned on everything that moved, giving me much to look at. Just a few feet away stood a wall-like line of pine trees, all rustling with a gentle breeze that swept over the area and gave birds an easy way to ride on the air. It was a beautiful place, and very peaceful. I liked places like this. "Hibari~! Hibari~!" chirped a high voice. I glanced up and saw the small, yellow bird I had tamed, circling above me. I was very fond of the bird, and even named it 'Hibird', after myself. I sat up and held out my hand, then watched with intrest as the little bird glided closer to the ground and landed lightly on my fingertips. Once the bird had steadied itself on my hand, I reached out with my other hand and petted it softly with two fingers. I remembered how I'd come to meet the bird.

Many students had been getting beaten up at Namimori, even Kusakabe, my second-in-command was taken out. I, even though I didn't care about the welfare of 'weak herbivores,' had taken it as an attack on my school and gone to deal with the rogues myself. Being the strongest student at the school, I was sure he could defeat this Kokuyo student easily. Oh, but I was wrong. When I reached the heart of the school, I met Mukuro Rukudo. That illusionist had destroyed me. Shattered my pride along with several bones. Worst of all, it wasn't just one beating. I had been driven to the verge of death so many times it had almost scared me. Mukuro had abused me in every way, and I was no where NEAR forgetting it.

I had my guard up around any and every one I met, making sure to teach them to stay away from me by striking them first. But I never did manage to drive off that one man. That blonde guy. What was his name...? Dino? Ah, yes, that's right. Dino Cavallone. Oh yeah, he just never gave up. Death threats, actual attacks, indifference, even walking away didn't work on him. He was always there, whether I wanted him there or not. He always made sure he got his point across, whether I cared or not. And he always talked to me like we were friends, even though he annoyed the hell out of me.

Weak herbivores shouldn't gather around me, because weak herbivores get hurt. I suppose this Dino guy wasn't exactly a weak herbivore. Maybe he was... one level above that. My jaws parted in a wide yawn, and Hibird fluttered up from my finger in pursuit of a fly. I stretched tiredly. What time was it, again?

10:30 AM, Dino's POV

"I told you, Romario, it's not that big of a deal," I protested for the umpteenth time.

"It is too a big deal!" Romario insisted, "It's not every day that your boss turns 25, we HAVE to throw a party!"

"You said that last year, when I turned 24!" I returned stubbornly.

"... What if we go to Japan?" Romario asked. I looked at him, suprise on my face.
"For such a small event?" I asked.

"And what if we just held a little party with that guy, Hibari Kyoya, was it?" he continued, his glasses glimmering as he knew he was winning. I shuffled nervously.

"Well... if Kyoya's involved...," I trailed off, hazel eyes turning elsewhere.

"Shall I set something up?" Romario asked.


"Might we leave tomorrow?" "Sure..."

My right hand man grinned cheerfully before running off, certainly to call Reborn and tell him we were coming to Japan for my birthday. I sighed, sitting back down on the light blue couch. 'He's probably going to be pissed off about it... like last year...'

I met Hibari when Reborn told me to train him for the battle of the rings. He only ever cared about fighting, as though it was is lifestyle. Every day we'd be just endlessly battling until the sun set, when I'd ask him if he wanted to know about the battle, and he'd just answer with a 'hn' and walk away. He never wanted to know anything, so all he ended up knowing was that he was going to battle some strong guy after a few weeks of training. I wanted to see how his fight went over, but I was busy helping Tsuna train during his match. I later found out that he had seemed to win, but it was later discovered that the robot he'd supposedly defeated was still fully capable of battle. That had been one rough night, for everyone.

I was still intrested in Kyoya after the battles. I was impressed by his strength, I admired his speed. He was a fast learner, and had endless space for improvement despite his current strength. It was no difficult task for him to adjust into a stronger opponent's level, in fact, it came naturally. He could match his skill to anyone stronger than him, but he never grew weak. ... Ever.

Prologue- End

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