Abby slowly opened her eyes, blinking in the bright sunlight streaming through the orange curtains of the Las Vegas hotel room. The director had sent the team to Nevada for a criminal investigation conference, and Abby had presented a seminar on the use of plant DNA in forensics.

Wait a second... orange? The curtains in her room were green. Her breath caught in her throat as she took a quick survey of the situation. She was obviously naked, and from the way her body felt, she'd had a damn good night. But she was damned if she could remember any of it. She remembered being at the bar with Gibbs and the team, but that was it. After that, nothing. Her head was pounding, and from what she could figure, there was at least eight hours she couldn't remember.

She stiffened as she felt breath on the back of her neck, then relaxing as she recognized the scent of the person next to her. Her mind came to a screeching halt the next second as she processed what that scent meant. "Oh my God! Gibbs?"