A Great Day to be Angry, chapter three

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Febuary 4, 6:30 AM, Normal POV

Dino heard a strange rustling sound that softly woke him up. He rolled over in the bed of the spare room Tsuna had willingly provided, and curled up further with a whimper of protest. He heard light footfalls, and really didn't think to get up. He felt a cool hand brush across his forehead, over his bangs, before he felt the bed shift as another wieght was eased down beside him. The matress groaned in complaint, but the other didn't get back up.

"I know... you're awake," said an unusually deep voice. The bonco sat up, looking at the silhouette, hazel eyes wide.

"Kyoya?" he questioned, reaching out to touch the outline. The other recoiled from the touch, which more or less confirmed Dino's suspiscions.

"I just came early because I didn't want to bother with the whole crowd of herbivores," the other, Kyoya, said quietly. "It's your birthday, correct?"

"Yeah...," Dino murmured. He felt a breeze chill him to the bone and wrapped the blanket around himself with a shiver. "You had to come in through the window?" he asked.

"The door was locked...," Hibari whispered. If there was light in the room, Dino was almost positive the prefect would be blushing. But he never blushes. It was a never-to-come-true sort of fantasy.

"Aww, Kyoya," the Cavallone boss couldn't prevent saying. Kyoya turned further away from him, biting his own lip.

"Well... happy birthday?" he managed. Over the few years Dino had known him, he had realized that when Hibari tries to be friendly, he can be very, VERY cute. So cute, in fact, it's the kind of thing that makes those guys of a particular age get a bit... excited. Dino was not one to tackle other guys to the bed and do all that to them, but he had to admit, he was pretty turned on at this point. He threw his arms around the other's chest and hugged him tightly, causing Hibari to give a sharp gasp and struggle. "Let me GO, bronco, I don't really care if it's your birthday, that does NOT mean I'll let you...," he trailed off as soon as Dino retreated from the embrace. "

Sorry... you were being just... so adorable...," the bronco chuckled. The other glared at him, frowning.

"Don't let it happen again," he ordered.

"I won't, Kyoya," Dino promised, grinning sheepishly. "I won't."

Hibari sighed heavily and sat back. "I... didn't bring anything... but... I was just saying... since you're my tutor and all...," Hibari managed. Dino smiled warmly.

"I didn't even expect to see you today actually, Kyoya," he whispered. "Just seeing you is enough of a gift."

Hibari knew Dino had a thing for him, but he had initially planned to ignore the bronco. At this point, however, it didn't seem possible for him to leave the matter be any longer. "Bronco, I don't know what you feel for me, but I don't wish to return any affections you may have," he growled, gray eyes firm. Dino laughed lightly.

"I know that," he informed the other. "I never SAID I had 'affections' for you." Hibari twitched with annoyance, and looked away.


Dino smiled once more. "Can I hug you anyway?" he asked. "I won't ask for anything else."

"Not. Happening," Hibari managed through gritted teeth.

"What if I fought you later on?" Dino pressed. This caught the prefect's attention.

"Have you... gotten stronger since our last fight?" he asked.

"I think so."

"..." Hibari thought for a while. "How long would you continue the fight?" he asked.

"A few hours at the least," Dino replied. "If you let me hug you for an hour, I'll let you fight me until one of us pass out."

"Why would you want me to hug me if you didn't have any affection towards me?" Hibari asked quietly. "Don't toy with me."

Dino grinned. "Okay, so maybe I am a bit fond of you. Do we have a deal?"

Hibari thought for a while longer. "S-sure?" he finally replied, uncertainty in his voice. Dino's grin widened profoundly, and he spread his arms, waiting for the prefect. Of course, Hibari wasn't used to this kind of thing, and hesitated.

"Come on, Kyoya, YOU'RE the one hugging ME here, right?" Dino reminded the prefect.

"... I'm not... into... physical... contact...," Hibari whispered, looking away once again, "... other than fighting..." Dino had another small 'awww' moment.

"That's CUTE, Kyoya," he said. Hibari visibly flinched, muttering a curse under his breath.

"Bronco, do we have to...?" he asked.

"Well, I suppose not, but I won't fight you if you don't- ah!" Dino cut himself off out of shock, when Hibari finally managed to get his arms around the other's chest and hug, though a bit tightly. He clenched his teeth hard, almost trembling from the suprise of his own actions.

'Alright Kyoya, just BREATH,' Hibari told himself. 'This isn't affection. This isn't anything. Just because you aren't used to it doesn't mean you can't handle it. Breath in... breath out... God, this is harder than I thought...'

Dino was thinking something along the same lines. He was more or less petrified, and seeing the prefect hugging him tightly really threw him off. Hibari was the type of person who (obviously) never showed any sort of friendliness.

"Kyo...ya...," Dino managed. Hibari bit his lip and tried to relax himself.

'Damn it... I just need to get my mind off of the lack of personal space... I wonder how Hibird's doing? Oh who am I kidding, Hibird's asleep. Most herbivores are asleep now. I'm probably the only one crazy enough to get up this early to see Cavallone. That makes it sound like I want to be here though... I don't, right? I mean, granted I really don't want to be touching him in any way other than with the use of my tonfas... right? Right?' Hibari wondered, unconciously tightening his embrace further.

"..." The two stayed in the same, stunned position for a while, until Hibari realized something. 'This doesn't make me gay, does it?' The single thought was enough to get him to back away from the bronco instantly. He cursed himself for backing up, but knew he wouldn't have made it an hour anyway.

"I... need to be somewhere... other than here," he managed, getting off of the bed and heading towards the open window.

"Kyoya," called Dino, and Hibari stopped. "Thank you."

"... Sure...," Hibari whispered, before stepping out the window and jumping down to the ground with a skilled grace. Dino watched the prefect go, a somewhat sad smile on his face.

"It couldn't have lasted," the bronco murmured to himself, getting up to close the window. "It's Hibari, after all."

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